Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kamal hassan Emotional Speech about Viswaroopam ban

Kamal press meet updates :
 I don't understand what's happening. The story setting is in Afghanistan. I wonder how it's about Indian Muslims. Later because of lots of noice @ reporters he stalled speech for couple of seconds. Later he said that he is the one who lost most of his money as he pledged all his property for the film. he lost his house because of the delay. The house in press meet happening today will be the last press meet as he is going to surrender this house.

remaining updates

Kamal Haasan: I need a secular place to settle. If there's no secular place in India I would go overseas. My talent would remain with me.
Kamal Haasan: Police have sent away fans asking for court order copy. I've been made an instrument along with Muslim friends.
Kamal Haasan: I have been trashed in a political game. Monetary loss not important.
Kamal Haasan: I've pledged this house to a money lender. I've bequeathed all my property to the money lender.
Kamal Haasan: I will lose this place if the judgement is not favourable. I wonder how one movie could knock this mighty nation’s unity.
Kamal Haasan: After this I will have to seek a secular state for me to stay in – from Kashmir to Kerala – excluding Tamil Nadu.
Kamal Haasan: If I cannot find in India, I will find hopefully another country that is secular. Hussain had to do it, Haasan will do it.
Kamal Haasan: My fans will keep peace, and that includes a lot of Muslims.
Kamal Haasan: I only want to stay in a secular state, that doesn’t mean I will not make Tamil films. I am not angry with my people.
Kamal Haasan: I have the protection, it is only the free will to speak that is being denied.
Kamal Haasan: I want to be a secular man. If need be, I will have to leave the country. I am not blaming one religion. I am fed up.

Fan like me: Sorry kamal sir , Dont know why govt is doing like this. Go to some other place then this people will cry for you. :(