Friday, August 12, 2011

Ram 's Kandhireega / kandireega movie talk / review for the preview show

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Ram ki energetic star anna title ni icchesaru..
Hansika looks bad!! and suprisingly aksha is the show stealer with her action.
Anni ram old movies format lo lane vuntayi..
Nothing new in story.
Sonusood villain action bavundhi.. Scenes between ram and sonusoodu baga pelayi.
manchi comedy vundi cinema lo.
ram babu time teesukunna manchi movie thone vacchadu.
Fights and certain scenes lo action over ga vunna..avi passable.
Family audience ni easy ga attract chese movie.
Manchi timepass movie have a look.
Daggaralo cinemalu emi lekapovatam cinema ki plus ayyindhi.
easy ga collections vacchesthayi..


Ram 's Kandhireega / kandireega movie - bangalore / bengaluru releasing theaters list

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Dhada ki -ve talk ravatam ee movie ki plus ayyindhi.. trailers chusthe action packed comedy entertainer la vundi.. all the best to kandireega team.. 

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