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Robo / Enthiran / Endhiran movie live updates from Australia - Premier Show / Movie talk / review

My Freind went for Premier Show in Australia.. Enthiran movie talk in his words..... 
Click on read more to view that...

Movie started.

Rajini introduction is simple

O Mary Manishi is The first song

Aish just entered

Robo Rajini is built and movie is going on

Rajini and Aish first interaction going on

Neela valapu song started. Locations are really good

Movie is going on decent pace ... Crowd has gone silent

Villan entered

First heroic scene with Robo Rajini started

There is no serious fights everything is going on a light mode

Movie is average so far

First fight in the movie started...BGM is also not that great

Boom boom Robo ra song started

There is no Plot so far in the movie the whole movie so far is just showcasing what rObo can do

A rescue scene started and it's not very believable

So far the movie is just hype. It's just scenes mixed together

First half just ended avg to below avg

Second half started

Inumulo hurdayam song started

The movie all of a sudden has terrorists . they should have really taken a second look at the plot

Boom boom Robo ra dance version started

so far haven't seen where did the 150cr was spent

Kilimanjaro song started

Location is awesome but picturization is not

A chase scene started

Theater is quiet even for chase scene

Arima arima song finished

Movie is heading towards climax

Climax too funny ga undhi

Don't expect a graphical master piece

Second half finished even this is avg to below average

*if u are excited about this movie please reduce ur expectations right now


ps:- This is my friend's opinion... This movie fate is mainly depend on mass receive this movie.

NBK / balaKrishna - Look in Parchuri Murali movie

Shankar , rajanikanth - robo / Enthiran / Endhiran Movie - Talk / Review - Pre release

up to yesterday every one was saying that , movie is good ,amazing climax ,nail biting twists and comedy track. This talk spread unianimously.

But yesterday the movie has gone through censor in Dubai and the talk came out from there is total different. People were saying that, movie is good in technical terms and it lacks in story. Even though the movie is technical a head and costly still they find that movie is boring. The latest talk is Robo will fail to entertain the Audience (?????).

lets see which one is true. As a movie lover ,i wish enthiran / robo all the best and wish that this movie brings smiles to all people how buy this movie as well as who watched this movie.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hemachandra sung the song - Om nava Siva rudraya - Amazing info by Ashok reddy

E song ramesh, karunya, hemachandra mugguru paadaru.nammakam ga ledu.. assalu ee song hidden info emito telusu kovali ante click on read more.

song first ramesh, karunya iddaritho paadincharu kani final mixing ayyaka mahesh, thrivikram ki vinipisthe mahesh ki song peddaga nachaledu vere singer ni try cheyamani cheppadu appatike cd label kudam print aipoindi.
               malli hemachandra tho padincharu ok annaka 1st charanam hemachandra 2nd charanam karunya ni ok chesaru appatike cd lables print aipovadam valla hemachandra name ledu.
song lo 0.59 sec nundi 1.50 sec varaku hemachandra voice untundi. tharvatha chorus lo kuda hemachandra voice undi.

p.s: song andaru chaala sarlu vinnaru famous singer hemachandra voice evvaru gurthu pattaleda????

pps:- Ashok , Actual ee song time first time vini nenu adhey anukunna.. kani hemachandra voice kanipettatam kastam.. "Bommali" song and banam lo "Kadile" song kee chala diff modulation chupinchadu..nee observation gamaninchaka.. ee song vinte.. ardham ayyindhi.. nuvvu cheppindhi correct ani..Amazing observation dude..

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja - confirmed releasing theaters list

click on read more.
to view confirmed theaters list of Hyderabad , Vijayawada , guntur , nellore and Vizag region.

Guntur 1 – Naaz , Naaz Apsara, Vijaya Talkies, Gowri Shankar, Tollywood
 Guntur 2 – Hollywood, Bollywood   (ee rendu theaters lo oka theater lo next day nunchi brindavanam  release chestharu)

    East Godavary
    RajahMundry: swamy,nagadevi, syamala,kumari, surya
    Kakinada :  Devi Screen 1 , Padma Priya, Anand, Satya Gouri
    Amalapuram :  Ganapati
    Samarlakota :  Jaya Lakshmi  

    Vijayawada :  Alankar , Navarang,Venkata Swarna Palace, Inox Screen 1 and many more to be confirmed
    Leelamahal, Sarat, Sree Kanya , Kinnera, Varun & CMR Inox 

    Hyderabad : 
    Devi 70 MM ,Mega, Jyothi (RC Puram) ,Imax Big Screen,Screen 1 , Screen ,Big Cinemas ,Inox Screen 1 & 2 ,Cine Planet,Vyjayanthi ( Nacharam),PVR Cinemas, Raghavendra, Arjun(KP), Raghavendra mini,Talkie Town( Miyapur), Cine planet(Kompally), Sai Ranga  & More theates not confirmed

    Nellore : Leelamahal , Narthaki A/c, Gopika A/c, Kaveri A/c 
    Gudur : Sundar Mahal
    Kavali : Latha 
    Sullur Pet :  NVR 
    Venkata Giri : Tribhuvani
    Buchireddypalem : Raja Kishore 
    Aatmakur :Rama Krishna
    Kandukuru : Koteswara
    Singarayakonda :Shanthi
    Podalakuru : Jamuna
    Alluru : Vijaymahal

West Godavari  Theater List...
eluru - vijayalaxmi complex
bheemavaram - padmalaya
jangareddygudem- tulasimahal
akiveedu - vijaya
ganapavaram - swapna
tanuku - pratyusha
thadepalligudem - venkatarama
More to be Confirmed soon....

