Thursday, August 20, 2015

Raviteja - Surendar Reddy - Kalyan ram - Kick 2 / Kick2 - Live updates from preview show - fan show review

Show confirmed at 4.30PM EST ( 2.00AM IST). Please stick to this place of live updates

Show will be starting in 5 mins.

Kick kalyan (old ravinteja) explains to sam about robinhood(ravi teja young)

Powerful introduction of villain. 

Mining mafia backdrop story

Tanikella bharani interesting vilaspur villagers.

Vilaspur looking for person to save.

Raviteja coming to india for his land

Brahmi as pandit raviteja.. 

So far movie ia hilarious.. Comfort jokes baga pelthunnayi..

Raviteja as tenant in brahmi house..

Well choreographed fight.. Thaman garu bgm ga tiger music ni vadesaru

Fight lo raviteja attitude keka

Rakul intro as story writer followed by mummy song

Brahmi and raviteja comedy working well.

Raviteja needs to get his land from local leader..interesting challenge to get his land back.

Rakul proposes to raviteja...daniki raviteja icchina comfort response and brahmi expressions nice scene.

Tenakalladhi song time.. 

Brahmi and raviteja comedy marathon

Raviteja land back grab chesukunna way hilarious.. Last 15 mins aripinchey comedy..

Vilaspur villagers trying to get raviteja in background.

Interesting twist about heroine..

Raviteja coming to vilaspur.. Cant reveal more than this

Nice plan by villagers

Done with first half.. Not a single boring moment comedy worked out really well.. Main story in second half..

Villagers made raviteja to stay there for some time

Jenda pai kapi raju song time

Commercial cinema kabbati logics chudakoodadhu..

Villagera trying to create conflict between raviteja and thakur..
Koncham.ikkade Cinema koncham dragging ga vundi..

Brahmi re entry.. As chulbul pandit. Cinema lo oopu start

Strong emotional scene... 

Interesting sketch by vilagers to create rift between thakur and villain

Cinema gaadi lo padindhi

Second half paduthu lesthu saguthundi.. 

Kick title song.. Wrong placement..
Tanikella bharani scene with raviteja is good.
Climax time

Second half of the movie is not well written. Comedy antha work out avvala.. Main Story ki kooda connect avvaam.

Good first half and below avg second half..

Overall pretty avg stuff. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sampoornesh babu / Sampu complains about SIIMA organising team

Looks like sampoornesh got hurt with the behaviour of SIIMA organisers. Its open secret in industry that people get respect based on their families and background. Ippudippude name tecchukuntunna Sampu ila open ga cheppatam nijam ga great.
                              Hope the organizers and team release that they need to give respect to individual based on their achievements. 

Way to go Sampoornesh babu. We support you in this matter.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Srimanthudu / Srimantudu premier show live updates - talk

Going to premier on August 6th 6.00 PM Show in USA ( Indian time 7th August 3.30 AM). I will be giving live updates from the show.

Stick to this place for the updates.

In the theater.. Show about to start in 10 mins

Jagapathi babu intro..

Mahesh intro on cycle followed by rama rama song

Rift btwn jagapathi babu and mahesh

Mahesh and employee family madhya scene keka

Shruthi nice intro.. Decent ga vundi

Rp and village problems

Mahesh joined in shruti college..

Jatha kalise song time

Minister ki warning icche scene bavundi

Pelli lo fight baga design chesaru

People leaving village and rp wants to stop..

Charuseela song time

Mahesh wants to go his village

Poor graphics in srimanthudu title song

Fight on the way to village.. Nice one


Overall nice first half ekkada paniki malina comedy lekunda.. Baaga teesaru.. No boring moments as of now.. Assalu story second half lo start
Jago song time

Amazing emitional moments

Rp tells jagapathi babi flashback

Villain gang ki warning scene bavundi

Comedy worked out well 

Village Family gurinchi cheppe scene keka.

Villains ki warning scene worked out well

Dimma tirige song time.

Imp scenes between rp mahesh

Life gurinchi happiness gurinchi mahesh cheppe scenes bavunayi

Commercial ending..

Overall amazing movie.. Manchi point tho movie teesaru.. Dont miss the movie.

Thanks to mahesh, siva and producers..