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Vamsee Saradaga Kaseepu Movie review - Movie Talk

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1)Naresh enti , anni Characters kooda vamsi way of style lone acting chesayi.
2)Movie antha dull ga edo old movie chusinattu ga vundi.
3)Characters anni loud ga ardham leni comedy tho movie mundu vellindhi.
4)Overall ga Cheppali disaster ee anta.
5) Gopi Gopika Godavari edo songs valla adindhi kani.. ee movie nilabatam kastam.. 

final word :- Movie Saradaga kadu kani Chiraku ga vundi... 

Allorodiki varasaga second flop.. monna Subhapradham, ippudu idhi..

Telangana Lawyers at High Court

Highcourt meeda vunna respect ni photos and videos chusthunte assalu vellu chaduvukunna vallena anipisthondhi..

New of Marketing Komaram Puli - 4 tickets one Coffe Free

ee picture morphed and created one kadu, anduke post chesthunna.Idhi emaina Pawan movie ki ila publicity cheyatam kante tesiveyatam best.Anasaram ga paruvu pothundhi.

Pawan kalyan ' s Komaram Puli 7 days / First week collections - Share

Guntur - 1,58,10,000
Nellore - 76,05,000
Krishna - 1,10,07,000
West - 1,05,22,000
East - 1,03,84,000
Vizag - 1,51,15,000
Ceeded - 3,27,43,000
Naizam - 4,76,60,000

Total - 15,08, 46,000 .
ps:- ivvaltinunchi chala theaters lo puli ni drop chesthunnaru.. overall ga complete collections of puli may stand around 21- 24 crores. becoz next week nunchi inka bhari movie release avuthunnayi... on the whole puli turned as major DUD in Pawan 's filming history.

Sports Update - Last week - Article by MG

A Complete article on football and cricket matches happened last week. Click on read more to view the by article.

UEFA Champion League, MANUTD(England) 0 RANGERS (Scotland) 0
It was great night for football, if you were a fan of Rangers. Using ultra defense tactics to challenge MANUTD FC, MANUTD Boss confessed before the game, something is coming from Gers (RANGERS), but not expected 5 men ultra defense tactics.
It took Manutd 70 mins to win a corner and just creating three goal attempts. Manutd had better possession, but couldn’t create better chances, because the system Ranger approached has won the credits.
There was a horrified incident, when Educators Antonio Valencia has broken his leg; it was so bad that they haven’t telecasted the replay, this would lead him to be out of the season.
UEFA Champion League, BARCELONA(Spain) 5 PANATHINAKOS(Greece) 1
Looking to purse a third UEFA Victory in five years, it started well for Barcelona FC, two goal scored my Marvel Messi and assist, the great blessing he enjoys is that his relentless hunger and improve while he winning.
Just scored in a moment, after going down 1-0 to Panthinakos, and later providing four more, they have played almost perfect football.

Champions League T20:- Mumbai Indians (India) 180/7, 20 overs Vs South Australia Redbacks 182/5, 19.3 overs.
SARB have pulled out a nail biting five wicket win over Mumbai Indians just sparing 3 balls, with a run rate over 9.3 per over. After losing the toss and letting MI to set the descent target of 180, but later chased down.
A dramatic finish at the end, it was a solid start by the Openers of SARB, which has set the game going, and also some assists from MI team providing error, which has described as low-quality game. 
MI had set decent target, but couldn’t finished the game in high note, a must win game, seems not prepared well, letting down the catch, sloppy fielding, bowled in wrong area. If they could have avoided full tosses, they should have well played in the game.
Chasing 180 under lights and better condition for blower, favoring the team, MI had missing sweet chase to score point. But credit to SARB the way they performed under difficult conditions.
16th Sep ’10 Football:-
UEFA CL: - Real Madrid (Spain) 2 – 0 Ajax (Netherlands)
An impressive start for José Mourinho and his boys, under pressure as first champion’s league game as coach and a home game, RMFC has played with much energy by, creating chances, with aggressive tactics, putting pressure.
With just two goal, and one of it from own goal, its wasn’t a clinical game, RMFC has had much better possession of the ball, better no’s on and off targets, it was tough night evening for Ajax, with under achieved in all departments.
It was an impressive performance for new signees Mesut Özil providing assist to Gonzalo who was star performer of the game.
UEFA CL: - MŠK Žilina (Slovakia) 1 - 4 Chelsea FC (England)
It was seamless performance by Chelsea, making opponents fazed. It was good game of football, not approaching the defensive stands like the last night game, the home side staying loyal to their attacking style rather defending the game.
Žilina were impressive in the second half, despite going four down, against heavy weight premier league opponents.
Anleka, provided with two goals and one assist, with created space, chance and provided with better lead to this team, 
UEFA CL: - Arsenal FC (England) 6-0 SC Braga (Portugal)
Cracking campaign to their Champions League campaign, by trashing opponent with displaying aggressive attacking style of football, and the Braga have to forget and take out of their head  a campaign against Arsenal.
With quick instance they have moved the game forward, unsettling the opponent by providing not much chance of possession. Braga started this campaign with book of errors, and it said to be too many error in a single game.

CLT20:- Central District (New Zealand) (165 /5) vs Victoria Bushrangers (Australia) (166/3) in 19.4 overs
Last year’s semi finalist have secured there maiden point for CLT20, 2010, winning over Central Districts, with was a respectful target, and chasing down with 2 balls in spare and won with 7 wickets in hand.  
CD’s won that the toss and posted a respectful target 165, post losing early wickets in opening over. Later, in second innings picking wickets in near succession fashion, but couldn’t kept the moment.  And a brilliant inning from Victoria’s opener provided the platform for achieving the points.
CLT20:- Chennai Super Kings (India) (200/3) vs Wayamba (Sri Lanka) (103)
Chennai cannot ask for better start then this, lucky, but its other way round for their IPL, 2010 finalist, winning two game out of two, against low-profile teams, Wayamba and earlier to Central District, enchanting the advantage, holding superior position in table with descent net run rate. 
They cannot ask for a better start then this, giving as much fire power as possible from Vijay and Riana, early in the 1st innings, and attacking blowing Ashwin and Morkel, Morkel providing much early breaks thorough and Ashwin provided later break.
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