Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Highlights.

Click on the image to view bigger. This article covers all highlights in 2009 in the telugu movie industry

- Sasidhar Anne

Telagana Movie With Telagana Actors

All the things are going against our wishes.. Upto now separate state issue was limited to polictics but now separate state issue got hit to telugu movie industry also. Click the image beside, and read the article. Only telagana valle ee movie lo work chestharu antha.. antha darunam idhi..i just hate these type of people, who do the things without thinking..
- Sasidhar

New Year Wishes VIA Movie Posters

New year wishes chala mandi greeting cards dwara chepparu.. nenu koncham unique ga movie posters tho meeku new year wishes andinsthunna.. happy new year wishes to all my visitors.

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