Thanks Ashok reddy for providing this information.

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja - releasing on October 7th - Official poster released

Finally, officially release date of kaleja is announced. On October 1st brindavanam release poster will arrive on all newpapers.

after a long time TFI is gonna view clash of big heros.All the best for both of them

Launching balakrishna - Bapu - Sri rama Rajyam - movie

Good step by NBK. instead of movie with Dasari he should have done this before. Bapu is famous for his taking of mythological movies. "Sampurna ramyanam" is one of my all tive fav. and in TV i still remember the lavish sets of "Sri Madbhagavatham".
                      Nayanathara is going to play sita .The story of whole movie is about how rama runs his dynasty.. seems interesting!!!!!!

All the best to the crew.

Sumanth , Priyamani , vimala raman - new movie - progress details

Robo / Enthiran / Endhiran bengaluru / Bangalore / Mumbai Confirmed releasing Theaters List

Click on read more to view the list

in bangalore tickets rates are like 450 rs and in PVR gold cinemas it went up to 1500 rs..

INOX: Magrath Road, Bangalore

    * 10:00 AM
    * 10:30 AM
    * 11:45 AM
    * 01:20 PM
    * 02:00 PM
    * 03:00 PM
    * 04:35 PM
    * 05:30 PM

    * 06:15 PM
    * 08:00 PM
    * 08:50 PM

INOX: Malleshwaram, Bangalore

    * 10:00 AM
    * 10:20 AM
    * 10:45 AM
    * 01:40 PM
    * 02:05 PM
    * 05:00 PM
    * 05:25 PM

    * 08:20 PM
    * 08:45 PM

INOX: Jayanagar

    * 10:50 AM
    * 02:10 PM
    * 05:30 PM
    * 08:50 PM

PVR Bengalooru - Classic Cinemas
01:30PM 05:00PM 08:30PM
PVR Bengalooru - Europa Cinemas
PVR Bengalooru - Gold Cinemas
1.10. 5.40, 8.50


Fame Inorbit: Malad (W)

    * 07:00 PM

Fame Big Cinemas: Andheri (W)

    * 07:00 PM

Movietime: Malad

    * 11:45 AM

ps:- Still lot more theaters to get confirmed.. i will keep on updating this post.Stick to this place.
pps:- telugu robo theaters are not yet confirmed, they will be very less when compare to Robo tamil version.
orginal Source:-

Robo Hyderabad / Naizam releasing Theaters List - Official

two more days to view scientific extravaganza on big screen.. try to fetch the tickets of IMAX.

click on image to view bigger.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

veera bahu in Nadusi Nayagal - First look of Gautam menon's movie

gautam menon is presently busy in wrapping a tamil movie called "nadusi nayagal"means "Midnight Dogs". in this movie Sameera reddy is playing as girl working in call center. there are lot specialities in this movie. you may ask who is veera bahu, He is none other than the guy in the above picture.
                             why special post on him is.........he is my college mate , he studied mechanical engineer. Its passion which driven him to film world. now he is playing a important role in this  movie.. All the best mate.

there are lot more things about him and some specialities in this movie.. to view them click on read more.

1) this is the first movie coming with no back ground score
2)all the movie happens at night time.
3)no hero and heroine format.. its all about the characters.

some special points about veera bahu.
1)he entered tamil industry as assistant to gautam with movie "vettayadu vellayadu" (raghavan) in telugu.
2)he acted as a major in Varanam Ayiram (Surya S/o Krishnan). if saw that movie.. in the climax on major met with fire and surya will take him to helicopter.. that role done by Veera only.
3)in Vinna thandi varuvaya( yee maya chesave) , he appears on screen for two minutes when director explains about editing.

-for more news click here..

Emayindhi ee vela - Poster - kajal Sister and Varun Sandesh

Kajal .. industry ki vacchina three years ki kani.. lip lock ki ok analedu.. alantidhi chelli first movie thone.. start chesindhi.. Lucky Varun Sandesh !!!!!!

