Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Preventive Actions against SWINE FLU

These following are the preventive actions(From:LokMat) Please note down few Desi (Country) Tips to fight against Videsi (foreign) disease, know as Swine flue………. Scientific Prevention of Swine Flue using Household Products 1. Inhale Clove Oil (Lavang) For 1 Second. 2. Chew 1 Clove In a Day 3. Eat Raw Garlic (Lasun), Onion, Ginger (Aale) (1 to 5gm) 4. Drink Hot Milk With 2gm of Turmeric 5. Consume Plenty Of Vit C Fruits-Lemon/Avala 6. Eat 8 to 6 leaves of Tulsi empty Stomach Twice a day 7. Burn Camphor oil in your room, office a slight camphor oil all the time which keeps different air bone diseases away.

Donate Blood and Save lives

Anjaneyulu Movie Review

Yuvtha Movie is Mass entertainer ga teraki eekinchi.. Oka promising director ga gurthimpu pondina "parusuram", Kick to Andhra box office collections ni kick ekkinchina "Raviteja" tho kalisi chesina Anjaneyulu movie meeda chala high expectations vunnayi. nayanatara and Music director "taman" are the extra sparks in this movie. Anthe gaka mana "ganesh" producer ga release ayina first movie idhi.. So inni prethyikathalu vunna ee movie ela vundo telusa... Cast: Raviteja, Nayanatara, Sonu Sood, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, MS Narayana, Dhandapani, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others.Action: Ram-Laxman.Banner: Parameshwara Arts.Cinematography: Ravindra Babu K.Dialogues-Lyrics: Bashasri.Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh.Music: Thaman S.Presenter: Siva Babu.Producer: Ganesh Babu.Story, Screenplay, & Director: Parasuram (Bujji).Release Date: August 12, 2009 He is the same director, a debutant who made Yuvatha in which Nikhil has imitated Raviteja from start to finish, exuded energy and was quite successful. The film did well. What if the same person directs the original hero, how will the film shape up, was the question on everyone's mind. Raviteja had absolutely no doubts on the director and even said the movie will be a sure-shot hit. It is beyond everyone's imagination how Raviteja like a rechargeable battery comes up with the same intensity film after film. A restless soul, he keeps the audience hooked to his expressions, antics, gimmicks and does half the comedy in the film.Unlike other heroes who make the audience wait for entertaining movies, Raviteja had been coming up with films in quick succession and all of them have been a treat to watch. Story :- In this film he plays the role of a guy who works for a TV channel whose TRPs keep sinking and suddenly due to a personal calamity becomes an undercover agent, with the help of a reporter in the channel exposes the criminal activities of a home minister, an MLA and a goon who are responsible for the huge set back in the hero's life. Brahmanandam is back again with some funny repartees and keeps the show going. He joins the TV channel as a self-obsessed creative head whose goal primarily is to come up with interesting concepts to hike viewership. His comments on Puri Jagan, VV Vinayak, Rajamouli is hilarious. MS Narayana makes a brief appearance as a guest director who speaks to the viewers on the phone. Brahmaji gets a sensible and a good role of a conscientious reporter. Nayanatara makes an effort to look different, and the difference shows on screen be it the eye shadow that matches with her sarees or her slim self. She has done a convincing job and has matched Raviteja perfectly. "Eppudaina aayudham avasaram lekunda vadakoodadhu. Oka vela vadithe guri thappakoodadhu," is what Anajenyulu says and beats the pulp out of the villain who ties to stab him offguard. The action scenes are entertaining too. Kota Srinivasa Rao impresses with his Telangana dialect again, Dhandapani, JP, Sonu Sood do the needful.However the parents-son relationship look a bit unnatural. Anjaneyulu doesn't have a fresh story. We have seen such films before but what makes it interesting is the narration, the screenplay and the consistent energy and entertainment with which Raviteja has packed his performance. Songs are just about okay, technically a fine film and story-wise fun to watch. It has little bit of everything that a formula story demands.A good beginning for Ganesh the comedian-turned-producer and a few stars more for Parusuram, the director who didn't complicate things for himself or the audience and Raviteja..he has 'kick'-started his career again.