Friday, August 19, 2011

Shiva rajkumar / siva rajkumar / prem - jogayya movie short review - movie talk

*Movie is good in parts
*Shiva raj kumar looks bad in movie and his character is not having energy.
*New Heroine doesnot fit in the role.
* Movie is same line of super , as they show what if people take control over government
* this movie is all about politics and underworld.
* Comedy is not proper and main culprit is screenplay.
* only plus for this movie is songs.
*This movie is strictly for fans and normal audience can easy avoid this.
* 100th movie of siva rajkumar is not up to the mark.
*Prem bites the dust once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jagayya movie releasing today / theaters list in bangalore

after the mega success of jogi movie Shivrajkumar and prem came together to make a sequel to jogi named as 'jogayya'.
There are lot of specialities in this movie..
one song completly shoot in 3d.
satellite rights sold for more than 2 crores..its a record in kannada industry.
Heroine rakshita is the producer for this movie..
when advance booking starts first 3 days movie tickets get sold off in 45 mins in single theaters..
to view the complete theaters list of this movie click on read more.

INOX: Jayanagar - Garuda Swagath m all - 12:50 Pm 03:40 Pm 06:30 Pm 09:20 Pm
Gopalan Cinemas: Arch m all, RR Nagar, m ysore Road - 10:15 Am 10:30 Am 11:00 Am 12:45 Pm 03:30 Pm 06:15 Pm 08:45 Pm 09:45 Pm
Gopalan mall: Sirsi Circle, m ysore Road- 12:00 Pm 01:00 Pm 03:45 Pm 06:30 Pm 07:15 Pm 09:30 Pm
Fun Cinemas: Cunningham Road- 10:15 Am 01:15 Pm 04:00 Pm 06:45 Pm 09:25 Pm
Cinepolis: Banerghatta Road- 01:40 Pm 04:20 Pm 07:00 Pm 09:40 Pm
Gopalan Cinemas: Bannerghatta Road -10:15 Am 11:00 Am 01:00 Pm 03:45 Pm 05:00 Pm 07:30 Pm 09:40 Pm
INOX: m alleshwaram - m antri Square - 11:15 Am 12:50 Pm 03:40 Pm 06:30 Pm 09:20 Pm
Fam e Forum Value mall: Whitefield - 10:00 Am 12:50 Pm 03:40 Pm 06:30 Pm 09:20 Pm
INOX: JP Nagar - Central, m antri Junction - 12:50 Pm 03:40 Pm 06:30 Pm 09:20 Pm
INOX: magrath Road - Garuda m all - 12:21 Pm 03:25 Pm 06:20 Pm 09:15 Pm
Vision Cinemas - 12:30 Pm 03:00 Pm 05:30 Pm 07:45 Pm
Fam e Lido: Off mG Road - 12:50 Pm 03:40 Pm 06:30 Pm
Hm T Cinema, Jalahalli - 10:45 Am 01:30 Pm 04:15 Pm
Innovative multiplex: m arathalli - 11:45 Am 05:00 Pm 07:30 Pm

and many more single theaters.. i never seen such a big release for kannada movie.. lets see how the movie fares at box office


NBK / balayya / bala krishna / bapu / ilaya raja - Sri Rama rajyam / sriramarajyam movie audio review - my view

sampoorna ramanayam lanti oka maha kavyanni teesina bapu garu ramayannanni malli teesthunnaru.. adhi kooda NBK ramudu ga ante expectations heavy ga vuntayi.. music ilayaraja garu anagane expectations sky ki reach avuthayi.. maari songs aa expectations reach ayyayo ledo chuddam
click on read more to view the audio review of sri rama rajyam movie.

1.jagadadhanda karaka
Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam ,Shreya ghosal
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration:5:14 mins

vinagane ventane nacche song idhi, haayi golipe tune and shreya ghosal voice tho SPB gari gonthu inkem kavali..
lyrics batti , ramudu vanavasam nunchi tirigi rajyaniki vacche tappudu song idhi anukuta. this song is a intant winner.

Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam , Akkineni nageswara rao garu
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration:- 1.30 mins

ramudu gurinchi varninchey song. Simple tune with amazing lyrics..."Omkariniki sari jodu , viluvalu kaligina vilu kadu.." ila simple lyrics tho effective ga vundi.

3.Sita Rama Charitham
Artist(s): Anitha, Keerthana
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 6.33 mins

Sita apaharana nunchi ravana vadha daka ramayananni varnichey song... lava kushalu pade song idhi.. lyrics are good .
on screen presentation meeda depend ayina song idhi.

4.Sri Rama Lera
Artist(s): Ramu, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 4.45 mins

sri rama lera , antu ramudu sakthi ni , ramudi daksthani pogide song idhi.Shreya goshal gurinchi cheppedhi emundhi.. ramu ane ayina song chala baga padaru.overall its a good song..

Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal, Chitra
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 5.23 mins

vinudi vinudi ramanya gadha latest version song idhi.old one compare cheyyalem kani.. in its own way this song is good.

6.Gali Ningi Neeru
Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 4.34 mins
Sita devi ni adavulaki pampe tappudu vacche song idhi.. song lyrics bane vunnayi kani.. song lo beat chusthey pouraniki cinema lo vunde.. song la aithey ledu.. other than this no other complaints on this song

Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal, Chitra
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 6.28 mins

one more song for lavakusha.. ramayanam goppathanam gurinchi cheppe song idhi.Lyrics and Song are good.

Artist(s): Surabhi Sravani, Keerthana
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration:- 1.11 mins

Bit song , ramuni dandakam idhi.. no comments on this song.

9.Sita Seemantham
Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration :- 4.57 mins
Seeta seemantham song, same complaint as 6th song.. normal movie lo song vinnatu vundi and song lo grandness ledu. on screen meeda ela vuntundo chudali.

10.Rama Rama Ane
Artist(s): Swetha, Anitha
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration: 4.33 mins
folk style lo vunna song idhi.. ramudu chinnappati gurinchi bale varincharu. tunes kooda old format lo vundi.ramudi chinnappadu intha allari vada ani aniposthundhi ee song vinte.

11.Kalaya Nijama
Artist(s): Tippu
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 1.53 mins
hanumanthudu padina song idhi...ramadu sita ni vellipommannappudu hanumanthudu badha paduthu pade song.samudranni dati kalipanu aithey ippudu swamy agna ki eduru cheppalenu , emi cheyagalanu antu hanumanthudu badha baaga varnincharu

12.Idi Pattabhi
Artist(s): Swetha
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 2.35 mins
may be movie last lo vasthundhi emo ee song!!!nothing much to comment on this song.

Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration :1.08 mins
bit song!!!!ramudu pooja chesthunnappaddu vacche song anukunta.

14.Shanku Chakrala
Artist(s): Swetha
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 1.00 mins
one more bit song!!! idhi pattabhi song lo bit idhi.. same song lo oka chinna bit ni inko song la iccharu.

15.Mangalamu Ramunaku
Artist(s): Anitha, Keerthana
Lyricist: Jonnavithula
Duration : 00.53 mins
mangala harithi song la vundi... mangala harithi song audio ki close touch iccharu..

my view :- no complaints!!! anni songs bavunnayi.. first song is the instant winner .. migilina songs anni kooda chakka ga vunnayi.. ika nunchi temples lo ee cassette ni mootha mogistharu.. best thing about this audio.. there is no romantic song.. enthayina bapu garu bapu gare.. idhey aa raghavendra rao aithey ekkado oka chota romantic song irikinchey vadu.
Movie collections ni tappaka penchey audio and prathi song lo prathi word ni chala jagratha ga rasaru.. and manchi care teesukunnaru.. thanks to ilayaraja for these songs...Looking forward to see this movie on big screen