Rayadu left Andhra Cricket Board - He is going to play for baroda

He is one of the talented player in Andhra. But what to do.. becoz of these bull sh*t politics in Andhra Cricket board, finally rayadu left his own state. what ever he is doing is good for his future.
                                   Now he is one of the fav players of sachin and he got good job in reliance .. all these things are result of his tremendous play. When i went to see IPL match in mumbai, I obeserved sachin is showing interest to give tips to rayudu. Surely one day we all will proud becoz of him.
All the best rayudu.. hope to see you soon in Indian Cricket team.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Robo telugu releasing poster

most released south indian movie ever in the world movies history. 
orginal source:-

Comedy of Mahesh Vijayawada Fans - Kaleja Audio release

U may ask , in audio release function what sort of comedy that i observe.. click on read more to know that.

One of my cousin in vijayawada is big mahesh babu fan. yesterday he called me and told that "in vijayawada they held a audio function of kaleja movie and it was a grand success". i was confused and asked him that " officially the movie audio is getting released tommorow, how you guys got the CD's". He told " Anna, they are not CD covers, they are just printed CD covers by Fans".
                        I was shocked by his answer, and " whats the use of this function function then". i asked , for that he told "just like we are waiting for three years, we cant able to stop our self as on Monday we have colleges that will be difficult for all of us to participate, thats why we conducted on sunday".

fans will be do any thing for there for hero, here is the perfect example for that.

original source:-

Buy Sony ericsson mobile - meet mahesh or get kaleja tickets for free

One more excellent step by Sony. They are building there brand in AP like anything with help of kaleja. click on the image to view bigger.
orginal source:-

finally !!!! - officially mahesh kaleja Audio released

after getting so many hits in facebook, finally sony released the complete album.
in the recent times , no Audio got this much craze. have to hear the complete songs and then i will update the Audio review of kaleja.

orginal source:-

raktha charitha Audio released

Superb caption on the poster!!!... Ramu sir sang a song in this movie. Iam sure this movie gonna rock and will create ripples in the Andhra faction regoin.
orginal source:-

robo / enthiran advance booking open in chennai - when in bangalore / bengaluru / Mumbai ????

almost every theater in chennai screening "Robo / enthiran " movie , still for first three days all the tickets got over!!!!!!!!.. this movie is going to release in more than 2000 screens worldwide..which is a record in indian cinema history.
                             the theaters in chennai and hyderabad got confirmed.But still there is no formal annoucement about the theaters in bangalore and mumbai. In both these places there is small confusion about the theaters , as this movie is gonna release in two languages (telugu and tamil). iam expecting the theaters list by today evening i will publish them ASAP when ever i came to know.

click here to view the confirmed theaters list in Bangalore and mumbai

already first day tickets finish ayyipoyayi..

ps:- there is rumour in bangalore that , pvr forum sold the tickets already.. but its not true..

orginal source:-

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja - Bangalore / benagaluru releasing Theaters List

Inox- Marthahalli 
Inox - JayaNagar

prasthuthaniki confirm ayina main theaters ive.. Urvashi lo "jalsa" release ayyindhi. theater maintainence bavuntundhi.. if you have a chance try to watch this movie in Urvashi theater

Set Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja Songs as Your Caller Tunes - Caller tunes Codes of all Mobiles Networks

Click on the image to view bigger

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja - Om Namo Siva - Sada Siva - Video - teaser

Kaleja meeda expectations perigipothunnayi

Ravi teja - Don Seenu - 50 days - Poster

Marayada ramanna tappa inka ee cinema lekapovatam valla.. ee movie adalsina dani kanna bane adindhi. edhi emaina.. movie release ayina anni main centers lo 50 days finish chesukundi. COngrats to don seenu team.

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja - Audio Songs Review - my view

Mahesh movie after 3 years and the  most hyped movie of this year is Kaleja. Kaleja bit songs are already in net and yesterday sony released "om namo siva complete song". people are very curious about this song. To know how that song is..  click on read more to view the Audio review of Kaleja

Singers : Karunya , Ramesh
Choreography : Raju Sundaram

                 Song starts with a interesting note of chanting.. what a tune by mani sharma.. its truly amazing..form the charanam "Lokaale nele thodu" song reach its peak and English version rap is too good i say.

            i can say this is one of best song in mahesh carrier up to now. and same applies to karunya and ramesh. the main strength of this song is selection of singers. 

Coming to lyrics. ram jo did  a spelindid job. lyrics are quite simple but have a deep meaning. up to now i think that ram jo is good in Comedy type of songs, but By this song he prooved himself in all genres . Iam sure this song is of the best song in 2010 in all the three categories (singer, lyrics, music).
a very challenging job waiting for trivikram and rajusundaram as they have to keep the visuals as good as song.

click here to view the lyrics of this song.

Choreography : Ahamad khan
Singers : Ranjith

  Starting beat is good , apart of that remaining song seems okay. Nothing new in the tune wise . On the screen its mainly depends on the presentation. Since the choreography for this song is done by Ahamad khan we can expect some lavish sets.

