Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shankam Review - My view

Souryam tho oka manchi commercial hit ni andinchina SIVA.. malla thana first movie hero Gopichand to teesina cinema idhi…Movie movie ki thana market range penchukuntunna Gopichand one year gap tarvatha ee movie tho malla audience munduki vaccharu.. ika chalaki papa trisha first time Gopichand tho pair ga act chesina movie.. so audience lo hype create cheyalisina anni commercial combinations ee movie lo vunnayi..

Inka gopi chand movie ante “keep brain at your home and enjoy d movie” ane rule nenu follow avuntha.. Songs vinni .. chala bavunnayi.. inka movie keka emo anukoni.. 150 rs ticket petti..

Cinema ki velithey.. picchi ekkindhi.. enduku movie tesaro.. aa director ki hero ke teliyali…

Upto now some telugu directors made the movies by copying the English or hindi movies.but this director siva wactched couple of old telugu movies and made this movie.When I watch this movie I didn’t get any fresh feeling, instead I felt sleepy.

Dont break ur heads for story.. a simple story . hero a son of factionist, but he lives far away from faction back ground in Australia. He stays along with his uncle in Aus, as usual he loves heroine at first sight. She will say no. finally after some comedy scenes and two songs heroine will say thumbs up to hero.At the same time we came to know that she is daughter of villain, and her parents will take her to native forcily.. inka hero akkadiki velthadu.. idi antha first half headache..

Second half inka super.. hero ki valla nanna evado teliyadu.. so villain keeps one condition to hero that. If he kills his rival then he will say ok for marriage. Since hero don’t know that rival is his father ,he will go to kill him. After that what will happen is the main plot. To come to this main plot of story we have to spend almost boring 2 hours in theater, and by that time we will loose interest. Better buy a CD or DVD and drag the movie up to the point I mentioned and enjoy form there.

Positive points konni :-

Songs baga teesaru…

Trisha andamga vundhi and free ga chesindhi.. Youth can go to movie for trisha..

Comedy konni scenes lo baga set ayyindhi..

Satyaraj, gopi chand father character lo apt ga vunnadu.

Negative points :-

Its like a B grade movie.. most jokes are meant for mass.. families ibbandhi ga feel avutharu..

Gopichand makeup mari white paint la pusaru…

Inka chala….

Trade talk :- Naku aithey idhi flop talk ani vacchindhi…

Sasidhar Anne.