Friday, August 6, 2010

SS rajamouli Interview about Maryada rammana , EEga and prabhas movie

oka perfect planning vunna director, and lucky to have you in TFI sir..
Thanks a lot for the entertainment providing to us, hoping more from you in future.

Rosaih in Muslim - Getup - Cant stop laughing

Can't stop laughing ,evarini kincha parachali ani kaadu.. just aa pose chusthe navvu agatam ledu.

Rosi tataih rocks..

Dhee 4 / D4 Ladies Semi final elimination result - Congrats to finalists - All the best to Finals

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Ninna jarigina semifinals lo .. suprisingly eswari eliminate ayyindhi.
assalu eswari ki dhee 4 title vasthundhi anukunna kani.. bad luck.. last two episodes lo koncham dance taggatam valla eliminate ayyindhi.

inka finals naa fav's Anusha and Sai pallavi. Anusha kee ekkuva chance vundi Dhee 4 title gelavataniki..

All the best to the participants.

Ravi teja - Don Seenu - Movie review from Preview Show - Movie Talk

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*Ravi Teja and Ali part Comedy Bavundhi.
* Ravi teja - Amitabh dialect lo cheppe dialogues bavvunyi.
* Long gap tarvatha vasthunna sriya baga skin show chesindhi.
*First half comedy Adhirindhi.
* Cinema lo oka chinna twist vundi, adhi screen paine chudandi.
*Songs are good on screen
*Second half of Brahmi tho scenes baga set ayyayi.
*Second half koncham slow ayyindhi.
*Overall ga good movie.Oka sari chusseyya vochu...