Choreography : Raju Sundaram
Singers : Hema Chandar ,Swetha

Hemachandra did a fantastic job, his voice modulation is very good and apt for mahesh babu. but the tune of this song is not that much effective. when we hear this song for first time, we will feel like already heard song.
i felt like mix of Athadu/ parugu tune . lyrics are good.

Choreography : Prem Raksith
Singers : Karthik ,Saindhavi
one of the Good Song in the Album, At the line "Gallo Bongaramayi poya".. karthik energy is at its peak. i liked this song. Westernized beats in this song are good.

Choreography : Ahmad khan
    is this a new song composed by mani, or he copied from his own tunes??? nothing new in this song. i personally like "gimme gimme more" beat in this song.

                     It remains a song in Athadu.If Dances are not going to be good iam sure this song will become Cig song in theater.

Choreography : Prem Raksith
Singers : Ranjith

much hyped song after sadasiva song. Lyrics wise ramjo did good job. Lyrics are catchy.
the starting music of this song is copied from an episode performance of "Britain got talent" show.
                            but on the whole this song is not that much good as hyped.what i feel is that , now a days its become common to keep a comedy type of intro song and its one of those songs.
u will like this song, but this song is not having repeated hearing capability.


verdict:- After hearing the amazing song like sada siva .. we feel like the remaining album is not that much good as we expected.
                   But definetly i can say that this is one of the good albums recently released but not the best. This Album will definetly fail to reach B,C Centers as they didnt find any excited songs for them. Instead of Sunday monday they should have plan for a mass song like "Chudodhatunna".

to hear kaleja Audio  click here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja - Om Namo Siva rudraya - Complete Song lyrics.

Rocking Song with Rocking BGM. Click on read more to view the lyrics.

om namo siva rudraya
om namo sithikantaya
om namo hara nagabharanaaya..pranavaaya...dhama dhama dhamarukanaadanandaaya

om namo nithalakshaaya
om namo bhasmangaya
om namo himashailavaranaaya..pramadhaya..dhimi dhimi tandavakeli lolaaya

sadasivaa...sanyasi....taapasi kailasavasi
nee pada mudralu mosi..pongipoyinaadhi palle kasi

ee supulu sukkani daariga sukkala tivaasi meedigaa
soodasakkani saami diginaaduraa...eseyraa ooru vaada dandoraaa

ee rangula hongula poda leduraa eedu jangama sankara sivudenuraa
nippu gonthuna neelapu maccha saachigaa nee thapam sapam teerchevaadera
paipaikala bairagilaaa untaadi raaa aa leela

lokaalaneletodu...neeku sayam kakapodduuu
neelonaa koluvunnodu..ninnu daata pone poduuuuuuuu

om namassiva jai jai jai
om namassiva jai jai jai
Om namah Shiva
groove to the trance and say jai jai jai ..
singin on a the sing a Shiva Shambho all the way ...
om namassiva jai jai
heal the world is all we our lives and take our pain away ...jai jai ...
singin on a the sing a Shiva Shambho all the way ...

sadasivaa...sanyasi....taapasi kailasavasi
nee pada mudralu mosi..pongipoyinaadhi palle kasi

ekkada veedunte nindugaa
akkada nenathaa pandagaaaaaaa
chuttu pakkala cheekati pellaginchagaa
adugesadanta kaache doralaaga
manchunu mantanu oka teerugaaaa
lekka seyyane seyyani sankarayyagaa
ukku panchagaa oopiri nilipaaduraaa
manakandaa danda veede nikaramgaaa
samee ante hamee thanai....untaaduraa chivarantaaaaaaaaa

lokaalaneletodu...neeku sayam kakapodduuu
neelonaa koluvunnodu..ninnu daati pone poduuuuuuuu

om namassiva jai jai jai
om namassiva jai jai jai
Om namah Shiva
groove to the trance and say jai jai jai ..
singin on a the sing a Shiva Shambho all the way ...
om namassiva jai jai
heal the world is all we our lives and take our pain away ...jai jai ...
singin on a the sing a Shiva Shambho all the way ...

click here to view kaleja audio review.

Click here to listen complete taxi song

Will RamCharan face the same fate like Pawan kalyan or will his surpass it

to know whats that fate..? click on read more.

మన టాలీవుడ్ లో కొన్ని సెంటిమెంట్స్ వుంటాయి.. అవి ఒక కారణం అంటూ లేకుండా అలాగే జరుగుతాయి.. ఎన్నో హిట్స్ ఇచ్చిన హార్రిస్ జయరాజ్ కి తెలుగు లో ఒక మంచి హిట్ మూవీ లేదు. హార్రిస్ ఇచ్చిన తెలుగు మూవీస్ అన్ని ఫ్లాప్ అయ్యాయి. సైనికుడు కూడా అలా ఎగిరిపోయింది. తమిళ్ లో హిట్ అయిన ఘర్షణ కూడా తెలుగు లో బకెట్ తన్నేసింది.

