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mahesh babu - Dhookudu / dukudu / dookudu movie 50 days - collections - centers - records

Collections lo ippatikey magadheera records ni break chesindhi ani cheppukuntunna dhookudu movie , Collections lone kakunda 50 days centers lo kooda records ni break cheyinchali ani chusthunnaru. total 250+ direct theaters and motham kalipi 400 theaters daka tevali ani tega try chesthunnaru.

present bangalore lo - Movie land , PVR lo tappa ekkada adatam ledu.. 50 days daggara oka 10 theaters lo 3-4 days ki release chesi vatini kooda sruthi lo kalipestharu emo :)

Dhookudu 50th day november 15th na paduthundhi.. appati kalla mogudu , oh my friend , Nuvvila movies release avuthayi.. vaatini kooda datukoni anni centers lo movie vundali ante.. producers entho pay chesthunnaro emito... lets see.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ajith Billa 2 - First look - Paper Ad / ADV for deepavali 2011

Title Layout is too good. Chakri failed to impress with his. Lets wish that he will make us happy with this movie.


illaya thalapathy - Vijay Velayudham Movie talk / review from premier show

* Movie is mostly like telugu Azad movie.
* Vijay action is good and some extra ordinary dance moments are there
* Genelia Character is okay , but hansika over acts. The selection of heroines are bad.
* Comedy in some parts is good and some times it looks pale.
* Graphics are not used properly , becoz of these fights looks funny.
* Story is about "Terrorism" . Genilia acts as journalist.
* She will create a character called "velayudham" to terrify the bad goons.
* When Vijay enters the city . Due to some consequences, People start thinking him as " Velayudham".
* Movie is filled with lot of fights.
* Songs looks good , so the dances.
* Overall its an average fare.
* as the 7th sense bit the mud, it will help velayudham to score good collection at boxoffice.

Pavan kalyan ' s panjaa / panja movie office trailer - video

too good vundi.. expecting a mega hit from pavan kalyan this time.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 th Sense - 7 Aum Arivu - Movie live updates - Talk and review from preview / fans show

Movie going to start soon.

60% occupancy in theater

First half :-  
*Show time.8649 length and U certification.

*Movie starts off in China with introductory scenes about martial arts set in 16th century...Good graphics work.

-*Young Bodhidharman (suriya) entrance...terrific response in the theater and good BGM.
* Suriya looks macho in the title sequence.

*Bodhidharman story thread continues show problems in a chinese village.

* Chinese song starts off after Bodhidharman cures a mysterious disease.

*Another problem in the village and a fight to solve it.

*Very poor quality graphics in the fight make people laugh.Very loud BGM.

* Villains killing their own people...Reason being Drushti Vaseekaranam :

* End of Bodhidharman episode.Movie moves into present times.

* Introduction of villain and operation red.Villain assigned with an important task and a show reel of villain's talents :)

*Now back to India but 93 days ago.A movie full of time lines :)

* Ringa Ringa Song. Good picturization of the song but the situation of the song is very silly.Circus Surya introduced.

*So far the movie is a bit confusing as it still needs to enter the main story line...All characters being introduced.

*Heroine introduced in a very simple manner.

*Aravinda is the name of Suriya in his circus artist character.

*Hero falls in love with the heroine in first look...Director trying to evoke some comedy...So far a futile effort at that :(

*Hero trying to impress the heroine...Movie going on at a so so pace.

*Hero gives a lift to the heroine on an elephant...hmmmm...hero trying nonstop to evoke some comedy.

*Munnaji song...Beach song...Shruthi Hassan looks gorgeous in this song.

*About 15-20 people walked out...signs of impatience ??

*btw...we are now down from 93 days to 63 days in the flashback :) Signs of movie entering the main storyline.

*Heroine trying to utilize hero for a key task keeping the hero in dark about the same.

*Shruthi Hassan is the dumbest actor i have ever come across...absolutely stone faced :(

*A twist in the tale :)

* Sad song..yamma yamma song...hero cheated by heroine...Movie falling flat...

 *Countless walkouts for this song...Good song wasted...

*So far the movies gives an impression that something is there in store but no clue about when all that will be revealed :(

*Day heroine starts chasing the hero...hmmmmm

*Hero dragged to a museum by the heroine to tell him about his family heritage...

*Heroine explaining an absurd theory about how hero can be strengthened by colluding the DNA of bodhidharman with the hero's...Enter the villain...hmmmmm

Operation Red starts...Interval...Surya performance is the only saving grace so far...Heroine is absolutely emotionless...Zero entertainment...Only a strong second half can save this film. 

Second Half :-  

*Some scenes praising tamil language muster good response from the crowds :)

*Though he is a martial arts expert,villain uses Drushti Vaseekaran against his opponents who start killing themselves...truly funny stuff though comedy is not intended here :)

*Twist...Villain being helped by people close to the heroine...Hero and heroine trying to chase the mystery behind a chinese villain following them...

