Sunday, August 30, 2009

NagaChaitanya and Nagarjuna interview

Naga Chaitainya Gurinchi nagarjuna,Venky,Amala,Chaitus' Mother and his grandfathers. okare emiti family antha icchina interview Chudandi. Chala Heartful ga vundi. Inka there are lot of specialities in this article. First time Chaitanya mother photo media loki vacchindi.Chaitu answered about his relation with "Anushka" ;), and also when chaitu came to mumbai for his Acting course intially he stayed in tabu house along with sushanth. Like this lot hidden truths about chaitanya... Click the images to view them bigger.

Source : Sakshi Paper

Ganesh Nimmajan in Mumbai on 29-08-2009

As i said before there we will be some gratifying dates when you go for retrospection. It’s raining those days for us in Mumbai. With in a week span i spent again a valuable, enjoyable, memorable day in Mumbai again. This time we had a new friend along with us.. Its none other than "Bala Ganesh". Before blogging the incident i need to say special thanks to rajkumar. Who organized the event well by taking initiation and injecting energy in others including me. Life is mixture of all spices. To make our life tastier we have to add some masala in it, means while enjoying we have to forget our self and think only about the enjoyment. Guys don’t say we do same thing in PUBS and DISCO. There we will do with the group of people who do the same, that’s making no difference. Think of dancing in public, near traffic signals. There we feel more excitement. Normal days it’s like taking oil from the sand, but yesterday we did that in style. Yes I affirm those who danced on the way to nimarjan wont forget this event in there life time. We all started from home at 7.30 pm, Dance galata started right from moment of first step. Chakri and Sudheer danced like as they are legs are too slippery .Believe me guys they are not in position of stand still for a minute also.Suprisingly our spinsters also shake there legs. By 9.45 we did nimajjan of Ganesh maharaj. Overall it’s a really wonderful experience. Please see the pics attached below.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

PRP (Praja Rajyam party) 1 year Journey Report

Exactly one year back, on 26/8/2008 tirupathi was completely filled with electrifying people for the inauguration of PRP by Megastar Chiranjeevi.By seeing the response all thought that PRP is going to make a strong impact on Andhra Politics. Following the successful launch, all good leaders from remaining parties resigned there respective positions and joined in PRP,This makes PRP a good party which has right mixture of new leaders and experienced politicians.Chiru’s unique style of Campaigning, his charm made people mad. At that time every body is thinking that PRP is weak in “Telangana” region. Then Pawankalyan (Chiru’s brother) gave a new dimension in the political speeches and also his attire created buzz in the people of telagana.Later Devender Goud famous politician in Telengana region clubbed his newly found party into PRP.During the his road show at Cuddpah and Pulivendula Chiru showed aggressive nature which was attracted by many people. Parallel to this TDP used Balakrishna and NTR as there trump cards. On the other side congress was handled by rajasekhar reddy alone. Considering all the points above, all thought there will be tug of war fight between TDP and PRP, no one considered Congress as a winning horse. Going step Ahead PRP celebrate their victory in Hyderabad before the elections, sending strong signals to all that they will form government or in worst case if they win 40 seats, so that they will be the deciding factor to form government. May 17th which turned many lives, Chiru is not a demi-god to get rid of these. PRP losses all the Parliament positions and it won only 18 assembly seats, Adding insult to injury Chiru lost in his home town a hilarious situation which was not faced by any politician before. Who all praise chiranjeevi before elections started criticizing him that he is not having a good leader ship skills and not having abilities of good politician. Suddenly PRP party became numb in politics as Chiru in confused state what to do next? As they never thought of the present situation what they are. And Situation became too worse when “Mithra” left PRP. I think chiru didn’t face this situation before, because if the movie fails they can take a movie again with in three months and people will forget the previous movie. But in politics he has to wait for FIVE years to get another chance. On the other hand TDP formed as strong Opposition party with strength of more than 100 seats, so that they are utilizing major time in Assembly. Even after losing in elections and “Mithra” exit, chiru didn’t loose his courage. But “Operation swagruh and Operation Akarsh” held by TDP and Congress made PRP Weaker as all the important leaders of PRP who represent PRP in before election, went back to their parent parties. People left PRP in same Hurry which showed by them during joining. Even pawan kalyan never turned back for any official function in PRP after election. Chiru is now trying to save his party with this single hand as no body is there to support him. Presently chiranjeevi is in Abyss, even though he want come out of politics he can’t its out his hands now. Let’s hope he will come back like a Phoenix. Why, this happened a megastar of Industry once, turned as political clown in Assembly. Here I observe some points, check them:- 1) There is no vacuum for new party in AP now. Chiru launched his party at wrong time. 2) He didn’t get support from film industry completely as he is not darling for all. 3) Fans who showed interest to participate in his road shows, failed to show the same interest to vote him. 4) Instead of Answering the comments and rumors on him. Chiru remain silent as he thought that people will think that he is following “Gandhi giri”, but voters think either way as chiru made this mistake that’s why he is silent. 5) Declaration of candidates was done at last moment. 6) People belief on chiru get shattered when parakala Prabhakar left and made comments that “PRP is not a kalapavrisksham it’s a visha vriksham”. This made a strong impact on people. 7) Fans who don’t get tickets worked against chiru. 8) Dependency of chiru on his brother in law. Made people to doubt his capability of running government on his own. 9) Instead of telling what he will do, chiru keep on use the same slogan “Samajika nyayam”. 10) Lack of co ordination and planning. Action plans for the Chiru in the near Future:- 1) Chiru has to prove himself by keeping party in winning note for the by elections, going to held in Tekkali or at least to make the party as second largest in that consistency. 2) Make the party strong, so that they can face mighty congress and tdp in the coming greater Hyderabad elections. 3) At least to make one movie, which gives social message. All the best Chiru. We all hope you will come back from this hilarious situation to give a strong answer to the people who commented your efficiency. Last but not least, these are all from my view if it hurts you iam sorry. - Sasidhar Anne

