Friday, December 24, 2010

King Nagarjuna - ragada movie review from Preview Show - Movie talk - Updated

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=>First Show in AP is going to be in kadapa. 1 - 2 ki madya lo pade chance.
=> UK lo already show padindhi.. Cinema raccha antunnaru.. Detailed talk and updates will be added soon. Stick to this place.

=> Nag Looks Too good and Dialog delivery is awesome.

=> Fights, Songs all are perfect and not a single is misplaced.

=> first half finished and it is superb.

=> flashback is good and unexpected twits in second half.

=> No Movie 2010 got a such a good positive talk.Overall ragada gonna rock the box office.

=> Dont miss the intro of nag.

Sademiya Song Posted By Vishnu in Youtube - against to censor board

Booddu kanupaduthundhi ani censor vallu ee song ni okay cheyyaledu anta.. dantho oolu mandi vishnu babu video ni youtube lo pettesadu. Adhi matter.. Boddu kanapadindhi ani cut chesthe assalu raghavendra rao gari movies release ayyeva??ante ikkada nenu exposing ni support chesthunna ani kadu.. general ga cheputhunna..