*A boring scene followed by yelamma moving at the same pace as the first half.

*Nothing to rave about in this song...People generously treating it as a second interval...

*Finally some interesting scenes...Operation Red being explained in detail.

*Whole concept explained in detail with interesting scenes but overall it seems a bit silly to me personally...

*Now it is the turn of Shruthi hassan to hog the limelight...

*Villain searching for the hero and heroine in a separate track...nothing short of a buffoon...

*Story demands the hero to underplay right now and he is underplaying dutifully :)

*Great scene...absolutely stunning...spell bound...Oh God....villain tries to control the hero seeing him directly into his eyes and the hero retaliates with his eyes...Oh God

*Villain calls his boss and asks him why he was not able to control the hero...very very amateurish picturization...hmmmmm

*One silly scene...followed by another silly scene...making the previous look like a masterpiece...

*This is a test of patience...some very very very silly scenes...

*Hilarious response to a ferocious fight :)

*You cant help but appreciate the director for dishing out this costly fight turned comedy sequence :)

*Some simhalese dialogue musters good response from the audience :)

*Innum enna thoda song...gwaaaddddd....

*Efforts are on to change suriya into bodhidharman :)

*Unfathomable drushti vaseekaran :X

*Shruthi Hassan dares the villain to come and fight the Indian Army if he has a problem with India...20 or so lucky chaps are off the the battle scene and far away from the theater :(

*Climax fight time...

*Hero being punched out of our atmosphere by the villain :(

*Now the hero gains some strength...hand to hand fight...

*Graphics comedy scenes of the movie right graphics... 

*Never ending

*End of fight...Interview with the hero...Murugadoss on screen

End of the film...7th sense is not a movie for people with common sense...Complete review and comments will be posted shortly.Cheers and Peace

Purely disappointed with the movie output. 
courtesy :- harithehero blog. , live updates from chennai

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ra. one hindhi movie - bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters list - show timings

Fame Forum Value Mall: Whitefield
10:45 AM11:15 AM01:30 PM02:00 PM02:30 PM04:45 PM05:15 PM05:45 PM08:00 PM08:30 PM09:00 PM

INOX: Magrath Road - Garuda Mall
10:00 AM11:15 AM01:15 PM02:30 PM04:30 PM05:45 PM07:45 PM09:00 PM

Fun Cinemas: Cunningham Road
10:00 AM01:30 PM05:00 PM05:40 PM08:30 PM

Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road
12:15 PM05:05 PM08:10 PM09:15 PM

INOX: JP Nagar - Central, Mantri Junction
10:00 AM11:15 AM02:30 PM03:40 PM05:45 PM06:40 PM09:00 PM

INOX: Malleshwaram - Mantri Square\
10:45 AM12:20 PM05:20 PM06:35 PM08:30 PM

Rex Theatre
10:00 AM01:00 PM04:00 PM07:00 PM09:55 PM

Advance booking already started..
PVR Cinemas 

Gopalan Mall: Sirsi Circle, Mysore Road
10:00 AM12:55 PM07:10 PM10:00 PM

INOX: Jayanagar - Garuda Swagath Mall
11:15 AM02:30 PM05:45 PM09:00 PM

Fame Lido: Off MG Road
10:00 AM03:40 PM06:40 PM

HMT Cinema, Jalahalli
04:15 PM07:15 PM09:45 PM


sharukh khan 's Ra.One in 3D - Bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters list and show times

Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road
10:00 AM 11:00 AM 01:00 PM 02:00 PM 04:00 PM 07:00 PM 10:00 PM

Vision Cinemas
09:45 AM 12:45 PM 03:45 PM 06:45 PM 09:45 PM

Lakshmi Theatre
09:45 AM 12:45 PM 04:45 PM 07:45 PM

Innovative - marthahalli , PVR cinemas these two theaters are also in consideration to screen 3D version of the movie

7th sense telugu version of 7 Aum arivu movie - bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters lits

i saw the movie poster at tirumala - agara theater
Theaters List - as on 24/11/2011
Murali Gokula
Sri Vinayaka
Innovative multiplex.
PVR Cinemas
and still some more theaters are yet to confirm.. will add the list once they get confirmed. as the movie is releasing massive in tamil. it may have less theaters for telugu version.

Click here to read the movie review of 7th Sense.


7 Aum Arivu - Tamil Movie - Bangalore releasing theaters list

Click on read more to view the theaters list

Still more theaters and single screens to add. they hiked the ticket rates like anything.. all the best for 7 Aum arivu team.Advance booking already started..