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bommarillu Nammaka Thappani Song Lyrics

Chala mandi Heart touch chesini song adhi. vari Andhari kosam ee Song Lyric. Enjoy Hudagas... Coming Attraction : Postpone Article About PRP During this one Year wriiten by me. Tommorow i will add that Article. Its Under Construction. Wait for one more day.

Arti Agarwal Lip lock in NeelaVeni Movie

Aarti Agarwal once a top heroine in telugu industry, in her second innings she is trying to get back her position. On that way she is doing all movies which are coming to her.She is in desparte situation to proove herself. Taking Adavantage of her situation , new directors offering her skinny roles in the name of performance.She will become a scape goat later on. The above pic is from the movie called "neelaveni". In that movie she locked her lip with B grade Actor named "Mukul". According to the sources , she is doing a naxalite role and also there is lot of skin show by her in this movie.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

India TOP 15 IT Companies

The fiscal year 2008-09 has been a tough year for IT companies globally. The turmoil in the BFSI sector and US the biggest market for IT companies has hit them hard. For the first time in many years some companies in the DQ Top 20 club witnessed single-digit growth. While many though could sustain double-digit growth, the slowdown pangs were clearly visible in their growth chart and guidance. The biggest lesson of the slowdown has been not to put all eggs in one basket. The spending squeeze in the global markets has suddenly awakened IT companies to the potential of the domestic market. Today, all IT companies in India are aggressively looking at the Indian market to insulate their growth. Here’s looking into the biggest 15 IT companies in India as per their year 2008-09 revenues. 1)TCS - the company clocked Rs 25,894 crore in revenues.the company made impressible gains in other sectors like manufacturing, healthcare and engineering services to grow by 22% year on year. 2)Wipro - The company beat its larger rivals TCS and Infosys to post a revenue growth of 41% (excluding BPO). The company recorded revenues of Rs 23,882 crore during the fiscal 2008-09 which saw its two divisions Wipro Technologies and Wipro Infotech synergies better for total outsourcing deals. The company fought the likes of IBM and HP on the domestic turf to wrestle Aircel, Wnitech Wireless and ESIC deals. The company's Middles East operations grew by over 280%. 3)Infosys - The third biggest IT company in India is Infosys with 2008-09 revenues of Rs 20,392 crore. The company closed the year with a 31% growth, with Europe and the US contributing 90% of the total revenues. 4)HP India - Parent company's acquisition of EDS helped solidify HP's services business in the Indian market, with 18% of the revenues coming from the domestic segment. 5)IBM INDIA - At no. 5 is IBM India. With revenues of Rs 12,048 crore, the company grew by a decent 36% during the fiscal 2008-09 (excluding BPO business). The FY ‘09 saw the share of domestic revenue in the overall pie increase to 48%, from the previous year's 42%. 6)CTS - the company which gets four-fifth of its revenues from the US and half of this from the BFSI sector grew by almost 49% during the fiscal year 2008-09. With this the company recorded highest growth among all IT companies in the country for the third year in a row. 7)INGRAM MICRO - Incidentally, the company witnessed healthy growth in the first half of fiscal 2008-09, however, the poor showing in the second half wiped out the gains of the first half. 8)HCL -At no. 8 is HCL Technologies. The company grew by 41% to clock revenues of Rs 8,764 crore. The biggest highlight of the fiscal 2008-09 for the company was its acquisition of UK-based Axon for which it pipped rival Infosys technologies. The $658 million Axon buy was the biggest acquisition in the history of Indian IT. The company said that the acquisition was the part of its Blue Ocean strategy, which aims to expand in high-potential areas with low competition. 9) HCL Infosystems- The ninth largest Indian IT company is HCL Infosystems. With Rs 8,089 crore revenues, the company grew by almost 60% during the fiscal 2008-09 largely riding on its services business. 10)Redington India - The tenth largest IT company in India is Redington. Slowdown hit the company badly during the fiscal 2008-09, with growth slipping to 5% from 25% in the previous year. 11)CISCO Systems - At no. 11 is Cisco Systems. In its 14-year history in the country, for the first time Cisco recorded single-digit growth. The company grew by mere 4% to record revenues of Rs 6,084 crore. 12)Oracle - The fiscal year 2008-09 saw Oracle record revenues of Rs 5,962 crore to emerge as the 12th biggest IT company in the country. The Indian subsidiary of the US-based IT behemoth grew by a mere 3% during the year. However, Oracle Financial Services, which bough iFlex Solutions, grew by a healthy 23% to gross revenues of Rs 2,213 crore. 13)Intel India -At no. 13 is Intel India. The slowdown in the PC market affected the company's business in the country. The fiscal year 2008-09 saw the company growing by a mere 9% to record revenues of Rs 4,698 crore. 14)Accenture India - The 14th largest IT company in the country is Accenture. The company witnessed a growth of 16% to record revenues of Rs 4,400 crore during the fiscal year 2008-09. 15)SAP India - With revenues of Rs 4,320 crore, SAp India is the 15th largest IT company. The company grew by an impressive 33% in the fiscal 2008-09, with India becoming the seventh largest subsidiary for SAP globally, beating China.

