Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ram Charan along with Trisha at Night Party - Unseen

Ramcharan trisha tho kalisi late night party oka pub lo chesuj konni pics - for my blog visitors.
I think , ivi last month cherry USA trip ki vellinappati pics anukuntunna..

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Naga Chaitanya Ye maaya Chesaave.. Music release Date

Indira Production banner lo, Gautam menon direction lo Vasthunna Nagachaitanya second movie "YEE Maaya Chesaave" vasthunna vishayam telisindhee.Mostly the music of the film is going to release on 3rd Feb 2010.
    Already i heard the tamil version of these songs,they are amazing.. cant wait to hear these songs in telugu now..   Click on the image to view bigger

Aarya 2 in malayalam releasing on Feb 5th

Allu Arjun ki Kerala lo chala craze vundi.. Aarya 2 movie ni ippudu malayalam lo Feb 5th na release chesthunnaru. Telugu lo kevalam youth oreinted ga teeyatam valla oohinchinantha baga adaledu..Malayalam lo baga adali ani korukuntu...
ATB to Allu Arjun.Click on the image to view clearly

MayaBhazar Telangana/Hyderabad new theater list

Intial ga takkuva theaters lo release chesaru.. but because of tremendous response,makers increased the prints as well as theaters.
click on the image,to check the latest theater list in Hyderabad and telangana

Open Heart With Roja - Interview in ABN Channel

Cinema industry lo manchi position lo vunna ROja.. "Samaram" anna movie teesi baga loss ayyindhi.. to cover that she came to politics and later she lost every thing.
In the interview she mentioned that she is a big fan of Nagarjuna..
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