Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surya / Muraga Doss 7 AM Arivu / 7th Sense movie Full / Complete mp3 Songs Free Download

.:: Track List ::.
01. Oh Ringa Ringa.
Singers: Roshan – Jerry John
Addni Voice : Benny, Suchitra
Lyricis: Pa.Vijay
02. Mun Andhi.
Singers: Karthik
Addni Voice : Megha
Lyricis: Na.Muthukumar
03. Yellae Lama.
Singers: Karthik, Shalini, Shruthi Hassan, Vijay Prakash
Lyricis: Na.Muthukumar
04. Yamma Yamma.
Singers: S. P. Bala,
Addni Voice : Swetha Menon
Lyricis: Kabilan
05. Innum Enna Thozha.
Singers: Balram
Addni Voice : Naresh Iyer, Suchith Suresan
Lyricis: Pa.Vijay
06. The Rise of Damo.
Singers: Hao Wang

for the 7th AM Arivu - Tamil versio click here to download the songs 

for the 7th Sense - Telugu version songs download click here

please i kept these songs for promotional purpose. try to buy the original CD to listen the music.. if any disputes happen, this link may get removed at any time.. till that time enjoy the rocking music of harris.. for telugu version.. i will update the mp3 soon when the audio get released.

Maheshbabu Dhookudu / dhukudu / dookudu movie live updates - movie talk / review from preview - fans show - updated with talk

Note :- this is the report i got from fans show.. to read my detailed review click here

first half pretty normal comedy.. 
Mahesh is a police officer and prakash raj is his father..
prakash raj chala kalam kritham koma loki velthadu..
Prakash raj is a big fan of NTR.. so NTR swargasthulayyaru ani chepthey tattukoledu ani.. Prime minister ayyadua ni cheptharu anta
NTR Speeches and NTR gurinchi chala ekkuva chupincharu anta.
Then Prakash korikala kosam mahesh MLA avvatam and movie teeyatam chesthadu.
first half lo NTR hungama nee ekkuva vundhi anta..

Brahmi dhi house owner character and MS narayana hero la act chese character.. anni heros ni imitate chesadu anta..
valla comedy koncham parla..
Heroine role is limited in first half.
Glamour wise samanth is biggest assest.
Last 30 mins full dragging..but climax lo brahmi comedy too good
overall below avg stuff - avg stuff... 
Mahesh fans kante Nandamuri fans ee movie ni ekkuva enjoy chestharu ani inside info..:)

Thanks to chinna for sending me this report.

note :- this is not my review.. this is the talk i received from my freind..  i will update my review after watching the movie.. this post is for the people who are excited to know the news about the movie.

mahesh babu dhookudu/ dookudu /dhukudu mumbai - Surat - pune - complete releasing theaters list

Click on read more to view the theaters list of pune and other theaters in mumbai.. 

 Mumbai -
Moviestar: Goregaon -  06:30 PM
Big Cinemas: Sangam, Andheri (East) - 05:45 PM
BIG Cinemas: Huma - Kanjurmarg - 05:15 PM
BIG Cinemas: Runwal - Mulund - 04:45 PM
BIG Cinemas: Palm Beach, Vashi - 04:45 PM
CineMAX: Vashi- 01:00 PM

Pune :-
Vishal E-Square: Pimpri - 09:30 AM 02:30 PM 07:30 PM 08:30 PM
Bollywood Multiplex: Kharadi - 10:00 AM 03:00 PM 09:00 PM
E-Square: University Road - 01:30 PM 08:30 PM08:45 PM
BIG Cinemas: Chinchwad - 07:45 PM
City Pride: Kothrud - 05:30 PM

For complete mumbai and surat theaters list click on the image above.. PVR will update the showtiming soon.. stick to this place to for latest updates

Mahesh babu - Dhookudu / dhukudu / Dookudu movie story line - complete story?????

Click on read more to view the story of dookudu
Mahesh babu is son of Prakash Raj Prakash raj has lots of career ambitions for which he cannot do justice bcoz of responsibilities.. so normal 9 to 5 daily serial father laaga vundipothaadu.
                                     Mahesh babu on the other hand is dynamic.. so he realizes his father has so many ambitions.. koduku ki naa ivvali anukunataaru fathers.. so Mahesh takes the responsibility and he tries to do what ever his father wants to become. 

following are the ambitions for Prakash raj: 

Dream 1- to work as police .
      so Mahesh becomes a paid officer.. criminals ni pattisthadu to police.. but not full time job.. like a part time.. (ilanti jobs kooda vunataya?).. i think mostly like bounty hunter 

Dream 2 - to become movie director . 
 Mahesh starts working on this issue..he tries to manage MS narayana .. 30yrs industry star..chaala yrs ninchi hit Mahesh convinces himself as a stars comedy.. fortunately movie hit avuthundhi.. Brahmi is either manager or Actual BRahmanandham in this movie..

Dream 3 - to become politician: 
second half twist is. movie lo hero ina MS will help Mahesh in every aspect for him to become a politician....

my word :- not sure about this.. but this is the story that getting rounds in film nagar.. if this is the story perfect screen play vunte bavuntundhi .. lekapothey addam ga dobbuthundhi.. adanna mata matter