Click here to read the 7 AUM Arivu Movie review - latest updated

PVR Cinemas 

Gopalan Cinemas: Bannerghatta Road
10:00 AM  01:10 PM  03:45 PM  06:50 PM 10:00 PM

FAM e Forum Value Mall: Whitefield
11:00 AM 02:15 PM 05:30 PM 08:45 PM

Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road
10:00 AM 11:30 AM 01:00 PM 02:30 PM 03:15 PM 04:00 PM 05:30 PM 07:00 PM 08:30 PM 10:00 PM

INOX: Magrath Road - Garuda Mall
10:30 AM 01:55 PM 05:20 PM 08:45 PM

Fun Cinemas: CunninghAM  Road
10:45 AM 02:10 PM 09:10 PM

Gopalan Mall: Sirsi Circle, Mysore Road
10:00 AM 01:10 PM 04:10 PM 06:50 PM 10:00 PM

Vision Cinemas
10:01 AM 01:00 PM 04:00 PM 07:01 PM 09:55 PM

FAMe Lido: Off MG Road
10:45 AM 02:05 PM 05:10 PM 08:45 PM

Gopalan Cinemas: Arch Mall, RR Nagar, Mysore Road
10:00 AM 12:50 PM 06:35 PM 09:50 PM

INOX: JP Nagar - Central, Mantri Junction
10:15 AM 01:40 PM 05:05 PM 08:30 PM

INOX: MalleshwarAM  - Mantri Square
10:15 AM 02:00 PM 05:05 PM 08:45 PM

INOX : Jayanagar
01:55 PM 05:20 PM 08:45 PM


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Dilraju - siddhartha - Oh my friend - movie audio songs review - my view

Bommarillu tarvatha saraina hit leni siddhartha.. malli chanallaki dil raju banner lo "Oh my freind" ane movie chesthunnadu.Movie start nunche manchi positive talk vacchuindhi..Rahul raj ane kottha kurravadini ee cinema tho telugu thera ki music director ga introduce chesthunnaru.Mari songs anchalani andukunnaya leda naa matallo chudamma? click on read more to read my view

01 - Oh my Friend
Singer(s) :- Karthik
Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya
Duration :- 4,19 mins
rocking number!!!!.. already teasers and trailers lo ee song ni chupisthunnaru. Full energy vunna song and karthik rock thana voice tho rock chesadu.a very good song to start the album.

02 - Nuvvu Nenu Jattu
Singer(s) :- Benny Dayal
Lyrics: 'Sirivennela' Sitarama Sastry
Duration :- 1.51 mins
Bit song , enduko ee song ki connect avvaledu, antha impressive ga ledu. On screen meeda ela vuntundo chudali.

03 - Sri Chaitanya
Music  by Anil.R
Singer(s) :- Siddharth, Sruthi Hasan
Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya
Duration :- 3.40 mins
Catchy tunes to vunna funny song idhi.eppudo miss ayina thana girl freind ki vethuku hero pade song idhi.Song bavundi.Looking forward to see this song in movie.

04 - Aalochana Vasthene
Singer(s):- Ranjith, Sangeetha Prabhu, Sarah Straub
Lyrics:- 'Sirivennela' Sitarama Sastry
Duration:- 4.44 mins
Pleasant song with super cool lyrics. Picturisation elagu bavuntundhi kabbatti  ee song movie ki manchi asset avuthundhi.

05 - Vegam Vegam
Singer(s) :- Benny Dayal, Kavitha Mohan, Jayaram Ranjith, Desmond.F(Rap)
Lyricist: Krishna Chaitanya
Duration :- 3.07 min
Pub song la vundi.Youth ni target chesina song idhi. Nothing new in this song. Edo time pass anthey

06 - Nenu Thaanani
Singer(s) :- Ranjith
Lyricist: 'Sirivennela' Sitarama Sastry
Duration :- 4.34 mins
Abbayi , ammayi friendship lo tappu emundhi ani question chese song idhi. Lyrics are too good. Ranjith ee song ni manchi feel tho carry chesadu. Lyrics vinte oka doubt kooda vasthundhi.. Kompateesi ee movie maro "iddharu mithrulu" cinema kadu kada!!!!!

07 - Maa Daddy Pockets
Singer(s) :- Siddharth
Lyrics:- Krishna Chaitanya
Duration:-04.06 mins
Song starting nunchi kooda , Rock on movie lo " Pichle Saat Dinon Mein" song style lo velthundhi. naaku aa hindi song chala istam avvatam valla emo ee song ki nenu connect avvaledu.Siddhu voice ee song ki bane suit ayyindhi and lyrics catchy ga vundatam ee song ki major plus. 

Final word:- 
Overall ga aithey , movie ki manchi openings icche audio idhi.. Ohh my freind , alochana vasthey , sri chaitanya these songs will be instant hit,Songss anni kooda situational songs la vundatam movie ki main plus. Cinema release ayyaka patalu inka hit avuthayi.. chudandi. 


