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One more interesting mail from Mohan CK Garu - About Big 4 in Telugu film industry

Mohan CK garu Telugu film industry lo small producers tarupuna fight chesuthunnaru.. last time mana blog lo big 4 gurinchi oka mail pampincharu.. aithey rescent ga jaragilsina small producers and big 4 meet lo jaragalisian discussion ni mana blog readers tho share chesukovali ani naaku mail pampincharu aa maill ee ee kinda vundi.. time vunte tappaka chadavandi...
 [Big4 ‘Leader’ Suresh babu vs Small]
As part of the ‘Save Telugu Film Industry‘ agitation on the theatres lessees,
[ ‘Aa naluguru [Big 4 – sureshbabu, sunil narang, allu arvind, dilraju]
 vs small [small budget film producers, distributors,  directors and technicians]
 we hv invited them several times  for the ‘open debate’ in the presence of the media and the film industry, but  there was no response from big4 side,
one need to under stand the problem properly so we are giving both, big4 and our small group versions for The True/False Test, as the ‘debate’ is not happening..

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 ----YOU BE THE JUDGE ----
[Note  : We took the views expressed by suresh babu in Indian express as their[big4] version.]
 S.B:  ‘Untrue allegations’ says suresh Babu
Small :   can u point out 1 allegation which is untrue, if any info given by us so far is false, we’ll stop making allegations.
we can prove all the allegations made by us are true. Will u quit the lease business if the allegations are true?
 S.B :  "First, who's a small producer? Quality matters.  If a film is good,theatre owners run it,"  like Happy Days and Ashta Chamma.
Small : Did u run the  good movies which were not successful?  Like prasthanam, Andari banduvaya…
Instd of saying ‘quality, good movies…’  u btr say ‘will run commercially successful films , bcoz we will be able to make good money out of its success by charging high rental.
U continue the THE GREAT ANDHRA LOOT fr 28 weeks but atleast spare 24 weeks fr good cinema.
Happy days, asta chemma were distributed by dilraju and suresh movies.
The film might be good if there is no revenue you will nt run it on lesser rent/ percentage fr a week also.
[Leader’ was running on deficit frm 5th week till 14th week in ur lease theatre Odeon,Hyderabad - exception]
True gentleman Ramoji rao garu is running ‘prasthanam’ in his theatre ‘usha mayuri’ on percentage basis from few weeks.
Can u run andari… for  3/4  weeks on deficit now?
Any one will  ‘Give statements,write nice things abt these critically acclaimed films in twitter [bcoz it costs nothing]
some one frm big4 syndicate tried to mislead by dragging ramojirao garu’s name into big4 syndicate, fyi, he has got only six theatres in the state [hyd-2,vizag-2,ongole-1,warangal-1] most of them run on percentage.
No doubt  Quality matters,Can u make a hit film like Happy days , Asta chemma ?
Everybody tries fr  success only, preaching not necessary here
 The actual problem is sidelined, The lesses are getting 50k to 2lakhs profit on single theatre every week depending upon the place, and the movies release demand, If the producer gets that amount instd of the lesse then he will b able to recover his investment.
The lessees are eating away the profit which shd actually belong to the producer/Distributor.
 S.B : Aa Naluguru has taken on least 638 of the 1,840-odd theatres operational in the state."My own group runs only four per cent of them," he claims.
Small :  Big 4 are giving different numbers abt the theatres,
Suresh Productions changed the no frm 366 to 78 in when we started shwng the details.
We can present the old list screen shot of their website :
List till May 15th
List after May 15th
2.Andhra- Vizag
3.Andhra- East.
7.Andhra- Nellore.
Grand Total
As per Allu Sirish [Tweets] : ‘The so-called "families" hold less than 250-300 theatres…
Sirish says 250-300 and Sureshbabu say 638 who is correct ?
Then who took all these 288 theatres in two days ?
r they on benami names?
What about the syndicate business u hv with sunil narang [ Asian film distributors],ram Mohanrao [ karvy partha sarathy’s  Ratna celluloids, Aian Multi dimension], vijayendra reddy and rajendra.
Actually around 900  theatres are in big4 control,[fr detailed list chk our previous entries in]
They are the only good ones in the state, The rest are not suitable fr release, or in c centres.
 S.B : ‘The lessee incurs considerable expenditure to keep the theatre in a good condition’
