Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adhurs/Adurs Mumbai Theater list

Motham Navi Mumbai,South and Central Mumbai list Idhi 

BigCinemas Imax Wadala - 8.30pm show.
Fame Inorbit: Malad (W) - 7.00pm Show
Fame Raguleela Vashi - 09:45PM
Big Cinemas Vashi - 5.30 pm

Still more theaters are getting added for the weekend.Glue to this place.
Iam going today night show. so u can expect review-myview by tommorow

Adhurs hungama at guntur Hollywood and Bollywood Theaters

Guntur history lo first time 12 theaters lo release ayina movie idhi..
Anni Theaters lo tickets levu.. For tommorow show they are going to give by 2.30 pm. So fans be ready.
Already postive talk ravatam vallana.. collections meda heavy expectations vunnayi...
Guntur Bolywood  and Hollywood theater daggara fans hungama ni maa brother help tho meeku andisthunna.. Cell lo tiyatam valla ekkuva cover kaledu. but Thanks Murali for your contribution.
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Adhurs Review updates from Premier show

Movie manchi postive talk tho start ayyindhi.Inko vishesham emiti ante this was my 150th post in blog..  along with repot i mentioned the songs order of Adhurs in this post

ok i dont want makeu all to wait for long to read the review. 
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1)Starting entrance of DON NTR and Shambo siva Shamo song.
2)Classic steps anta. next entrance of Chary along with Brahmi.. Second song is Chandrakala.
3)Brahmin ga NTR Raccha Anta. Third song is Pilla Navval Kadu.. ee song lo Bulbs meda oka step vundi anta keko keka antunnaru.

4)Interval bang was decent
4)Second half lo vacche first song "Chary" Lyrics change valla koncham down antunnaru.
6)Story was bit like hello brothers.
7)Second half comedy super anta.. chala chala baga execute ayyindhi anntunnaru.
8)Then Neethone song.. Classic number la steps vunnayi ..
9)inka cinema ki main highlight "Adhurs" song lo NTR dance.. nabhootho anna range lo vunnayi ani talk. ee song kosam oka 3 times anna theater ki vellavachu ani annaru..
10)Climax light ga dragging ante.. general climax la vundi..
11)Movie range Depends on on going issues.. overall ga i can say one thing.. Congrats to nandamuri fans.
Mothhaniki Sankrathi oka manchi movie tho start ayyindhi..

PS:- ee movie inka mumbai lo release avvaledu. avvagane ventane velli review rastanu.. cant wai to watch this movie. Kanisam pune lo vachina veltha.

PPS:- Guntur lo fans hungama ee evening kalla post chestha.. GLUE to this plac

- Sasidhar Anne