Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pawan kalyan 's Komaram puli/ Komuram puli movie bangalore / Bengaluru releasing Theaters List

already ikkada local news paper lo theaters list icchesaru.. click on read more to view that list

2) Renuka prasanna
3) Srinivasa
4) PVR
6) Innovative multiplex
9) radhaKrishna

ps:- prasithaniki vadu vesina theaters list idhey.. inka emaina teliyagane update chestha, and theater phone nubers tho saha updates ki try chesthunna...

Less Gain , More pain - Common wealth games - Article by MG

As i told earlier, MG starts to write articles on sports for our blog. In this article he mainly elaborated about the CWG games. CWG!!! right from starting this event is pool of controversies , why all these things happening and where we failed , to know more about that and to read the article by MG click on read more.

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Mahesh Khaleja / Kaleja - Wallpapers - too good

to view one more wall paper.. click on read more.

Is YSR a Big and True leader as the media(Sakshi) projecting now ????

YSR chala manchi panulu chesaru.. kani.. vatilo nijalu entha , vati valla manaku kalige labalu enti ani chusthe chala vishyalu telusthayi.. Click on the below article to read it.