అలాంటిది ఇప్పుడు లేటెస్ట్ గా రామ్ చరణ్ హీరో గా వస్తున్న orange  మూవీ కి హార్రిస్ మ్యూజిక్ ఇస్తున్నాడు.. ఐతేయ్ రెహమాన్ కి కూడా ఇంతకముందు ఇలానే పేరు వుంది.. కానీ ఆ సెంటిమెంట్ ని నాగచైతన్య "యే మాయ చేసావే " మూవీ తో ముక్కలు చేసాడు.. కానీ పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ ఈ విషయం లో ఫెయిల్ అయ్యాడు.. ఇంతక ముందే ఈ విషయం మీద నేను పోస్ట్ కూడా వేసాను.. సో ఇప్పుడు మన చరణ్ కూడా నాగ చైతన్య లాగా సెంటిమెంట్ ని break  చేస్తాడా? లేక తన బాబాయ్ లాగా సెంటిమెంట్ కి బలి అవుతాడా? అనేది చూదాం....

All the best to Ram charan..

Ram Charan 's Orange movie Audio release date

October 6th ki release and movie kooda diwali ki release cheyali ani gattiga planning anta.

NTR Brindavanam / Brundavanam bangalore / bengaluru releasing Theaters List

Click on here to view Brindavanam movie review
present ga confirm ayina theaters list

1)Movie Land
3)innovative Marthahalli
6)Radha Krishna
8) Renuka prasanna 
12)Tirumala (Ikkada kooda  ivvala afternoon ki confirm avvochu)
Still more to add .. Post Updated on October 13th

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rajani Kanth Endhiran / Robo Movie - Kilimanjaro Song - Video - trailer

already i posted about location.. super location i say.

Brindavanam vs Kaleja - Which will get Postpone

Ninna C kalyan velli Dil raju ni adigadu anta.. Brindavanam movie ni postpone cheyamani.. kani dil raju and NTR didnt accepted for that.

According to the latest developments - C Kalyan bought dasari and murali mohan into to scene , he complained about this is film chamber, he wants brindavanam to get postponed to october 14th. But raju is not ready for that.

my view :-
its better to postpone kaleja , because the audio is going to hit on september 27th and atleast it will need 15days to make that songs to go deep into october 14th pettukunte andariki manchidi ani naa feeling meeru emantaru????

Robo Releasing on October 1st - Poster

Telugu Film Industry new rules on Dubbing Movies - mail from Mohan CK

In the latest held general meeting , Telugu Film Producers Council [TFPC] passed some rules on dubbing movies. to view them all click on read more.

Members of the supreme body Telugu Film Producers Council [TFPC] has given life to TFI at the general body meeting held on 19th sep 2010.
With absolute and thumping majority they have supported the resolution.

Some of the Life savers passed by the body:
1.Every theatre should exhibit small budget straight film for 16 weeks on percentage basis in a calendar year.
2.Every theatre should allot 50% to the lower classes.
3.Ticket price reduction.
4.Restrictions on Dubbed films : English films cannot be dubbed into Telugu, Dubbed films from any other language can be released with maximum 50 prints [Inc Digital]
5. Existing Entertainment Tax should be doubled on the Dubbed films as the Government can raise Revenue.
6.75% cut on the shooting location charges.
7. Request the Govt to consider E.Tax free benefit and 7lakhs subsidy to small budget straight films like in Tamilnadu.

Thank you gentlemen Telugu film Industry will never forget your contribution, once again you have proved that you are the saviors of the Industry. Kudos

Good Gesture:
[We appreciate the  Honest and Sincere efforts of  Mr Shyam Prasad Reddy and his team for trying to give the following benefits to their members like in Tamil film producers council:
2lakhs Mediclaim Insurance, Educational help- 30k every year, Marriage Donation-30k, rs2lakhs Death benefit,rs2,500/- pension to senior citizen producers.
[Apart from these Tamil film producers council is giving rs 2 Lakhs cash subsidy to small budget films after the release with [8]prints including Qube & UFO and below 24 centres.]
We also thank Mr Suresh Babu for proposing restrictions on Dubbing Movies, hope he would continue serving the TFI with the same spirit.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja Nellore Releasing Theaters List

1.  Nellore                            Leelamahal A/c
                                             Narthaki A/c
                                             Gopika A/c
                                             Kaveri A/c
                                             *Kalyani A/c ( Not yet finalised ) 
2.  Gudur                              Sundarmahal A/c or Srinivasa Teja A/c
3.  Kavali                              Latha
4.  Sullurupeta                     N. V. R.
5.  Venkatagiri                     Tribhuvani
6.  Buchireddypalem            Rajakishore
7.  Athmakuru                      Ramakrishna
8.  Kandukuru                      Koteswara
9.  Singarayakonda             Shanthi
10. Podalakuru                    Jamuna
11. Alluru                             Vijaya Mahal

Sachin the God - Nominated for three ICC Awards

it will be superb if the sachin gets all the three awards

Rajanikanth - robo / Enthiran / Endhiran Movie - record in USA

records lo rajani time start ayyindhi.

