Friday, March 26, 2010

Sneha Geetham Audio review - my view

Larsco a famous brand outside, but in cine field it’s a new production house .They made three movies ,out of that two were good there fourth attempt they are coming out with “Sneha geetham”.Music director for this movie is Sunil Kashayap. Lets check how the music of this movie in my view.. to read my view completely click on read moe..

01 - Oka Snehame
Singer(s): Karthik
                        Karthik is the heart for the song, this song mainly abouts friend ship..and this explains about greatness of friendship.. Song is good.. by hearing max two time,definetly you will like this song..

02 - Entho Enthentho
Singer(s): Ranjith, Reeta
                               Upto now, generally send of or fare well songs ends with pathetic note, ex: student no1,Happy days.. But man in this song, they are trying to tell farewell means not end of life but we have to achieve more.I like this lines lines a lot.. “Vidipoye veduka kadu idhi kadu idhi enjoy cheesy ra..”.. english beat flows this line was awesome.Violin beat comes before second charan was too good.

03 - Gala Gala
Singer(s): Sunil Kashyap, Prasanna
                        Good mass number , explains mainly about the goodness of village. My fav lines in this songs are “Palle emo rammantundhi.. patnam edo temmantundhi”. A good foot tapping song. Sunil Kashyap voice is different and that brings new flavor to this song.

04 - Sarigamapadhani
Singer(s): Sunil Kashyap, Pranavi
Highlight song of this album.. Classic beat , both pranavi and Sunil rocked this song.Lyrics are top class.If you like slow classy song here is the best pick for you.
My fav lines in this song..“ee maye naku entho hayee … thane pere toil prema aye..”.. humming that came between song is good.

05 - Vasanthamedhi
Singer(s): Karthik
           This song mainly about goal of life.. I can say this song as “Okay okay “ one.. Lyrics are good…My fav lines are..“Repati gelupuki roopam otami ra…”. These type of songs we can give rating based on the situation in the movie.

06 - Velige Vennele
Singer(s): Sai Sivani
                 Slow Song again, but not that effective.. it was one okay song. No fav lines from this song.. as lyrics normal for me.. if the situation is good then song going to rock else it will turn as “Cig” song in theater

07 - Veyo Veyo
Singer(s): Benny Dayal, Chorus
                                        Pub song, Beat which come in starting of the song is awesome… and this song is good , very good beats and enjoy carried all over the song.I can say this song as title song for this movie.. my fav lines in this songs are “Sokham leni lokam loki vethunnam”..
I can say once movie get released, this song will rock ..

Over all – out of seven songs, five songs are really good. But due to the lack of promotion very less people know about this album. Once promotion gets started I hope this audio will rule the market .

Ps:- I heard this audio long back, and even I kept sarigampadani as my callertune for three months.
Try to hear this songs, they won’t disappoint you.

Chiranjeevi Creates a new record as Politician

Asale telangana lo party poyi, rayalaseema lonu poyi. chivariki kostha lo akkada akkada vunna PRP tho chiru create chesina record emito telusa.... to know that click on read more.

Assalu vishyam emiti ante.. monna oka three days back ABN channel vallu PRP meeda edo vetakaraimana programme vesaru anta.. adhi chusi kadupu mandi PRP cadre ABN office ki velli Addhalu pagulakotti pedda rabasa chesaru.. ikkadi daka mamule.. ippude sarina twist padindhi..
                           PRP leaders antha kalisi velli CM ki Complaint chesaru anta..dani Saramsam idhi.. "Papam prp vallu Gandheya margam lo (inka Shankar dada mood nunchi bayataki rala) godava chedhamu ani velthey. ABN channel valle villani kottaru anta". kabbati Abn valla andarini arrest cheyali ani chepparu anta.. inka inko level dati.. "Goverenor " ND tiwari chala manchodo.. ee ABN valle ayinani kavali irikincharu ani statement iccharu..
                                          Sarigga ikkade PRP pappu lo kalu vesindhi.. Tiwari elanti vado andariki telusu vadiki support cheyatam valla nastapoyedhi" prp ne...inthaki record emiti antara... Than party vallu velli ABN channel ni kodithey .. chiru thana party valla tho kalisi CM ki report icchadu.. ABN valle thama vallani kotteru ani. ila history lo thame kotti thamani kotteru ani complaint icche leader mankuku kanipinchadu.. Samajika nyayam ante idhe..

ee matter gurinchi detailed ga kavali click on the image below...

Balakrishna Simhaa /Simha Songs - Listen online - Track list

Movie Audio release munde.. songs enti anukuntunnara... Promotional purpose meeda three song bits ni release chesaru.. 
Singers- Hariharan, Kousalya
Lyrics- Chandrabose
Singsers- Kunal Ganjawala, Tina Kamal
Lyrics- Bhaskar Bhatla
Singers- Mano, Sravana Bhargavi
Lyrics- chandraboase

click here to listen the songs.

Nenu already vinna.. songs are good..
PS:- Thanks Nani For Sharing this excellent info to our blog reader ..

Leader 6th week Poster - good caption

Monna ne ee movie chusa, emi cheyanu cheppandi mumbai lo release chuse patiki intha time pattindhi. Second half madhya loo koncham taggina last ki malla tempo back teccharu.
ee movie meeda naa view ee weekend kalla pedathanu..

Tamil Sharath Kumar 1977 movie in Telugu

tamil lo ee movie release munde CD bayataki vacchesindhi.. pedda raccha rabasa ayyindhi.. papam movie jan 1st week release anaga.. december 30th kalla evaro dubbing version in net lo pettesaru.
                                    Rajanikanth vacchi thana fans ni movie ni theater lo chudamani koraru. chivariki movie ni jan 31st release chesaru. Movie antha goppa emi kadu ani vinna.