Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adhurs 46th Day - Marching towards 50 days in 156 Centers

Telangana lo kakunda.. Andhra and rayala seema lo kalipi 156 centers ante keka.Chala chotla ee movie break even sadhinchindhi, Congrats to Adhurs team..
                  Ee movie meeda special write up twaralo, Stick to this place.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Celebrating 50,000 clicks in my blog

Hi Friends Thanks for the encouraging me..i thought to capture the 50,000 screen shot but its not possible..
My special thanks to Madhuri1303Idiots,Royals,Shasank,ravi and many more.. who all inspires me with new suggestion and giving comments.

lot more things iam planning in my blog.. make this place more beautiful and most happening.

iam going to shirdi today.. will be back in two days..

Take care and Happy holi....

With love ,
Sasidhar Anne

Friday, February 26, 2010

Inkosari Movie review / end of the talk

Click on read more to get the movie talk

*Freinds re union concept.
*Richa and manjari chala bavuunaru
*Good Characterization for all
*Movie mari predictable ga vundatam valla interesting ga vundadhu
*Konni konni comedy scenes chaala bavunnayi.
*Below average movie ani cheppavacchu.

Kalavar King Movie Review / End of the day Talk

Click on read more to get the talk.

* Same routine stuff from Nikhil.
* Waffer thin story and amature treatment.
*First song lo anitha super ga dance vesindhi anta..
* First half lo nihin andhari daggara appulu teeskune vadu.
* Tarvatha loan recovery agent la maruthadu. Heroine bava ee movie lo villain . Ajay a character chesadu
* Swetha mari lavuga vundhi movie lo..
* Already chusina concept valla movie boring ga vundi

Naga Chaitanya Special Appearance in Tamil vinnai thaandi varuvaaya

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yee Maya Chesave Movie review / Talk from Preview Show

*First Half ledu.. Second Half ledu..Movie antha manchi feel lo vellindhi..
* BGM Score Super.
* Freindship ki love ki vunna difference correct ga chupicharu.
* Chaitu action Chala baga matured ga chesadu.
* First half lo kerala lo vacche scenes chala bavunnayi..
* Hero ,Herione love proposal chese scenes chala realistic,cool ga vunnayi..
* manchi postive report vacchindhi movie meeda.

vinnai thaandi varuvaaya mumbai release theaters list

Yee maya Chesave movie ki tamil version idhi. In this simbhu are trisha are the lead pair. Yee Maya Chesave ki Mumbai lo inka theaters confirm avvaledu.. at the same time vinnai thaandi varuvaaya is getting released in mumbai on the grand scale. vinnai thaandi varuvaaya is going to be screened in 11(eleven) theaters in mumbai. to get the complete list of theaters click on read more.

BIG Cinemas: Huma - Kanjurmarg
* 07:45 PM

BIG Cinemas: Runwal - Mulund
* 08:00 PM

BIG Cinemas: IMAX, Wadala
* 05:10 PM

BIG Cinemas: R-City, Ghatkopar
* 07:35 PM

CineMAX: Sion
* 07:45 PM

Fun Cinemas: Chembur
* 07:00 PM

Moviestar: Goregaon
* 10:45 AM
* 04:30 PM
* 07:30 PM

Maxus Cinemas: Saki Nakal
* 08:15 PM

BIG Cinemas: Palm Beach, Vashi
* 05:35 PM

* 9.00 AM, 12.30PM,8.00 PM

PVR Goeragoan:
* 9.05 AM, 12.30PM,8.00 PM

Jagapathibabu and Priyamani in Sadhyam - Un seen - ee Photos Chala Hot Guru

total six photos upload chesa.. to check the remaining click on read more.

Yee Maya Chesave and Other movies Releasing on Feb 26th

Manchi hopes tho , chala positive info tho ee movie release avuthundhi..
Already mana blog lo hidden info pettanu ee movie gurinchi..
Click here for inside info of Yee Maya chesave

ee movie kakunda inko four movies ivvala release avuthunnayi..
2)kalavar king
4)Rambabu gadi pellam.

