Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nanda Kishore Veturi , Son of Great Veturi garu - appeals to media through my blog.

recently i wrote a article on veturi garu , in my blog.for that article Nanda Kishore garu , son of great veturi garu responsed. in his response he slams this present useless media and some people who attended the meeting, as they are focusing his mother as shelterless.He appeals them , not to cook the news, which hurts them. to read his complete response click on read more.

"It is with great pain that we are writing this response. Dr.Sri.Veturi Sundara Rama Murthy garu had fought for his legitimate land which should have been allotted to him in Jubilee Hills under the film nagar society.

But we have been observing everyone attending meeting and talking without verifying facts with the family. Everyone is talking as if our mother is without any shelter. We are three sons well educated and capable of taking care of our mother.

I appeal to everyone through your blog that kindly do not indulge in such activities maligning our family. We are not begging anyone for house. The matter of allotting house plot in jubilee hills is the responsibility of film association and AP government. Thats all.


Nanda Kishore Veturi
son of Dr.Sri.Veturi"

My word :- by reading response , we all will definetly proud of your courage and care. what you are saying is true. I dont know on what basis media is promoting like that. even Some people dont know what they speak, better leave them kishore garu.Veturi garu ekkada vunna ayina devenelatho mee kutumbham eppudu ilane challaga , hayiga vundali ani wish chesthunna.