Listen Mahesh Khaleja / Kaleja Audio - On line - complete Songs - Updated

inko three days release kabothunna kaleja songs ela vuntayo ani andhraki oka chinna curiosity vuntundhi. valla kosam ee link. Anni songs bits vunnayi.. quality mari antha goppa ga ledu.enjoy until the official release of audio.

click here to view kaleja audio review.

Boom Shakanaka



Makathika Maya

Sunday Monday


ps:- These songs are for promotional purpose please buy the orginal CD

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Dark Comedy Movie in Telugu - Vuu Kodathaara Ulliki Padutharu - by Manoj

Concept edo different ga vundi.. kani dark comedy in telugu ante daring step ane cheppali.. all the best to manoj.

NTR Brundavanam / Brindavanam Audio review - My view

First time family story tho mana nunduku vasthunna NTR 's Brindavanam movie lo songs ela vunnayo naa matallo chudali ante click on read more.

01 - Theme Of Hero
Singers : Geetha Madhuri, Rita, Ramya
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Duration:- 0.50 Mins
Guitar and singers lo vunna energy, song ni ultimate ga marchesindhi.chala chinna bit song idhi. Song avvagane.. arrey song inka vunte bavundhedhi kada anna feeling tappaka vasthundhi.
                 Lyrics lo "Tapusu choopala typodu" anna line naaku baga lo vunna four line ni kooda manchi innovative way lo rasaru.

02 - Yuvakula
Singers : Remo Fernandes, Ranjith, Revathi
Lyrics : Krishna Chaitanya
Duration:- 3.56 Mins

Song first time vinagane manake doubt vasthundhi.. manam vintunnadhi NTR album ena ani.Chala Stylish college song idhi. May be college lo hero , heroines valla freinds tho saradga padukone situation lo vasthundhi.
                     Beats bavunnayi kani.. Instant ga ee pata manaku ekkadu. koncham time paduthundhi.

03 - Eyi Raja
Singers : Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Duration:- 5.00 Mins

"Sureede Sureede " anne start ayye "eyyi raja" daggara song peak ki velthundhi. Village backdrop ani manake easy ga ardham avuthundhi.
                                Lyrics as usual ga ananth sri ram chala baga rasaru and ShankarMahadevan ,Shreya ghosal pataki pranam posaru .. on screen kooda song baga picturise chesthe chala bavuntundhi.

04 - Nijamena
Singers : Karthik, Suchitra
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Duration:- 4.37 Mins 

One more soft song to NTR, ee song vintunte Adhurs movie " Nee valle" anna song la anipinchindhi."Wanna Wanna be with you honey " ane tune chala bavundhi.
                   on screen presentation super ga lekapothey .. ee song ciggaratte song ayye avakasam vundi.
kani enduko ee song lo NTR dance kummesthadu ani anipinchindhi.. manchi beats vunnayi patalo.

05 - Vachadura
Singers : Koti, M.M.Keeravani, Ranjith, K.K.
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry
Duration:- 4.31 Mins 

This song is more like a celebration.In recent times i never heard a song with such heavy orchestra.
MM Keeravani and Koti added fire to this song. ekkada kooda song ikkada low ayyindhi ani cheppatiniki ledu. heavy opening icchina song ni kooda chala clever ga end chesaru. Song finish avvagane , mind antha edo manchi feeling tho nindhindhi.
                             nenu aithey immediate ga second time play chesa vinna ee song and movie story antha ee song lone vundi. For sure this song is the huge asset to the movie.

06 -Oopirage
Singers : Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry
Duration:- 3.04 Mins

situation song, manchi situation lo padithey movie release ayyaka hit ayye song idhi. Lyrics chala bavunnayi.

07 – Chinnadho
Singers : Savithri, B. Vasantha, Murlidhar, Sukhwinder Singh
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Duration:- 5.03 Mins 

One more amazing song, song starting chala pleasant ga nijam gane old song vintunam anukuntam.muralidhar garu super anthey "Govindudhu iddhare vadela" ani vacchedaka kottha ga padina song ani kanipettalem.
                                      "ra ra" beat start avvagane.. inka mass beat starts annamata.Sukhwinder song ni innalu entha miss ayyamo ee song vingane cheppavacchu. final ga NTR style lo pata vacchesindhi. ee song ki repu theaters daddgarillu thayi ani cheppatam lo eemathram kooda doubt ledu.

