Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tollwood Star Cricket T20 on June 2010 - Announced by NBK

 Captians - Chiru, NBK, Nagarjuna and Venky..
venue ,date and details kosam Click on read more..

senior actor kosam and maa building kosam jarige fund raising kosam ee Star cricket.
total ga four teams.. two semis one final anta... 
.. date june 13th ,Team selection may 15th.. 

max lo max TV9 lo kani, Studio N or Maa.. ee moodu channels lo edo vakati live isthayi emo...
ps:- chiranjeevi garu.. tollywood ki farewell party iccharu kada.. malla tollywood actors jarige cricket lo caption emiti chepma..

Sachin Tendulkar 's Twitter Id and Sachin Creates a new record in Twitter

Cricket God in twitter.He opened his account 20 hours back, already number of followers get crossed 50,000 members and the count keep on increasing.i think its a new record in twitter. Every time u refresh the page the followers number increasing by 100. Jahapan thussi great ho...
               The above is the pricture uploaded by sachin in on that to view bigger
to follow sachin check this link..

NBK Simha / Simhaa movie three / 3 days Collections and records

Click on read more to view simha 3 days collections..

Nizam-2.75 crores

Krishna-70+ lakhs

East-60+ lakhs

West-65+ lakhs

Vizag-68+ lakhs

Ceeded-2.24 crores

**Guntur-1.62 crores

Nellore-50+ lakhs

Karnataka-60+ lakhs

Overseas(including North-india)-45+ lakhs

->guntur kummesthundi collections lo..
Total collection in first three days- btw (11- 12) crores

Note: Official figure ee week super hit lo vasthundhi.. naku chala mandi requests pampicharu 3 days collections pettandi ani..anduku nenu gather chesina info ni post chesthunna..
This is not the official.. just information anthey...

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Director Srivass - Interview

Lakshyam movie ki ee movie ki two years gap enti ante, story leka kadu combinations kudaraka ni frank ga cheppadu.. sri vass.. ila cheppali ante chala dare kavali.. inka emi chepado chudali ante click on the image to view bigger

Koothi Mooka - Audio Release

Really mani sharma great, AVS ante Manisharma ki chala respect.. enduku ante Manisharma ni industry ki parichayam chesindhi AVS.. Anduke max AVS movies ki Manisharam music direction chesthadu.. that too with less money ani industry talk.