Thursday, August 30, 2012

BalaKrishna - Yellow Flowers - Srimannarayana / Sri man narayana - movie talk - Short review from the premier Show - Dubai

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* NBK Looks good in most the film, Songs lo konni konni dresses barinchalem, avi tappa remaining movie bavunnadu.
*Dances baga vesadu NBK.Chala Kastapaddadu.
*Comedy is okay in first half.. Second half lo koncham taggindhi.
* Three Special getups by NBK , avi cheppakunda vunte bavuntundhi.. Long hair dhi set kaledu kani migilina two getups bavunnayi.
* Society type concept movie.
* Villain trapping hero in 500cr scam is good, most applauded sequence in the movie.
* Heroines are okay.
* Last 20 mins of the movie is bit slow.

Overall ga Average. Simha antha range kakapoyina bane vundi ani chepthunnaru.


Monday, August 27, 2012

ABN Andhrajyothy Open Heart with GMR ( Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao ) - 150th Episode

Awesome interview , Business principles chala clear ga simple chepparu. Must see for aspiring business men.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Akkineni Amala in Life is Beautiful movie - Stills


naresh Sudigadu movie updates - talk - review - from premier Show - My view

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* Naresh is good as usual and heroine is the bad choice..
* Tamil lo impact create chesina scenes evi kooda telugu lo anthaga pandaledu.
* Sariana imitations okkati kooda ledu.
* Evo rendu moodu dialogues tappinchi.. cinema antha over etakaram chesaru.
* Athi ga edhi chesina bagodu.
* Tamil lo vacchina movie classic comedy aithey.. ee movie dani daridapullo kooda ledu.
* Ika ee movies levu kabbati denni chustharu..
* naresh previous movies like "Blade Babji and seemtapakay" are far better than this.
* Just go and watch for time pass.
* tamil and telugu differences enti and tamil anthala enduku ee movie ledu ane dani meeda oka detailed review rasthanu.
* Cinema budget takkuva ayina naresh range kante ekkuva ki ee movie ni ammaru.. but vacchina hype valla movie tappaka safe project avuthundhi.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Allu Arjun About my fav Choreographer Sekhar master - in Julayi

Sekhar master choreographed "Julayi title Song". 

Watch from 9.55th min..
All Arjun itself told that.. Next big master in industry in "Sekhar master".. 

Sekhar master - Proud be your fan and close mate :)

Wishing more success master..


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Allu arjun - Julayi - Movie Review from premier show - Movie talk

ee movie meeda manchi expectations vunnayi.. allover US lo 50 locations lo premier plan chesaru.. as soon they start , i will update this post.

*trivikram Munde cheppinattu.. this is complete youth oriented movie.
*Allu Arjun , intro , look and makeover is good. 
* First song bavundhi.
*Ileyana character has some shades of "jalsa" character. 
* Comedy is good
* First half bavundhi.. trivikram style cinema neat ga , comedy ga vundhi.. engage chesela vundhi...
* Rajendra prasad and bunny madhya vacchina scenes bavunnayi
*Sonu sood as bittu.. he is did according to his role.
* Last 20 mins of the movie are bit dragging.
* Songs are good on screen and music and BGM is the one of the assest of the movie.
* There are some memorable punches of trivikram.
* In all movies of trivikram , he is generally bit confused in 2nd half.. same applies to this movie.
*On overall its a good movie .
* watch for trivikram direction, bunny energy and DSP music.

** This is year is going good for mega camp

Note: - This is not my view .This is the talk, i got from a person who watched this movie. The views will be different for  each person.. please dont judge the movie based on this review.. this review is only for your information.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trivikram - Allu Arjun - in TV9 Interview - Conversation with Sunil in phone

Watch this video from 10th Minute..
perfect freindship ki pakka example sunil and trivikram srinivas garu.. i liked there conversation alot and punch by trivikram is too good..


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NBK - Latest movie SriManNarayana - Complete Audio function Video

NBK entry kosam watch the video from 1 Hour 23 Mins.. NBK came along with mokshagna.. as usual NBK dialogues tho kummesadu :)