Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ramudu Bheemudu Movie review By Ravi - Friends Hub

One of the best movies in NBK Carrier, ee movie lo vacche comedy scenes ante naku chaals istam.ilanti patha movies meeda reviews rasthunnaduku thanks to ravi.to check the review of Ravi click on read more.

Production: Satyam ciné enterprise
Cast: Balakrishna, Raadha, Suhasini, Jagayya, Rao goparalaro, Satyanarayna, Annapurna ,Sudhakar, Chalapathi Rao
Story: V.C guhanadhan
Songs: Veturi sundaramamurthi
Music: Chakravarthi
Producer: C.H.V.V satyanarayana
Director : K. Muralimohanarao

Story: There are two twins(one is rich and the other is a watchmen) . The story is very simple. There are 2 villans and 2 heroines. One for each role. Rao Goapalrao tries to cheat and get the money from the rich NBK who is innocent. Satyanarayna tries to get the land from poor people and he is stopped by the other NBk. Along the line they realize they are twins and rest of the story is how they put a stop the villans and live happily every after.

Performances: Balakrishna has done dual role in this movie. He acted very well and shown variations in both roles, but he is mostly suited to bheemudu role. He looked very smart in this movie in both roles. Raadha has done very well and the same goes for suhasini as well. Rao gopalrao is superb as one of the villans. Satyanarayna garu did justice to his role as well. Jagayyagaru doesnt have a big role to play. Rest of the cast did their parts well.

Music: Music by chakravathi is alright. There are not many great songs in the album which u can remember but there are good songs overall. BGM was ok

Direction: The director narrated the story without any dragging scenes. There are no boring scenes in the movie. Right from the start he dealt it lighheartedly. The scene where Balakrishna bashes the gonns in the getup of bheema was a bit too much. The climax was also dealt without any dramas.

Final word: A good movie which can be enjoyed with whole family. Its nothing new in terms of story telling, a good time pass movie. Good performance by NBK and lightheartedness nature of this movie makes it a good family movie

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