Small :  lets do QC [quality check] ,we will pick some theatres [ which are under big4 lease] across the state ,
and check the condition , are they spending any extra amount [ apart frm the owner maintenance expenditure]   from their profits for the quality of sound , picture ….?
One example : Theatre  lakshmikala, moosapet, Hyderabad. suresh prod charge 2,20,000/- weekly rent and how good  is its maintenance?
 S.B : ."It is not illegal’
Small : It’s illegal under  ‘MONOPOLIES AND RESTRICTIVE TRADE PRACTICES ACT’ but you all have theatres lease under different benami names.
 S.B :  ‘The rents we charge are either on par or less than what's charged in other states." The rents ensure that the exhibitor doesn't lose.
Small : The exhibitor is getting [theatre owner] less and the lessees are getting huge profits,
There is no lessees syndicate  in other states of India, the producer/distributor has got the choice to choose different theatres and
Negotiate,  bt here  ‘aa naluguru’ is not giving that chance..
In most of the towns u hold 8 out of10 theatres and demand abnormal rents with clear Monopoly, with out any choice we hv to surrender to your terms,  Is this happening any where in India?
 S.B : "If some families put in all their efforts in the industry, is it wrong to want to build infrastructure from studios and labs down to theatres?"
Small :  certainly not, did any one object to ur lab,studio,film equipment hiring, recording theatres businesses etc..  we are all contributing to the business,
Remember, not able to bear abnormally high rental we revolted…
‘Every one hates you , not because you are successful but because you are sucking the blood out of everyone for your selfish motto.’ [ taken frm readers comments column]
 S.B :‘If theatre business was lucrative, why are no new theatres coming up? In fact, hundreds of them have closed down in the last few years."
Small :  With the present real estate rates , constructing a theatre is not profitable , but these single theatres were built long ago and the owners are getting ‘X’ amnt as rent , some of them hv closed down due to real estate boom.
big4 & syndicate controls nearly 900 theatres so calculate per theatre 50k [minimum] profit, 900x50k=4.5cr x52 weeks=234 cr ,
so aftr deducting taxes.. As per estimate  you all earn around 200 crores per year, least
is this not lucrative?
 S.B : ‘A workable movie is the lone solution’
Small :  Will any film maker aim at the failure?  Everybody tries hard to get suceess , unfortunately the success rate has come down to 10% in the  Indian film industry.
We cant  make films with a calculator like most of the big budget film producers, they are actually proposal makers, least bothered abt content, making…. We get this much finance with this combination and returns this much and the saddest thing is 95% end up in losses.
Everybody tries to make a wonderful movie particularly workable movie, in art form some times we go wrong.
Mr suresh can u give a hit by producing a small film with the budget of  2/3 crores , can u tell  in advance  and give a hit film?
if u tell the industry what is ‘workable’ then our industry can achieve  95% success rate instd of  10% ,
The prblm we r facing is even below average film is not able to make money ,that’s gng to ur pockets
The Telugu film industry is producing more than 120 films every year, if big4’s BOOTY [200 crores] is distributed among 120 producers,
each producer wd b gtng around 1.65 crores …
so this the only solution left.
There should not be any middle men between Exhibitors [Theatre owners] and producers/distributors.
If that happens  industry will flourish.
It’s like farmer selling vegetables direct to buyers in rhytu bazaar instd of midllemen,
10."If helping producers is the motto, let the government provide open training institutes for actors, writers, etc.’
Ans:  We took all kind of incentives from the government like getting free land for studios/tax cuts etc …try to screw up the same industry. What more can the govt do? Fr yrs they gave cash subsidy to films , is there any scarcity for good writers and actors now.
When Telugu film producers council itself is not helping producers ,
Life membership is 1 lakh ,  and they say this to discourage new producers to become members. What happened to Budget control regulations?
Instd of showing concern at those real problems,
Is this right to blame the govt, which has done so much for the telugu film industry to establish in A.P.