08 – Mojjaray
Singers : Baba Sehgal, Ranjith, Nikitha Nigam
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Duration:- 2.00 Mins 
for sure.. ee song movie end ayyaka "Behind scenes" chupisthu vasthundhi. music antha alage vundi. and more over song duration kooda 2 mins.

ee album lo songs anni kooda movie ki help ayye songs lane vunnayi.. my instant picks are 1,3, 5, 7,8 . migilina songs bane vunnayi kani ekkali ante koncham time paduthundhi.
vunna 8 songs lo 5 baga naachayi.. definetly its a good album

final verdict:- movie story ela vundo bothundo oka basic idea vachesthundhi ee audio vinte, and andhari expectations ni ee audio cross chesindhi. final word i can say is .."Its Thamanized NTR type of Album".

Happy Birthday Wishes to Living Legend Anr garu - Birthday Special Intreview of ANR

Living legend ane word ki exact example ANR garu. ivvala ayina 87th Birthday Samdarbham ga Eenadu lo vacchina interview ni ikkada upload chesa..

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja Audio Release Date and Movie release date - Official

Final ga October 7th na movie ani confirm chesaru.. ee date anna marchakapothey bavunnu.. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

contact for robo disturbution rights

Puli one week Collections Record - in kadapa

Assale movie flop ayyi producer and disturbutors edusthunte.. kadapa lo fans chudandi.. maro kothha controversy ki sreekaram chuduthunnaru.. kaneesam movie average anna ayivundi.. record break ante nammutharu kani.. ee situations lo kooda record ante... navva kunda vuntara..?

Friday, September 17, 2010

My 1000th Post in this Blog.

Thanks for your Support Freinds..Sooner we are going to finish 2 lakh clicks on this blog..

Vamsee Saradaga Kaseepu Movie review - Movie Talk

Click on read more to view the movie talk.

1)Naresh enti , anni Characters kooda vamsi way of style lone acting chesayi.
2)Movie antha dull ga edo old movie chusinattu ga vundi.
3)Characters anni loud ga ardham leni comedy tho movie mundu vellindhi.
4)Overall ga Cheppali disaster ee anta.
5) Gopi Gopika Godavari edo songs valla adindhi kani.. ee movie nilabatam kastam.. 

final word :- Movie Saradaga kadu kani Chiraku ga vundi... 

Allorodiki varasaga second flop.. monna Subhapradham, ippudu idhi..

Telangana Lawyers at High Court

Highcourt meeda vunna respect ni photos and videos chusthunte assalu vellu chaduvukunna vallena anipisthondhi..

New of Marketing Komaram Puli - 4 tickets one Coffe Free

ee picture morphed and created one kadu, anduke post chesthunna.Idhi emaina Pawan movie ki ila publicity cheyatam kante tesiveyatam best.Anasaram ga paruvu pothundhi.

Pawan kalyan ' s Komaram Puli 7 days / First week collections - Share

Guntur - 1,58,10,000
Nellore - 76,05,000
Krishna - 1,10,07,000
West - 1,05,22,000
East - 1,03,84,000
Vizag - 1,51,15,000
Ceeded - 3,27,43,000
Naizam - 4,76,60,000

Total - 15,08, 46,000 .
ps:- ivvaltinunchi chala theaters lo puli ni drop chesthunnaru.. overall ga complete collections of puli may stand around 21- 24 crores. becoz next week nunchi inka bhari movie release avuthunnayi... on the whole puli turned as major DUD in Pawan 's filming history.

Sports Update - Last week - Article by MG

A Complete article on football and cricket matches happened last week. Click on read more to view the by article.

UEFA Champion League, MANUTD(England) 0 RANGERS (Scotland) 0
It was great night for football, if you were a fan of Rangers. Using ultra defense tactics to challenge MANUTD FC, MANUTD Boss confessed before the game, something is coming from Gers (RANGERS), but not expected 5 men ultra defense tactics.
It took Manutd 70 mins to win a corner and just creating three goal attempts. Manutd had better possession, but couldn’t create better chances, because the system Ranger approached has won the credits.
There was a horrified incident, when Educators Antonio Valencia has broken his leg; it was so bad that they haven’t telecasted the replay, this would lead him to be out of the season.
UEFA Champion League, BARCELONA(Spain) 5 PANATHINAKOS(Greece) 1
Looking to purse a third UEFA Victory in five years, it started well for Barcelona FC, two goal scored my Marvel Messi and assist, the great blessing he enjoys is that his relentless hunger and improve while he winning.
Just scored in a moment, after going down 1-0 to Panthinakos, and later providing four more, they have played almost perfect football.

