Monday, January 3, 2011

Attack on maddela Cheruvu Suri - His Condition - SURI DEAD !!!! UPDATE- Detailed Video

maddela cheruvu Suri meeda attack jarigindhi..gun tho kalcharu..
gundelo , Chathi lo dusukuvellayi..
His condition is seriuos.
According to latest news.. Suri is dead.. and Bhanumathi started from bangalore to hyderabad.
Click on read more to view video..

Balakrishna parama veera chakra - Got Postponed

Ippude Z news lo chusa.. movie ni 14th january  ki release chesthunnaru and Mirapakaya on 12th january. repu news paper lo ravvochu announce cheyavacchu
Industry lo jaruguthunna issues valle movie late ayyindhi ani producer cheputhunnadu..

ps:- as per today sources movie confirm on.. jan 12th. Censor kooda december 31st na finish ayyindhi.