Friday, May 7, 2010

Rajamouli new movie with BalaKrisha(NBK) and jr NTR ???

Studio N lo details vesthunnadu.. Rajamouli Ballaya tho and jr NTR combination lo oka teesthunnadu movie nijam ga materialize aithey fans ki panduge..
          kani ikkade oka twist jarigindhi.. Rajamouli thana facebook account lo.. ee movie inka finalize kaledu ani petti.. speculations ki fullstop pettesadu..  kani ee combination lo movie vasthey chudali ani vundi..
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NBK Simha / Simhaa movie First / 1 st Week Official Collections and records

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ninna jarigina success meet lo Simhaa producer paruchuri prasad garu - first week 26.45 crores collect chesindhi ani announce and disctrict wise collections anni ee weekend ki publish chesthamu ani chepparu.. so its party time to Nandamurifans as the NBK movie created history in first week collections.
                                    And the same time,there are no major releases for two weeks. Hope simhaa will continue the dream run and gives life to industry.

Prabhas Darling movie two weeks Collection - Naizam

Congrats to prabhas.Intial ga negative feedback vacchina, ippudu movie bane velthundhi. Second week collections meeda simha effect baga padindhi.

Iron man2 hyderabad theaters list

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