Wednesday, March 24, 2010

World Beauty Aishwarya rai Bachan - Passport Scan - Un Seen

Original aaa naku kuda doubt ga vundi.. kani sariga chusthe orginale anipisthundhi..
edhi emaina Aish Passport scan ante rachalu..
click on the image to view bigger.

Maro Charitra 2010- Releasing tommorow - my view

Movies ni manchi aggresive marketing tho munduku teesuku velle dilraju enduko ee movie ki baga silent ayyaru...Asale teesthundhi lengendry movie ki remake so entho care ful ga vundali..
                                                Heroine antha effective ga ledhu.. Songs kuda dil raju banner ki koncham taggayi ani cheppavacchu..kakapothey movie ki photography manchi highlight anta.. color schemes super ga vunnayi ani talk. ee movie meeda Varun sandesh chalane hopes pettukunnadu.. ee movie flop aithey varun market baga padipoye chance vundi..

So ATB to Varun....

Yuganiki Okkadu - 50days Poster

ee movie ni nenu tamil lo chusi tusi telugu lo confirm flop anukunna.. second half mari chandalamga vuntundhi. kani telugu lo rights konna producer tamil vacchina response chusi.. second half lo more than 40 mins movie cut chesaru..
                           ala cut cheyalani manchi decision teesukunnaduku, ippudu manchi result vacchindhi.. Congrats to Yuganiki okkadu team

Sri Rama Navami Wishes to all my freinds

Andariki Sri Rama Navami Subhakanshalu... 

Those who are away from home, those who didnt drink panakam upto now.. a special gift waiting for you..
Adhi ento chudali ante click on

Enjoy the panakam,Vadapappu,Pulihora,Poornalu and Dadhojanam... Ive meeku nenu isthunna gifts..

Friends Hub - New Hang Out area in this blog..

Friends hub!!!!!!!! What all this about... why its so special in my know more about that.. click on read more...

what is this???
every person who visits my blog is my friend,if u want to post a update in our blog here is the chance.. please mail me the reviews written by you, or any amazing photos collected by you, or any unique information about any thing.i will post that content on behalf of you, if want display your name . I will do that else it will be hidden.Movies is not the limitation.. any good stuff which even belongs to studies,funny messages what else any thing under the earth which is interesting.

How to do ?
mail me the stuff to this mail id-

Rules :-
every game , we need to maintain some rules.. then only game looks good.. here are the rules for Freinds Hub.

1)Dont send offensive content about any hero or matter using dirty language..
2)I have to right to change the content, if needed.
3)Any Funny content on any hero allowed up to a certain level.
I think this rules are enough if needed we will remove or add rules..

What else your waiting for .. enjoy the space of friends hub.

Sasidhar Anne