Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Political Nandi Awards 2009 - Funny

Best Actor: KCR
Best Romantic Actor:
ND Tiwari
Best Silent Side Actor:
Best Comedian (Male):

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Laxmi Prasanna With NTR Bag - PIC

Dont get confused with the term NTR bag.Generally in USA if a movie become a big hit then the makers will release the accessories based on that movie.
                                  ippudu antha ekkada chusina Mayabahzar hungamane. Even small kids also liking that movie.ee photo recent ga jarigina "Bindass" preview show appudu teesinandhi. Manchu laxmi prasanna NTR photo vunna bag vesukovatam chala mandhi ni attract chesindhi.
                         Apuudu naku oka doubt kuda vacchindhi.. Hollywood la ikkada kuda NTR accesories release chesthunnaru enti ani??. release chesthe.. tappaka velli konnukovali.. :)

Aarya 2 - hungama at Theaters in Kerala

Last week feb 4th na Kerala lo Aarya 2 movie release ayyindhi.Allu Arjun ki kerala lo manchi craze vundi.entha craze vundo meere chudandi.. total ga five pictures upload chesa. to check the remaining pics click on read more.



Leader Movie release date confirmed on 19th feb

Finally after so many postpones leader movie got confirmed to release on 19th feb.This is really a good news for sekhar kammula fans and also for venky fans.
               Venky fans are eagerly waiting to see the mark of RANA at boxoffice. Already songs are big hit, Hope the same for movie.

Interesting fact :- Geetha arts bagged the distribution rights for this movie in the whole Andhrapradesh.

ATB to Sekhar Kammula and his team

Ye Maya Chesave - Manasa Malli Malli Chusa - Song Lyrics

Present ga "Manasa Malli Malli Chusa" song ragalahari countdown lo top one position lo vundi.Chala mandi favorite song idhi, including me. ee song lo vacche instruments aithey super oo super.any way ee song lyrics ni mana freind ayina aditya chala kastapadi song okati ki padi sarlu vini rasaru (official ga ee song lyrics inka raledu).
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