Champions League T20:- Mumbai Indians (India) 180/7, 20 overs Vs South Australia Redbacks 182/5, 19.3 overs.
SARB have pulled out a nail biting five wicket win over Mumbai Indians just sparing 3 balls, with a run rate over 9.3 per over. After losing the toss and letting MI to set the descent target of 180, but later chased down.
A dramatic finish at the end, it was a solid start by the Openers of SARB, which has set the game going, and also some assists from MI team providing error, which has described as low-quality game. 
MI had set decent target, but couldn’t finished the game in high note, a must win game, seems not prepared well, letting down the catch, sloppy fielding, bowled in wrong area. If they could have avoided full tosses, they should have well played in the game.
Chasing 180 under lights and better condition for blower, favoring the team, MI had missing sweet chase to score point. But credit to SARB the way they performed under difficult conditions.
16th Sep ’10 Football:-
UEFA CL: - Real Madrid (Spain) 2 – 0 Ajax (Netherlands)
An impressive start for José Mourinho and his boys, under pressure as first champion’s league game as coach and a home game, RMFC has played with much energy by, creating chances, with aggressive tactics, putting pressure.
With just two goal, and one of it from own goal, its wasn’t a clinical game, RMFC has had much better possession of the ball, better no’s on and off targets, it was tough night evening for Ajax, with under achieved in all departments.
It was an impressive performance for new signees Mesut Özil providing assist to Gonzalo who was star performer of the game.
UEFA CL: - MŠK Žilina (Slovakia) 1 - 4 Chelsea FC (England)
It was seamless performance by Chelsea, making opponents fazed. It was good game of football, not approaching the defensive stands like the last night game, the home side staying loyal to their attacking style rather defending the game.
Žilina were impressive in the second half, despite going four down, against heavy weight premier league opponents.
Anleka, provided with two goals and one assist, with created space, chance and provided with better lead to this team, 
UEFA CL: - Arsenal FC (England) 6-0 SC Braga (Portugal)
Cracking campaign to their Champions League campaign, by trashing opponent with displaying aggressive attacking style of football, and the Braga have to forget and take out of their head  a campaign against Arsenal.
With quick instance they have moved the game forward, unsettling the opponent by providing not much chance of possession. Braga started this campaign with book of errors, and it said to be too many error in a single game.

CLT20:- Central District (New Zealand) (165 /5) vs Victoria Bushrangers (Australia) (166/3) in 19.4 overs
Last year’s semi finalist have secured there maiden point for CLT20, 2010, winning over Central Districts, with was a respectful target, and chasing down with 2 balls in spare and won with 7 wickets in hand.  
CD’s won that the toss and posted a respectful target 165, post losing early wickets in opening over. Later, in second innings picking wickets in near succession fashion, but couldn’t kept the moment.  And a brilliant inning from Victoria’s opener provided the platform for achieving the points.
CLT20:- Chennai Super Kings (India) (200/3) vs Wayamba (Sri Lanka) (103)
Chennai cannot ask for better start then this, lucky, but its other way round for their IPL, 2010 finalist, winning two game out of two, against low-profile teams, Wayamba and earlier to Central District, enchanting the advantage, holding superior position in table with descent net run rate. 
They cannot ask for a better start then this, giving as much fire power as possible from Vijay and Riana, early in the 1st innings, and attacking blowing Ashwin and Morkel, Morkel providing much early breaks thorough and Ashwin provided later break.
article by

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saradaga Kasepu releasing tomorrow

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja Audio releasing Soon - Poster

First time Youtube , facebook and twitter ni official ga oka telugu movie poster meeda chusthunna. 
        Kani ikkado chinna sentiment debba kottesthundhi.. Sony Audio vadu release chesina movies emi hit kaledu.
ex:- Saleem movie , Puli movie - ee rendu entha peddha block busters oo ani separate ga cheppalsina pani ledu anukunta. Hope history wont repeat with Kaleja.

All the best to mahesh babu and kaleja team.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magadheera wins National Award 2009 - Congrats Team

for 2009 , Telugu Block buster "Magadheera" wins two national award - 2009 for 
1)Special Effects. - Kannan
2)Choreography  -  Shiva Shankar

Congrats to Rajamouli and Kannan team. 

Apart of this Best actor award goes to "Amitabh Bachan" for his unbelievable acion in "PAA" movie.
Best popular movie is - 3 idiots.

ps:- komarum puli flop tho nirasa lo vunna mega fans ki ee news oka oorata.

Telugu Talkie - Birthday too good article in eenadu

Amazing Nadal - Nadal wins US open

Complete Article on Saraswati Power Project Scam - By YS Jagan

mari darunam ga dochukuntunnaru.. one day surely they will pay for this.
Source:- Eenadu

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keeravani , Koti , Thaman , Deepu Performing - Dhola Dhola Song - Brindavanam Audio release function

andhari lo okate passion.. hey nanda gopal ane tune daggara ntr pettina expressions batte cheppiyavacchu.. Thanu ee song ni entha enjoy chesi vunnado...

Sree ram and Shreya Ghosal Singing for Telugu Movie - Practise Session Under Saleem - Sulaiman

Telugu lo Siddharth and Shruthi hasan pair ga, K raghavendra rao son Prakash direction lo vasthunna socio fantasy movie ki Saleem - Suleman Music direction chesthunnaru. 
                                                                                                    ee movie tentative title "YODHA" ani talk.
aithey aa movie kosam sree ram and Sherya Ghosal oka song padaru.. aa song practise session ee video.