Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Psychic Octopus Football World Cup 2010 - Germany - Semi-Final Prediction - is it True ?

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In Germany , there is a Octopus, which predicting the match result before the match and the result is coming as per its prediction.Its True!!!!!!!

The Octopus Name is "Paul". Here is the process..Paul’s technique uses two plastic boxes, one with a German flag and one with that of the team’s opponent, which are lowered into his tank. Each contains a tasty morsel of food, and the box that Paul opens first is judged to be his predicted winner.

and its prediction came true in quater's and early matches.. but semi final match prediction broke the hearts of Germany.. as it touched spain box(Check the photo above).

But according the numerology.. Germany has to win. and one more info is that This paul octopus.. predicted the wrong winner in 2006..

But finally i want to say one thing, which team plays well they will win on that day.. All the best for both teams.

Will Pawan kalyan create the history like Naga Chaitanya ??

hero ga enno records andukunna pawan kalyan, latest heart throb ayina chaitu nee dentlo beat cheyali.. assalu.. emiti aa history anukuntunnara.. click on read more... to know that.

 puli movie lo mana mundu vasthunnadu pawan kalyan, aithey ee movie ki music director evaro telusu kada.. "AR rahman". mari Rahman ki oka record vundi.. telugu lo direct ga music icchina ee movie kuda hit kaledu..
                            kani.. "Yee maya chesave" tho naga chaitanya aa jinx ni break chesadu.. aithey chala mandi YMC ni dubbing movie ane chance vundi.. alanti vallaki oka chinna request .. please try to learn the difference between "Bilangual" movie and dubbing movie. Mari naga chaitanya la.. Rahman jinx ni break chesthada. leka migilina heros la.. tagguthadu.. let' see.

Mahesh babu - Trivikram Combo Movie - Saradhi Turned as " Khaleja "

Mahesh babu hero ga.. trivikram (saaaagaa??) teesuthunna movie ki name confirm ayyindhi. Saradhi ga confirm ayyindhi ani strong ga rumours vacchina.. final ga "Khaleja" ane peru ni confirm chesaru.
                        Three letters sentiment vunna maheshbabu ki, malla adhey senti ni follow avuthu three letters name ayina "Khaleja" tho mana nunduku vasthunnaru.. "Athidi" la neerasam ga lekunda.. "pokiri" la full josh ga vundali ani.. wishing from our blog..