Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jhummandhi Nadam Movie review From Preview Show - Movie Talk

Movie talk update chesa..
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* Cheppukone antha goppa story emi kadu.
* Songs picturisation super ga vunnayi, same with comedy.. konni sarlu 1990 lo chusina athi comedy la vunna.. most times its good.
* Mohanbabu character ki movie lo manchi importance.
* Overall ga aithey.. old story told in old way.
* Songs, comedy, Tapsee glamour okkate saving grace.
* Max four weeks lo movie pack antunnaru..

ps:- laxmi prasanna pictures, vallaki hit eppudosthondho emito..

Bheemili Kabbadi Jattu Movie release Date - RB Chowdary Interview on that movie

already ee movie gurinchi munde kontha cheppukunnam, July 9th na release date confirm chesaru.. ee movie producer rb chowdary gari interview chadavali on read more.

Brahma Lokam to Yama Lokam Via BooLokam Movie - Audio released

Cinemalo graphics highlight ani cheputhunnaru. Poster chuste interesting gane vundi. Lets wait and see

Jhummandhi Nadam Releasing Today - Hyderabad and Naizam Theaters List

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