Friday, November 4, 2011

Posani Sensational Comments on Tolly wood industry in ABN Andhra jyothy Channel

what ever it is..the way he spoke about surya , murgudoss and vikram is tooo bad.

some comedy and sensational points he told.

1)When compare to chiru.. Kamal hasan is nothing..Kamal dance looks artifical and when chiru dances he looks like half lady and half man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt understand what he wants to convince.

2)Before JrNTR and Mahesh babu.. Surya is baccha..

3)Surya cant do any character like NBK.If he has guts.. tell him to do samarasimha reddy , Sri rama rajyam..

4)Murugudoss. is not a creative or great director , he is a hit director.. he copies the movies from hollywood nothing great in that.

5)If vikram wears saree.. people took his interview 20 time.. when posani did same.. people just laughed.

6)if "Operation Duryodhana " is a tamil movie.. people would have talk more.. since i made this.. its a normal hit.

7)Shankar copy the concept from his movie.. "Police Brothers".

8)If shankar makes "Operation Duryodhana" budget will be 40 crores and collection may go around 100 crores.. He cares more about decoration than story..

9)Rajanikanth is nothing.. when compare to chiru in fights..

watch the complete video.. for more entertainment


Gopichand - Krishna vamsi Mogudu movie talk / movie review from preview show

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Gopichand looks good and tapsee looks sexy :)

First half of the movie looks good

Second half became dead slow and torture anipisthondhi.

Anni characters chala overact chesthayi anta.

Krishnavamsi mark torture maro sari chupinchadu.

Songs are okay.. kani second half lo chala songs avasaram lekunda ney vadesaru.

Gopichand manchi hit kosam inka entha kalam wait cheyyalo papam


Gopichand mogudu movie bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters list

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Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road - 10:15 AM01:20 PM04:15 PM09:30 PM

Gopalan Cinemas: Bannerghatta Road - 02:30 PM09:50 PM

Mukunda Theatre - 11:00 AM02:00 PM05:30 PM08:30 PM

Manasa Cinema: Konanakunte, Bangalore - 11:30 AM02:30 PM06:30 PM09:30 PM

Innovative Multiplex: Marathalli - 02:30 PM07:15 PM10:00 PM

Fame Forum Value Mall: Whitefield - 12:30 PM06:35 PM

INOX: JP Nagar - Central, Mantri Junction - 11:15 AM06:45 PM

INOX: Jayanagar - Garuda Swagath Mall - 10:15 AM04:05 PM

INOX: Malleshwaram - Mantri Square - 12:50 PM09:10 PM

Tribhuvan - 4 shows

Venkateswara - 4 shows

Radhakrishna - 4 shows

Tirumala - 4 shows

Tulasi - 4 shows

Chandrodaya - 4 shows

Renuka prasanna - 4 shows

Srinivasa - 4 shows

PVR Cinemas - 3 shows