List of Hospitals in Mumbai for Swine Flu H1N1 Testing and Treatment

Swine Flu H1N1 Virus Testing Centers and hospitals in MumbaiAs you are aware, there have been several cases of H1N1 detected in India in the past few days. We therefore would urge you to take cognizance of the following and take the necessary precautions given below the address. List of Hospitals in Mumbai for Swine Flu H1N1 Testing and Treatment Swine Flu Helpline Mumbai 022-22653460Swine Flu Mumbai Kasturba Hospital Mumbai, Sane Guruji Marg Mumbai-11, Maharastara(Swine Flu Isolation and critical care) Dr Umesh Aigal – 09820 935680Phone 022 23083901/ 02/03/04 ____________________________________________________ Sir J J Hospital Mumbai (Swine Flu H1N1 Testing) J J Marg, Byculla, Mumbai - 08 Phone (022) 23735555, 23739031, 23760943, 23768400 / 23731144 / 5555 / 23701393 / 1366 ____________________________________________________ Bhagwati Hospital Mumbai S.V.P. RoadMandviNear Ram Mandir Mumbai -400003Phone: 022 28932461 ____________________________________________________ Rajawadi Hospital MumbaiRajawadi , Ghatkopar,Mumbai - 400077.Tel. :022-25094149 ____________________________________________________ Siddharth Hospital Mumbai Opposite Motilalnagar Post OfficeMotilal Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104Phone: 022 28766886 ____________________________________________________ KB Bhabha Hospital MumbaiK B Bhaba Hospital Building Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050022 26429828, 022 26422775 ____________________________________________________ M. T. Agarwal Muncipal General Hospital (Agra road municipal hospital)Dr. Rajendra prasad road,mulund (W),Mumbai 400080 Phone : 022-25605729/30, 022-25640767____________________________________________________ Swine Flu Preventive Measures Use a tissue/handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands thoroughly and often, especially after sneezing or coughing, using soap and water. Wipe surfaces like door-knobs using a regular cleaner. If you’re sick with flu-like symptoms, even if you don’t feel sick enough, go to the doctor. Whenever possible, rather than relying on the use of face-masks or respirators, avoid close contact with people who might be ill and being in crowded settings. Respirators should be considered for use by individuals for whom close contact with an infectious person is unavoidable. This can include selected individuals who must care for a sick person (e.g., family member with a respiratory infection) at home. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Preventive Actions against SWINE FLU

