Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pavan Kalyan get up / Style in Gabbar Singh - remake of Dabbang - First Look

Rayban Style same maintain chesaru and netthiki towel chuttaru :) Mass look bane vundi..

aa netthina towel chusthunte.. ee movie teesaka producer , release chesaka distubutor ila netthina gudda esukovali ani indirect ga chepthunnattu vundi.. what u say guys?.. Pavan fans.. iam juss kidding :)

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ETV Dhee Jodi Winner - Sekhar master - Dance School Details - Contact details / Phone / Mobile number of Sekhar master.

Sekhar master is a well known dance master, who won ETV Dhee Jodi . He even missed ETV Dhee-2 in finals because of contestant health problem.As you all know he is my favorite dance master.I like the way he behaves , he is humble , soft spoken and maintains his diginity well.

i receive lot comments and mails about sekhar master , and many people want to know about his dance school contact details and personal contact details of sekhar master.

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Sekhar master dance school details :-

Contact number - 9000771997 - Contact person - Hajju (Assistant of sekhar master)

to mail sekhar directly.. contact him via


Hero Siddharth on 180 movie collections and movie talk - 180 movie success meet.

Cinema chusi prekshakuluu entho feel ayyi badha tho silent ayipothunnaru.. collections steady ga vunnayi anta.. nammasakyam ga leda.. papam siddhu chepthunnadu ga.. nammedham.. badrinath movie ki record collections vacchayi annadi entha nijamo.. 180 ni chusi prekshakuluku mecchukuntunnaru annadhi kooda anthey nijam.


Srinivasan / ratnakar Contradictory Statements about 35 lakhs - in Puttaparthi - Sathya Saibaba trust

Name of the trust is Satya Sai baba, but every thing is asathya over there.When police seized 35 lakhs ,ratnakar told this money belong 12 devotees.. Later they changed that one devotee gave 35 lakhs to built sai maha samadhi... is there any relevance in above two statements.
                                     Even they add more comments like, they never took money yajurvana mandir. Satya Sai himself use to take the money and keep them safe.when i hear those answers the following doubts stuck to my mind , If Satya Sai is a god , why he cares about money? why he cares about diamonds? why he puts these useless people as the trust members??? what ever its puttaparthi is going to loose all its name and fame.

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