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Comparing Dhookudu / Dukudu / dookudu with Oosaravelli / vusaravelli - Who is the winner in my view??

dhookudu -  oosaravelli , both are different genre movies and comparision kooda kastame.i tried in my own way to compare these two movies. Click on read more to read the complete article.

dhookudu  - its old routine masala story of revenge , but the movie is filled with high quality of comedy that keeps us     engaged all the time.

oosaravelli - diff story with good twists , comedy is okay.But the movie is bit dragged in the second half.

Strengths :-
Dhookudu -
Mahesh presence and dialogues.
Brahmi and ms narayan comedy
high production values
good music and locations of the songs.

Osaravelli :-
NTR and Tammanah characterisation
Good twists
Interval block
Comedy between raghubabu and NTR
Tammanah and ntr heart touching sequence in second half.

Goodplacement of songs.

Weakness :-

Dhookudu -
Samantha character , mari short and darunam second half lo aithey hardly 10 mins vuntundhi emo.. apart of two songs.
picchi ga behave chese villains.
same old revenge story.
Second half screenplay.. scene scene ki sambandam vundadhu.. oka scene lo hospital, ventane melo dram tarvathe polie actions..
ekkuva cinematic liberty teesukunnaru.. assalu logic vundadhu cinemalo..

Oosaravelli -
NTR intro.. one of worst intro of NTR. cheema concept and skeleton concept parama chettha ga vundi
too much of cinematic liberty
Second half drag ayyindhi.
Last 15 mins are not tht much impressive.

Collections Comparision :-

Dhookudu oosaravelli kante oka two weeks munde release the time dhookudu released , there is proper good telugu movie. So the movie get over hyped than what it was.. which is the main reason for its amazing collection. As the movie is complete family entertainer , it cashed the dussera holidays and became a block buster.

Oosaravelli case was different , movie release time ki baga hype vacchindhi.. kani ee movie hero centric kadu.. its a heroine centric movie. and last 15 mins drag valla movie ki first day mixed reviews vacchayi.Comedy antha ekkuva lekapovatam families ni attract cheyyaledu.Dussera final 3 days lo ravatam valla.vacation ekkuva use avvaleka poyindhi.

records :-
okkallu fake records cheppatam start chesaru.. inkokallu danini follow avuthunnaru.. iddharidhi mistake vundhi.. so no comments on this.

Winner :-
Dhookudu is the winner , no doubt on that. Dhookudu script ki reachability ekkuva vundhi.. and producers icchina arggressive publicity kooda movie ki baga help ayyindhi.Oosaravellu movie ni inka baga teesi vundavacchu.. second half antha hadavidi ga chuttesinattu vundi


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Nani - pilla jamindar - movie releasing tommorow - bangalore theaters list

Prasthuthaniki - Marthahalli innovative multiplex lo release vundi.
inka konni theaters ivvala evening ki confirm avuthayi.. glue to this place for more updates

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Gopichand - Krishna vamsi - tapsee - Mogudu movie Audio released

ivvala market loki audio release ayyindhi , babu shankar music director ga debue movie idhi.. wish him all the best.. Audio review soon in this blog :)


Simbu win - Osthi - Tamil remake of Super hit movie dabaang

Dharani , simbu the perfect combination to lure the masses.. Wish this movie will rock the box office.


sharukh khan's / ra one movie telugu trailers - videos

Click on read more to view the videos
Chammak chall Song video
dialogue promo


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Mahesh babu / Krishna interview on Dhookudu / dukudu / dookudu movie collections - 100 crores.

Ento three idiots tarvatha second position denidhey anta.. collection 100 crores anta.. Mahesh babu mari intha hadavidi chesthunnadu ento.. :)...NTR kooda oosaravelli ki inthey fake collections chepthunnaru.. telugu cinema hit avvaledu antaru.. hit aithey inka fake collections sollu modalupedatharu.. eppatiki maratharo ento..

Nani - Pilla jamindar / jamindhar movie releasing on october 14th.

Songs bavunnayi.. movie kooda baga adali ani korukundam.. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NTR Oosaravelli / Vusaravelli movie - movie review - Short review - live updates and talk from fans show

Starting antha impressive ga ledu.
brathakali Song is good
First half lo NTR action is different.
Tammanah ni tease chese scenes bavunnayi
Interval block is too good.
Flash back is impressive.
Twists bane vunnayi .
Sri Anjaneyam song baga set ayyindhi.
yelango song  nunchi movie drop ayyindhi.

last 10 mins and first 10 mins movie antha ga ledu.. remaining is good

overall average fare.. mari hit kaadu , flop kaadu.. labam ledu nastam ledu.. 

Pavan kalyan new movie panja / panjaa look - latest pics and posters

First time chudagane assalu ekkaledu... whats your opinion guys :)

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