Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comparing Dhookudu / Dukudu / dookudu with Oosaravelli / vusaravelli - Who is the winner in my view??

dhookudu -  oosaravelli , both are different genre movies and comparision kooda kastame.i tried in my own way to compare these two movies. Click on read more to read the complete article.

dhookudu  - its old routine masala story of revenge , but the movie is filled with high quality of comedy that keeps us     engaged all the time.

oosaravelli - diff story with good twists , comedy is okay.But the movie is bit dragged in the second half.

Strengths :-
Dhookudu -
Mahesh presence and dialogues.
Brahmi and ms narayan comedy
high production values
good music and locations of the songs.

Osaravelli :-
NTR and Tammanah characterisation
Good twists
Interval block
Comedy between raghubabu and NTR
Tammanah and ntr heart touching sequence in second half.

Goodplacement of songs.

Weakness :-

Dhookudu -
Samantha character , mari short and darunam second half lo aithey hardly 10 mins vuntundhi emo.. apart of two songs.
picchi ga behave chese villains.
same old revenge story.
Second half screenplay.. scene scene ki sambandam vundadhu.. oka scene lo hospital, ventane melo dram tarvathe polie actions..
ekkuva cinematic liberty teesukunnaru.. assalu logic vundadhu cinemalo..

Oosaravelli -
NTR intro.. one of worst intro of NTR. cheema concept and skeleton concept parama chettha ga vundi
too much of cinematic liberty
Second half drag ayyindhi.
Last 15 mins are not tht much impressive.

Collections Comparision :-

Dhookudu oosaravelli kante oka two weeks munde release the time dhookudu released , there is proper good telugu movie. So the movie get over hyped than what it was.. which is the main reason for its amazing collection. As the movie is complete family entertainer , it cashed the dussera holidays and became a block buster.

Oosaravelli case was different , movie release time ki baga hype vacchindhi.. kani ee movie hero centric kadu.. its a heroine centric movie. and last 15 mins drag valla movie ki first day mixed reviews vacchayi.Comedy antha ekkuva lekapovatam families ni attract cheyyaledu.Dussera final 3 days lo ravatam valla.vacation ekkuva use avvaleka poyindhi.

records :-
okkallu fake records cheppatam start chesaru.. inkokallu danini follow avuthunnaru.. iddharidhi mistake vundhi.. so no comments on this.

Winner :-
Dhookudu is the winner , no doubt on that. Dhookudu script ki reachability ekkuva vundhi.. and producers icchina arggressive publicity kooda movie ki baga help ayyindhi.Oosaravellu movie ni inka baga teesi vundavacchu.. second half antha hadavidi ga chuttesinattu vundi