Thursday, August 27, 2009

PRP (Praja Rajyam party) 1 year Journey Report

Exactly one year back, on 26/8/2008 tirupathi was completely filled with electrifying people for the inauguration of PRP by Megastar Chiranjeevi.By seeing the response all thought that PRP is going to make a strong impact on Andhra Politics. Following the successful launch, all good leaders from remaining parties resigned there respective positions and joined in PRP,This makes PRP a good party which has right mixture of new leaders and experienced politicians.Chiru’s unique style of Campaigning, his charm made people mad. At that time every body is thinking that PRP is weak in “Telangana” region. Then Pawankalyan (Chiru’s brother) gave a new dimension in the political speeches and also his attire created buzz in the people of telagana.Later Devender Goud famous politician in Telengana region clubbed his newly found party into PRP.During the his road show at Cuddpah and Pulivendula Chiru showed aggressive nature which was attracted by many people. Parallel to this TDP used Balakrishna and NTR as there trump cards. On the other side congress was handled by rajasekhar reddy alone. Considering all the points above, all thought there will be tug of war fight between TDP and PRP, no one considered Congress as a winning horse. Going step Ahead PRP celebrate their victory in Hyderabad before the elections, sending strong signals to all that they will form government or in worst case if they win 40 seats, so that they will be the deciding factor to form government. May 17th which turned many lives, Chiru is not a demi-god to get rid of these. PRP losses all the Parliament positions and it won only 18 assembly seats, Adding insult to injury Chiru lost in his home town a hilarious situation which was not faced by any politician before. Who all praise chiranjeevi before elections started criticizing him that he is not having a good leader ship skills and not having abilities of good politician. Suddenly PRP party became numb in politics as Chiru in confused state what to do next? As they never thought of the present situation what they are. And Situation became too worse when “Mithra” left PRP. I think chiru didn’t face this situation before, because if the movie fails they can take a movie again with in three months and people will forget the previous movie. But in politics he has to wait for FIVE years to get another chance. On the other hand TDP formed as strong Opposition party with strength of more than 100 seats, so that they are utilizing major time in Assembly. Even after losing in elections and “Mithra” exit, chiru didn’t loose his courage. But “Operation swagruh and Operation Akarsh” held by TDP and Congress made PRP Weaker as all the important leaders of PRP who represent PRP in before election, went back to their parent parties. People left PRP in same Hurry which showed by them during joining. Even pawan kalyan never turned back for any official function in PRP after election. Chiru is now trying to save his party with this single hand as no body is there to support him. Presently chiranjeevi is in Abyss, even though he want come out of politics he can’t its out his hands now. Let’s hope he will come back like a Phoenix. Why, this happened a megastar of Industry once, turned as political clown in Assembly. Here I observe some points, check them:- 1) There is no vacuum for new party in AP now. Chiru launched his party at wrong time. 2) He didn’t get support from film industry completely as he is not darling for all. 3) Fans who showed interest to participate in his road shows, failed to show the same interest to vote him. 4) Instead of Answering the comments and rumors on him. Chiru remain silent as he thought that people will think that he is following “Gandhi giri”, but voters think either way as chiru made this mistake that’s why he is silent. 5) Declaration of candidates was done at last moment. 6) People belief on chiru get shattered when parakala Prabhakar left and made comments that “PRP is not a kalapavrisksham it’s a visha vriksham”. This made a strong impact on people. 7) Fans who don’t get tickets worked against chiru. 8) Dependency of chiru on his brother in law. Made people to doubt his capability of running government on his own. 9) Instead of telling what he will do, chiru keep on use the same slogan “Samajika nyayam”. 10) Lack of co ordination and planning. Action plans for the Chiru in the near Future:- 1) Chiru has to prove himself by keeping party in winning note for the by elections, going to held in Tekkali or at least to make the party as second largest in that consistency. 2) Make the party strong, so that they can face mighty congress and tdp in the coming greater Hyderabad elections. 3) At least to make one movie, which gives social message. All the best Chiru. We all hope you will come back from this hilarious situation to give a strong answer to the people who commented your efficiency. Last but not least, these are all from my view if it hurts you iam sorry. - Sasidhar Anne