Friday, July 1, 2011

Srikanth / neelakanta virodhi / virodi movie talk / review

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*Gatha Kontha kalam ga mass characters chesthu , bore kottisthunna srikanth ni ee movie lo kotthaha chuda vacchu.

* Hero / villain ane concept, its a story point based movie.

* Naxalism meeda baga depth loki teesukuvellaru.

* arroganta leaders valla naxalism ki vasthunna problem ento chupincharu.

* Intial ga movie slow ga vunna.. ranu ranu manchi speedy narration tho velthundhi.

* Production values konni places lo cheap ga vunnayi.

* Different movie, Honest attempt from srikanth and neelakanta.

* Special mention to Ajay.. Acting iraga deesadu

* Mass cinemalu chusi aha oho anukune variki ee movie nacchadu..

* one special appeal- dont miss this movie.. we have to encourage this type of movies, then only we can see concept oreinted stories in TFI.


Aamirkhan / Imran khan Delhi Belly / Delli belly movie talk / review from preview show

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*Lets welcome the new genre of indian cinema.

*This movie is some what related to adult type comedy.

*Imran khan rocked the show , along with his two freinds.

* If i tell the story now, you all will awkward.. better watch it on siver screen

* Director handled the subject in perfect manner.

*There is no single moment which you will fell bore.

* Guys!!! Dont miss this movie.

*one small suggestion.. Better not go to this movie along with your family.. Try to watch with your freinds ;)

One small hint of story line :- Shit happens ;)

all tickets for this movie are getting booked in rocket speed at bangalore...