Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nagachaitanya Dhada / dhadha movie audio review - my view

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1)Bhoome Gundranga
Artist(s): Richard, Ranina Reddy
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
Duration : 4.02 mins
Hero intro song.. anavsarame vatiki enduku questions vesukuntav.. just life ni enjoy cheyyi ane style lo vacche song.ramjo super lyrics iccharu .richard voice is fresh. Even though there is nothing new in the tune, this song will win the hearts of listeners in the first listenining itself.

2)Hello Hello
Artist(s): Nikhil D Souza, Neha Bhasin
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram
Duration : 4.10 mins
Superb song!!!! Music , lyrics and beats all are awesome.. even in the trailers this song looks promising on the visuals too.This is my fav song in the album.. Thanks to dsp for this song.

3)Telugu Bengali
Artist(s): Neeraj Sridhar, Sri Charan, Mega
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram
Duration : 4.54 mins
This song have some resemblences to old dsp songs. "telugu bengali english marathi" beat is the heart for the song.Lyrics are okay.With the fast beat this song will keep you engaged in it.

4)Godava Godava
Artist(s): Karthik, Priya Hemesh
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
Duration : 3.57 mins
karthik here.. Thana voice tho pata ki pranam tecchadu..priya himesh of diyallo song gave her vocals via humming.Ammayi prema lo padina abbayi thana gunde lo badha ni cheppe song

5)Diwali Deepaanni
Artist(s): Andrea Jeremiah, Kalyan
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
Duration : 3.55 mins
pub song.. Song oka different beat tho vundi.Andrea voice is good.. hearing wise this song looks okay.. beats are not loud.. kakapothey cowboy beat pattern la vundi naaku.. on screen presence ki important vunna song.

6)Chinnaga Chinnaga
Artist(s): Sagar
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram
Duration : 1.17 mins
bitsong.. Slow version of telugu bengali song.. lyrics are too good.. and Sagar voice bought the life for the song...After varsham "teepi mulle" these is the next best bit song of DSP.

7)Ey Pilla Pilla
Artist(s): Jaspreet Jasz, Suchitra
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
Duration : 4.32 mins
Mass song for mass audience.. beats are good and this song promises good dances by chaitu. Mostly this song will be a climax song.nothing to mention about ramjo as he mastered in writing these type of songs.

my view :- 
first hearing lo naaku 4 songs nacchesayi..After a huge hit of 100% love.. DSP and chaitu combo magic continues..Music and trailers increased hype on the movie. All the best to Dhada team.


Sega movie bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters list - updated

Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road- 10:00 AM 02:30 PM 07:29 PM
Gopalan Cinemas: Bannerghatta Road - 02:20 PM
Gopalan Mall: Sirsi Circle, Mysore Road - 04:45 PM
Innovative Multiplex: Marathalli - 10:00 PM
Bhumika - 4shows
Tulasi  - 4 shows
Radhakrishna - 4 shows
Chandrodaya - 4 shows


Last 10 days of PRP - PRP congress going to merge completly soon.

Officially membership will be given to all PRP leaders soon.. Poor chiru, his last wish of grand merger sabha is not going to be happen.inka inthati tho chiru chapter finish ayyinatte....


ram kandhireega / kandireega movie trailers - all in single videos - songs

as usual ga ram dances bavunnayi..