Thursday, January 28, 2010

YUVA NATA RATNA - NTR Sakthi Movie Launch Pictures

Industry lo vunna almost pedda vallu andaru vacharu...
Chala Grand ga function Jarigindhi..AswiniDutt declared that there is no budget limit for this movie.
Check the opening ceremony pics.

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VARUDU Shooting Location Pictures at Ramoji Film City

Varudu Shooting present Ramoji Film city lo jaruguthundhi..
These are picture which are taken at the shooting location

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Jr Ntr is presently enjoying the massive success of ADHURS.Today evening his new movie named "Shakti" under the direction of MEHER RAMESH is started.There i observed an interesting thing,Up to now NTR is been called as "Young Tiger".But in this movie posters they mentioned as "YUVA NATA RATNA".AS we all KNOW NTR Senior is called as "NATA RATNA".Click on the image to view Bigger


Article About Gummadi..

We cant explain the greatness of actors like Gummadi... at the golden era of Telugu film industry, he is the most sought out actor for the characters like Brother,Father and what else if the character is positive one then makers will think of GUMMADI.uploaded article contains lot of information about gummadi. Click on the image to read the article completly.

RamCharan Child hood pics along with chiru - Unseen

Ippudu Pepsi ki ambassador ga panichesthunna Ram Charan Chinnappadu Limca taguthunnadu. :) :)I uploaded three more photos in that chiru is also there.. chala touching ga vunnayi aa photos.. by seeing that photos we can imagine chiru ki charan ante entha view them click on read more.

ee rendu photos chala chala bavunnayi..

ALL ARJUN - VARADU Latest Wall Papers

Chala Vareity ga design chesaru... First pic lo Hero ki adduga Parada vunte .. second pic lo aa paradani tessi chupicharu..
Koncham Pelli lo kerala style kanapduthundhi. adhi enduku ala pettaro director ke teliyali..

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Pics of Rajani kanth and Shankar at Shooting Location Designing ROBOT for Robo Movie

Rajnikanth ,Shankar and art Department of ROBO At Stanwinston Studios

Stanwinston studios ki chala pedda peru vundi Chala crazy products including latest AVATAR lanti movies vallu design chestaru.. alanti studio working for ROBO ante keke..
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