These following are the preventive actions(From:LokMat) Please note down few Desi (Country) Tips to fight against Videsi (foreign) disease, know as Swine flue………. Scientific Prevention of Swine Flue using Household Products 1. Inhale Clove Oil (Lavang) For 1 Second. 2. Chew 1 Clove In a Day 3. Eat Raw Garlic (Lasun), Onion, Ginger (Aale) (1 to 5gm) 4. Drink Hot Milk With 2gm of Turmeric 5. Consume Plenty Of Vit C Fruits-Lemon/Avala 6. Eat 8 to 6 leaves of Tulsi empty Stomach Twice a day 7. Burn Camphor oil in your room, office a slight camphor oil all the time which keeps different air bone diseases away.

Donate Blood and Save lives

Anjaneyulu Movie Review

Yuvtha Movie is Mass entertainer ga teraki eekinchi.. Oka promising director ga gurthimpu pondina "parusuram", Kick to Andhra box office collections ni kick ekkinchina "Raviteja" tho kalisi chesina Anjaneyulu movie meeda chala high expectations vunnayi. nayanatara and Music director "taman" are the extra sparks in this movie. Anthe gaka mana "ganesh" producer ga release ayina first movie idhi.. So inni prethyikathalu vunna ee movie ela vundo telusa... Cast: Raviteja, Nayanatara, Sonu Sood, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, MS Narayana, Dhandapani, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others.Action: Ram-Laxman.Banner: Parameshwara Arts.Cinematography: Ravindra Babu K.Dialogues-Lyrics: Bashasri.Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh.Music: Thaman S.Presenter: Siva Babu.Producer: Ganesh Babu.Story, Screenplay, & Director: Parasuram (Bujji).Release Date: August 12, 2009 He is the same director, a debutant who made Yuvatha in which Nikhil has imitated Raviteja from start to finish, exuded energy and was quite successful. The film did well. What if the same person directs the original hero, how will the film shape up, was the question on everyone's mind. Raviteja had absolutely no doubts on the director and even said the movie will be a sure-shot hit. It is beyond everyone's imagination how Raviteja like a rechargeable battery comes up with the same intensity film after film. A restless soul, he keeps the audience hooked to his expressions, antics, gimmicks and does half the comedy in the film.Unlike other heroes who make the audience wait for entertaining movies, Raviteja had been coming up with films in quick succession and all of them have been a treat to watch. Story :- In this film he plays the role of a guy who works for a TV channel whose TRPs keep sinking and suddenly due to a personal calamity becomes an undercover agent, with the help of a reporter in the channel exposes the criminal activities of a home minister, an MLA and a goon who are responsible for the huge set back in the hero's life. Brahmanandam is back again with some funny repartees and keeps the show going. He joins the TV channel as a self-obsessed creative head whose goal primarily is to come up with interesting concepts to hike viewership. His comments on Puri Jagan, VV Vinayak, Rajamouli is hilarious. MS Narayana makes a brief appearance as a guest director who speaks to the viewers on the phone. Brahmaji gets a sensible and a good role of a conscientious reporter. Nayanatara makes an effort to look different, and the difference shows on screen be it the eye shadow that matches with her sarees or her slim self. She has done a convincing job and has matched Raviteja perfectly. "Eppudaina aayudham avasaram lekunda vadakoodadhu. Oka vela vadithe guri thappakoodadhu," is what Anajenyulu says and beats the pulp out of the villain who ties to stab him offguard. The action scenes are entertaining too. Kota Srinivasa Rao impresses with his Telangana dialect again, Dhandapani, JP, Sonu Sood do the needful.However the parents-son relationship look a bit unnatural. Anjaneyulu doesn't have a fresh story. We have seen such films before but what makes it interesting is the narration, the screenplay and the consistent energy and entertainment with which Raviteja has packed his performance. Songs are just about okay, technically a fine film and story-wise fun to watch. It has little bit of everything that a formula story demands.A good beginning for Ganesh the comedian-turned-producer and a few stars more for Parusuram, the director who didn't complicate things for himself or the audience and Raviteja..he has 'kick'-started his career again.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Telugu Industry Trade Talk(29-7-2009 to 6 - 08-2009)

Muhurtham of Simha

Ballaya back again. This time he is pairing with 'Boyapati Srinu' who made good mark in telugu industry with histwo back to back hits.
Ballaya is known as the hero who respects director a lot , which causes lot of flops in his career. I hope this time Srinu will navigate him in the right direction.All the Best Ballaya.We all want to you be back in form.

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