Thursday, September 1, 2016

Janatha Garage / NTR / Koratal Siva - Premier show / review - show live updates.

Show going to start in 90 mins, Stick to this place for the updates.. 

In cinemark Atlanta theater. 6 pm est show may get cancel as the theater guys are yet waiting for the keys.. 

15 more mins to get the confirmatio from management on keys.. Waiting to get the tickets

Due to techinical issues, show postponed to 8 pm est

Finally show about to start in 5 mins..

15 mins, its all about the base of the movie story . mohanlal all the way.ntr yet to enter.

Titles rolling..
Until now Main theme baga set chesadu

Ntr, samantha intro... Pranamam song..time

Rdo and cm meeting scene lo mohanlal elevation keka.

Dialogues baga sey ayyayi..

Nitya menon intro

Ntr - nitya diwali and 20 micron.bag scenes bavunnnay..

Rockon bro song time

Joggers park fight - ntr first fight. 

Apple beauty song.

Ntr travelling to hyd.

Interval bang and before 15 mins quary fight kummesindhi.. 

Mohan lal asking ntr to take care of jg

Govt office kevv.. Maro landmark scene ..
Followed by title song

Sentiment scene and truth revealing moment. Well executed.

Sad song..

Nitya menon pelli chupula comedy scene bavundi

Villain hero warning scene - puli dialogue super.

Pakka local song time

Emotional scene about killing mohanlal son..

Climax lo evaru unnikrishnan champaru anedhi baga execute chesaru..

Nitya/samantha lo evaru ntr ni chesukunnaro..perfect ga chupincharu..

On a whole, sarkar in koratala style.