ATB to all

Excellent Artlicle on Sachin Tendulakar double century - Must read

Must save article on sachin tendulkar, Chala clear prathi record mention chesaru.
One Point they mentioned in this article is exactly 22 years back same day feb 24th . Sachin scored triple century along with his friend kambli on their way to 664 record partnership.Sachin you dedicated this double century to us.we are dedicating our passion of cricket to you.. Thanks for making us proud.
This post for all freinds who loved cricket. Click on the image to view bigger.
totally this article is of three pages for remaining two pages click on read more

Nagarjuna Interview about Yee Maya Chesave and his forthcoming movie

Nagarjuna ee interview lo..Yee maya chesave movie gurinchi, chaitu gurinchi chepparu. And also dil raju combination lo rabothunna thana new movie gurinchi details chepparu..
Idhi kakunda. inko paper lo icchina interview kuda update chesa.. to check that click on read more.

Leader Salutes Master of Cricket - Excellent Adv

Excellent and Timely Adv by Leader team. 
assalu ee thought evvariki vacchindho kani vallaki hatsoff.. Good timing.

lawrence/larance as cowboy - new movie of lawrence. - Details

Lawrence/larance  cowboy ga oka tamil movie teesthunnaru.. same movie ni telugu lo kuda dubbing chesthunnaru..
                  Comedy kakapothey ee movie budget 20 crores.
Larance ni nammi antha money pettina producer ki johar... Notice cheyalisina vishyam emiti ante.. ee movie lo heroines padmapriya .Laxmi rai.inka kurra karu ki panduge..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yee Maya Chesave Movie Hidden Details

26th release avubothunna Yee maya chesave moovie meeda heavy expectations vunnayi.. Avvani aa movie reach avuthunda leda.. ani telusu kovali ante.. click on read more..

cick on the image to view Bigger.

Sachin Tendulkar Scored First Double Century/ton in ODI history

Sachin Tussi great ho!!!. Today i was so lucky to watch your outstanding innings 200* not out.Thanks for the great show.I felt the pressure , I felt butterflies around my stomach, But u played coolly as usual and made 2 runs to surpass 194 runs.Then lot of drama happened in 47,48th over.. finally at 50th over u made it!!!!!!. The dream which every batsman think of, The dream which every team think of... The first ever double century in One day international..
Jahapana Tussi great ho!!!!!!! we proud to be a fan of yours..
We love you sachin...

- From Myreviews4all Blog..

Adhurs 7th (seventh) Week Poster - Theaters list

Adhurs movie 50days ki chala daggaralo vundi. ee movie uttharandhra lo 30 Theaters release aithey 27 theaters lo 50 days jarpukuntundhi..Inka strong share and collections tho nadusthundhi.Total 50days theaters count inko 2 to 3 days lo vasthundhi..

PS:- Thanks Nani For sharing this info.

Naga Chaitanya next movie in Geeta Arts - Sukumar- Devi Sri Prasad

Josh Movie release munde.."Yee Maya Chesave" movie lo chance kottesina Chaitanya.. Ippudu yee maya chesave release munde inko mega offer dakkinchukunnadu.. aa movie details telusu kovali ante click on read more.

                                            Geetha Arts oka movie Sukumar direction lo plan chesthundhi.Intial ga hero role ki "Varun sandesh" ni consider chesaru. Kani latest news prakaram Varun sandesh ni ippudu mana chaitanya replace chesthunnadu.Heroine Tammanah and Music director for this movie is "Devi Sri". ee combination chuthunte maro youth ful entertainer ni manam expect cheyavacchu.. All the best to naga chaitanya..

Ramanaidu Family photo lo Nagachaitanya and His mother Laxmi - unseen

Sitting (From Left) : D.Lakshmi (Suresh Babu’s Wife) , D.Suresh Babu, Dr. D. Ramanaidu, Master Arjun, D.Rajeswari, D.Venkatesh Babu, D.Neeraja, Baby Bhavana, Sharat Raghavan, Laxmi Vijay Raghavan (Nagarjuna’s First Wife)
Standing (from left) : Kum. Ashritha, Mr.Rana, Master Abhiram, Baby Havya Vahini, Baby Malvika, Master Chaitanya
Click on the image to view bigger.

Em Maya Chesave / Yee Maya Chesave releasing Theaters list

EE movie Sandhya lo Kedi movie ni replace chesthundhi.Prasthuthaniki confirm ayina confirm ayina theater list idhi. Inka perige chance vundavacchu.
to see the theaters list click on the image.

ETV Suman Babu Dance in Wow Show

Cant Stop laughing..Jackson and prabudeva ni minchipoyadu mana suman babu dance lo..Thanks Nani for Sharing this amazing gif .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RamCharan at Orange movie Shooting location - Mumbai - Unseen

Ramcharan at orange shooting location, Shashank thammi valla freind mumbai ki vellinappudu   akkada mobile dwara teesina photo idhi..Click on the image to view bigger.

Balakrishna as Simha - Latest coverpage of Chitram paper - Audio release date

Still adirindhi..simha movie audio march 5th kani march 7th kani release chestharu ani filmnagar lo antunnaru.. cinema lo flash back episode highlight ga vuntundhi antunnaru..
Lets see how ballaya is going to mesmerize his fans by his simha movie.
                  All the best to baalaya babu and his team
Click on the image to view bigger

Manjula Interview about nagachaitanya and yee maya chesave.

Manjula inteview lo, Yee maya chesave movie chai carrier ke pedda turning point ani cheputhunnaru.Inka ee movie gurinchi chala details iccharu.
Click on the image to read the complete interview.

Rajani kanth's daughter Soundarya Engagement gallery

South Super Star rajanikanth Chinna Koothru "Soundarya" engagement chala grand ga jarigindhi,Cinema field lo vunna stars andharu ee function ki vaccharu..Director shankar,Ajith,Kamalhassan ila andharu vaccharu.. kosamerupu emiti ante.. Tamil nadu CM karunanidhi thana iddhari pellala tho vaccharu.. 8,9th photos ave..
to check the remaining photos click on read more.

Kalavar King release theaters at Hyderabad and Nijam area

Nikhil anno asalu pettukunna ee kalavar king movie feb 26th na release avuthundhi..
Kukatpally sivaparvathy lo ichaaru.. aa theater lo icchina movies anni dadapu flop ayyayi.. kanisam ee movie aa jinx ne break cheyali ani korukuntunna..

Click on the image to view bigger.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nagarjuna Childhood picture along with his mother - Unseen

Mana Yuva Samrat and King Nagarjuna,Chinnapti photo. Specially for my blog visitors..
                  Click on the image to view bigger.

Yee Maya Chesave - Releasing on feb 26th

Paper lo official release date veyatam first time movie manchi hit ayyi Chaitanya carrier ki baga help avvali ani korukuntu..

ATB to ANC (Akkineni Naga Chaitanya)

Tamil Actor Arya in Varudu movie - Gallery

 Tamil lo manchi market vunna hero Arya.Arya ippudu Allu Arjun varudu movie lo negative role vesthunnadu. 
                         Arya ante meeku inka gurthuku raledu ante oka chinna hint. Recent ga vacchina "Nenu Devudini" ane dubbing movie lo hero ithade. Vardu movie lo Arya photos total ga five upload chesa.. to see the remaining click on read more.

Click on the images to view bigger.

Vijay coming as SURA - April release

Recent ga "vettaikaran" anna movie tho vacchi.. Thana fans ni tappa evvarini alarinchani Mana vijay ippudu "SURA" ane movie tho April lo vasthunnadu..
                wallpaper enduku pettanu ante..sariga poster lo chudandi.. oka shark mana hero meedaki attack chesthunnatu pettaru...

Edhi emaina mana vijay rocks anthey...Asadhyalani Susadhyam chesthadu...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Manchu Vishnu First Movie - Vishnu - My Experience

Mohan babu Modati koduku Vishnu first movie “Vishnu” ki nenu Guntur lo first day vella.. appudu naa experience ela vundi. Entha narakam anubhavinchanu ani telusu kovali ante click on read more…

Pandagakani intiki vacchavu.. ipppudu kuda cinemalu entra ani intlo entha cheputhunna “Vishnu” movie ki bayaludera.. emi cheyamantaru cheppandi.. TV ads bhebhastham ga iccharu.. aa Adv meeru marchipoyi vunte oka sari gurthu chestha.. “Oka Abbayi ala naduchukuntu velthuvuntadu.. vadini chusi Chinna pillalu and Old people antha super antu vuntaru.. camera correct ga a face meedaki velli mundu..okka sariga screen antha black ayyi.. “Vishnu” ani paduthundhi.. vayemmo, Mahesh babu debue kuda intha keka advs ivvalaledu.. ee korradu super emo anna feel vacchindhi..

Adhi kaka, ee movie lo sakshi sivanand chellalu heroine ani.. inka curiosity pencharu.. First day , matinee show kani vella.. Pedda line.. mothaniki naku ma friend ki tickets dorikayi.. memu ala tickets teesukoni..pakkana vunna soda shop ki velli.. Sugandha Soda taguthunnam.. Appude morning show vadilina janam bayataku vasthunnaru.. vallalo vunna maa friend pavan ni chusi.. pedda ga vadi peru aricha.. (Appatlo mobiles costly). Vadu maa daggariki.. entra meeru ee movie ki velthunnara? Ani pedda ga navvadu.. memu shock entra emaindhi.. ante.. pavan serious ga meeru curiosity nee champanu mama movie chudandhi. Chusi.. bayataki ragane meeru iddharu rendesi sodhalu dagathuru ani.. cheppi.. vadu navvukuntu vellipoyada..

Baytaki velthunna jananni chusthunte.. papam.. vedi ga vunna bolier lo boil chesina mohalu la vunnaru.. vallalo okadini nenu ila adiga.. “ Anna ! hero mohan babu koduku kada..Mohan Babu antene.. Dialogues ki famous mari ee korradu ela cheppadu ani adiga”…. Na question ki answer ga aa peddha ayina.. padi padi navvi… ila annadu..”ila dialogues cheppe hero ee industry lo ippatiki varku leru.. raru kuda”. Cheppina aayina kuda maa friend laga peddha ga navvukuntu vellipoyadu..

Inka movie start.. parigethu kuntu velli.. seats lo koorchunnama anthey, intro song.. dance bane vesadu lera.. anukunna.. inka dialogues start.. “Naku Dende (Rende) Tedusu(Telusu). Okadhi(Okati) Chidutha(Chirutha) pooli aa tiragabhadham(Tirigabadhtam) inkothi(inkoti)…”.. ila telugu ni thana daina different style Manchu Vishnu dialogues delivery isthu vunte.. Serious situations kuda janam pagalapadi navvuthunnaru.. ..Appudu naku gurthu vacchindhi.. maa friend enduku navvado.. aa peddha ayina..enduku “ila dialogues cheppe hero ledu.. radu” annado....

2 hours bheja fry tarvtha.. theater nunchi bayataki ragane… sodalu tagam.. tagina tarvutha.. evening show ki velthunna vallani chusi memu kooda peedha ga navvukunam.. ala enduku navvamo.. meeku naaaku mathrame telusu.. evening show ki vellina vallu kuda.. second show kelle vallani chusi navve vuntaru.. papam second show vallake a chance ledu…

PS :- Vishu movie Cd release ayyaka.. Tecchi naa system lo copy chesukunna.. eppudanna manasu baga lekapothey.. aa roju.. ee movie chusi hayiga navvukunevadini..

Trisha on SouthScope magazine coverpage- March edition 2010

Mana South Heroines ni hot ga chupisthunna "South Scope" magazine march edition lo trisha photo coverpage ga vasthundhi.. aa coverpage ki mana trisha papa chudandi enthala pose icchindho.
       Click on the image to view bigger.