Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry potter and deathly hallows - HP-7 part 1 - movie talk

we know that harrpotter 6th part is big failure, but by seeing this 7th- part 1 we will will forget about that.
Its seems this part is too good and makes to wait for the 7th - part2
iam going to watch the part 1 tommorow .. i will update the review more detailed by toomorow.
 i got this talk from my friend who watched this movie in  IMAX.. In one word he said movie is amazing.. :)

Thanks harry for making ur fans to smile

naga chaitanya / Chaitu Special photo on eve of his birthday - HD

i think this photo is the highest definition available in the net..uploaded by
Chaitu look adirindhi..:) movie sure shot ga hit anipisthondi..
                        click on the image to view bigger,