Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Birthday to my blog - my one year expereince in blogging world.

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7/8/09 - fancy date na... i didn’t observe this when i start my blog. But later I came to Know that, my blog started on a fancy date and one more interesting happened. My first post About movies in this blog is muhurtham of simha , amazingly today(7/8/10) is the 100th day of
The simha. What a coincidence!!!!

Blog story (history) - 
From child hood , iam very much interested in movies, after watching the movie, i use to tell story in a detailed way to my brother( still iam doing that :)) , later this  detailed view of telling stories transformed into to writing the reviews. i use to send the emails on the talk of the movies to my freinds in States.but i never thought of starting a blog.
                              but joining in job , changed my life completely. initial two years of carrier is very busy and hardly i visit websites. After coming to Mumbai, life changed a bit and becomes smooth, slowly i am started visiting sites. but major sites are biased so i started believing blogspots. nagrockz ,harithehero are my fav blogs. but no blogs gave good information about movies in Mumbai. One day, during a general discussion with my rommies venky, charkri and raj, we got an idea that why cant we start a blog and write our own views. From that time i focused on all blogs and the way they wrote and present.

One fine day(that's this day exactly last year, its Friday and iam bit free on that day)  in the office i created this blog.(myreviews4all). behind the name of this blogs there is no big history. its just came like that.

major turning point for my blog is "Ek niranjan" song, the parody song written by me became a huge hit in the internet and the same song came to as a forward mail. and after adhurs movie my blog views become consistent and now, its good. i never think of clicks and ratings. I just want to share the things.Even me and my cousin tried to post my links in some DB's for some time (hardly one month). But later i stopped that also.

All the reviews in the blog are completly my views, i like kedi movie, many doesn’t . No this i will try to write the view and opinions of my own.

Vinay, raj, Shankar Anna, shoban , nag , venky and my remaining mumbai batch , they consistently supported me and boosts my confidence that i can write and maintain a blog.

praveen anna - he gives me valuable suggestions and taught me the web behavoiur, thanks for that anna.

freinds - ravi , ashok reddy , sasanka, srikanth, mohan and many more these people encourage me there comments and posts in this blog.

getting the clicks more than 1, 44,000(still counting) in less than year  is not a simple thing, its all happened becoz of you all. Thanks for that.

in this one year of journey slowly my blog transforms into our blog.. love you all.. thanks for the support and support me the same.

ps:- iam trying to get shankar anna(believe me guys he is amazing when he speaks about politics) to write reviews on politics, if he say ok. That will be one more feather in our blog cap ;). and iam planning for a complete telugu blog where i will write a short stories and real life comedy incidents. 

finally to all persons, who travelled along with me in this blogging world. Happy Blogaversary. :)