11.‘Reducing the already low cinema ticket prices and controlling theatres are not the right answers."
Ans:  Multilplexes 150/- single screens 50/- these ticket rates might b low for u, Surely not fr the middle class …
During Piracy discussions on tv channels, 90% of the callers complained abt high ticket rates , and they adviced us ‘ reduce ticket rates first, then  we will not take piracy cd’s/ dvd’s.
There is no of Laws by laws and raliies to control piracy, FIRST REDUCE TICKET RATES.
We are requesting the govt to control lease system and the lessees, not the theatres.  Please be real.

We need to do something to save the industry from disaster.

Yee Maya Chesave 100 days - special write up from me

ee special write up in lo monna publish chesa..ippudu ikkada mana blog viewers kosam ikkada post chesuthunna.ivvaltitho YMC 100days fininsh chesukundhi.
click on read more to view the complete article.

Yee maya chesave ani... e cinemalo hero heroine ni aduguthadu... adhey matani (ye maya cheasave) ani.. viewer movie nunchi bayataki vacchi aa movie adigela chesindhi ee movie..

ee movie chusina prathi okkariki..prema meeda oka respeactable feeling kalegala ee movie ni teesaru..

general mana telugu stories ante konni types vunnayi..

1) Parents oppokokapothey, hero heroine intiki vellatamo.. heroine hero intiki ravatomo.. jarigi valla parent ni oppinchikutaru ( ee type of movies lo comedy ekkuva vundali lekapothey faaat)

2) Heroine valla father pedda faction leader aithey , hero ediristhadu..adhi logical ga ayina leka fightings tho ayina (action ekkuva vundali)

3) inka moodo rakam - ante teeja rakam.. cheap college jokes movie fill chesi.. love story pedutharu..

kani pai cheppina types lo ee okka movie kuda, lovers okka emotion ni chupincharu.. antha long shots lo.. edo chupinchi.. action ni kani, comedy kani ekkuva pettestharu.. inka ee type of movies.. hero pakkana oka bhajana batch vuntundhi..vundali.. ILANTIVI EMI LEKUNDA.. RECENT TIMES LO VACCHINA PERFECT MOVIE YEE MAYA CHESAVE..

YEE MAYA CHESAVE lo.. cheap comedy ledu - situational comedy tappa...
YEE MAYA CHESAVE lo.. RAKTALU PAGALU levu - parent, children madhya emotions tappa..
YEE MAYA CHESAVE lo.. Double meaning dialogues levu - Meaning full dialogues tappa..
YEE MAYA CHESAVE lo.. Villains leru .. paristhulee villains ee movie lo..

ila prathi craft lo recent movies tho polchukunte.. chala different and daring movie ani cheppavacchu..

Oka artist ga CHAITU ki second movie kee, intha emotional movie lo cheyatam chala kastam.. kani CHAITU chala simple, boy next door image tho arpinchadu. jeevinchadu..

IKA SAMANTHA, heroines anet. ABBAH ani pichila dress veyali, antunna time lo, traditional dresses tho oka teeyani mulla gucchukundhi.

MUSIC ,DIRECTION and PHOTO GRAPHY :- ee moodu entha kalisi poyayi ante.. ee three departments perfect ga kalisthe entha adbutham ga vuntundho.. Yee maya chesave ni chusi cheppavacchu...

anni bavunna.... cinema story lo ee movie ki villain leru kani bayata vunnaru.. adhi ee movie producers ee.. share ki gross ki difference teliyani vallu.. cinema orginal stamina ni anchana vestharaa..cheppandi..

PS:- theaters lo inka aduthunna.. DVDs release chesi.. pirachy check pettaru. idhi nijam ga abhinadichalisina vishayam..

Thanks for the YMC team for giving us such a wonderful movie..

Some Interesting facts in Vedam / vedham Movie

* ee movie oka scene lo director krish kanipistharu.. Temple lo devudi daggara dabbulu nagalu chusthunna Allu Arjun tho oka sadhuvu bangaa taguthu, Allu Arjun ki class peekuthadu.. aa scene lo saduvu la act chesindhi Krish gare..

* Inka Anushka pakkan "Karpuram" character chesindhi, Anushka personal makeup artist ee, ee vishyam telisi nenu shock ayya.. antha la ayina act chesadu..

Vedam /Vedham movie review by Srikanth K

Srikanth garu nenu rasina review ki comment ga thana review ni pettaru.. thana review naaku baga nacchindhi..anduke aa review ni post chesthunna.
click on read more to view the review.

VEDAM -- Must watch movie in Recent times | My Take on -- Rating 4/5

Yesterday I watched the Premier show of VEDAM movie as I liked the GAMYAM movie(Directed by KRISH).

I would like to watch all movies b4 Reviews hit the Internet. So that we can watch the movie with our OWN mindset :)-

Thanks to Virginia for giving me the chance to watch Premier show(generally in India, it happens with only Celebrities).

VEDAM -- Its a new dimension of Telugu Cinema and I can say its ARTFULLY Crafted COMMERCIAL movie with lighter vein comedy elements with True performances.

Just go n watch. I can not say more than that. I wish you won't disappointed with this film.

Thanks to KRISH for giving the Wonderful movie.


I guess you surpassed the 2nd movie failure Tradition for Tollywood Directors.(After Rajamouli, its your turn now). All the very best for your all next ventures.

You grabbed the finest performance from Allu Arjun[Lighter vein comedy with humble performance], Manoj Manchu [Terrific performance in Action Episodes with Real stunts], Manoj Bajpai [Settled performance with depth element], Anushka[Seductive performance with natural feel] and Not the least Nagayya(Ramulu Character) -- Its a true performance.

Worth Mentioned here --> Cinematography by : VS Gnana Sekhar

PS: Guys, After PRASTHANAM [Due to the lack of Promotion, it didn't go well], I feel this one is also very good sensible movie with Human Values. At least get Original DVD and watch it.

Deva Katta,

I wish you promote your 3rd movie in a bigger way(Vennala, Prasthanam, Whats next???). All the very best.

Own the DVD List: