Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keeravani , Koti , Thaman , Deepu Performing - Dhola Dhola Song - Brindavanam Audio release function

andhari lo okate passion.. hey nanda gopal ane tune daggara ntr pettina expressions batte cheppiyavacchu.. Thanu ee song ni entha enjoy chesi vunnado...

Sree ram and Shreya Ghosal Singing for Telugu Movie - Practise Session Under Saleem - Sulaiman

Telugu lo Siddharth and Shruthi hasan pair ga, K raghavendra rao son Prakash direction lo vasthunna socio fantasy movie ki Saleem - Suleman Music direction chesthunnaru. 
                                                                                                    ee movie tentative title "YODHA" ani talk.
aithey aa movie kosam sree ram and Sherya Ghosal oka song padaru.. aa song practise session ee video.

Revolt against Film Chamber’s feudalism - One more article by Mohan CK.

As A.P Film chamber of commerce is taking  ONE-SIDED decisions like Ticket rate hike [death sentence to TFI] etc.. with out consulting TFPC and TFI as those decisions would effect the lives of 3 lakh people based on TFI.

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                                                  Looting sample in Telangana area:
 In Kothagudem [khammam district] out of 5 theatres 4 theatres are under the lease of mrSureshBabu, S.B pays rs40,000/- to the each theatre owner per week ,
per theatre he charges 1,20,000 to 1,50,000 from the producer/distributor per week depending on the demand, where as for their syndicate films he charges 40k only but the other small producers and distributors have to bear this High Rental .
This way they are looting the TFI.
Producers need protest this LEASE System at the Telugu film producers council [TFPC]general body meeting on 19th sep at 4pm
Agenda: 1.Request the govt to pass a G.O making the theatres run small budget films on percentage system instead of HIGH RENTAL for 16 weeks in a calendar year
2.Reduce Theatre Ticket rates
3.Increase Entertainment Tax on dubbed films like in Tamilnadu and Karnataka   
4. Dizitalisation of All Theatres to save prints cost
5.4 weeks tax free to small budget films
6.Cost cutting measures.

Tamilnadu and Karnataka governments and their film chambers are already implementing all these and helping their Industries grow, except in A.P
Syndicate of APFCC would never try to help TFI, so We request all the active members of the TFPC to attend the meeting
support the resolution and save our dying MOTHER CINEMA so that APFCC should never think of taking HARMFUL decisions  in future.

Sj Suryah Interview about Komarum puli

he is comparing puli with khushi and pokiri. aa comparisions anni ippudu Avasarama suryah!!!!!!.