Saturday, July 16, 2011

this week released movies talk / review / previews

1) Zindagi na mila dobara
2)Nanna / Deviya thirumagan
3) Kanchana - Muni 2
4)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

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1)Zindagi na mila dobara :

* First half of the movie is too good
* Its all about to lead the life as if there is no tommorow.
* Based on a small bet between freinds , they have to overcome there fears this is the basic plot of the movie.
* Zoya akthar executed the movie well.
* Try to watch this movie , you wont get disappointed.

2)Nanna / Deviya thirumagan
* Vikram rocked all the way with his performances.
* Every body in the movie give there best performaces.
* Less comedy quotient makes this movie little boring.
* as this movie tend for A centers , we cant expect much collections.
* go watch it for vikram action.

3) kanchana

* As i told earlier , this movie is loud.
* First half is very boring and second half scores better.
* try to avoid this movie , if you dont want any headache.

4) Harry potter 7th part

* The final part of harrypotter.
* This movie lived up to the expectations.
* as you all know, they show how harrypotter kills voldemart in this movie.
* Dont miss this movie , if you are a harrypotter fan.


nagachaitanya / dhada - dadha movie first look teaser video - trailer

Chetilo vunna gun ni chusav kani venaka vunna bullet ni chudaledu ra.. dialogue arupulu..
Josh movie lo second half lo chai mass action raccha vuntundhi.. ee movie motham adhey tempo maintain chesinattu vunnadu..:)