Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adhurs 50 Days Special Banners - Media Confirmed List From UA

Abimaninche hero movie 50th day ante, its more like a festival for fan.Ivvala Adhurs 50th day, Fans thama hero ayina NTR meeda abhimanam tho kattina special banners chudali ante click on read more.. and also to know the new records set by Adhurs click on read more

Adhurs answer to telangana Controvery - Special write up for 50days

Movie vacchi 50 days complete ayyindhi, Telangana controversy meeda media antha chala chettha matladi,e movie telangana lo ban kavataniki reason ayyaru. Evaru aithey ee movie gurinchi tappu ga matladaro valla kosame ee writeup. to read the article click on read more.

Coming Attracttion:Special article on Yee maya Chesave (YMC)

Adhurs 50days poster and Centers

155 centers lo 50 days that too with out telangana region ante cinema range ento manaku ardham avuthundhi.
                                    NTR Box office stamina ni maro sari proove chesina movie idhi.Exact centers list tho malli vastha.. And special write up on Adhurs movie coming soon.

Congrats to Adhurs team for the huge success

Maro Charitra 2010 Movie - Audio review

Young talented Mickey j Mayor,who stolen millions of hearts with his albums Leader,Ganesh ,Happy Days is back in the market with his new album “Marocharitra”. Maro charitra is the dilraju first production under his new banner “Matinee productions. To read the music review of maro charitra. .click on read more.

1)Prema prema – Karthik
As usually karthik excelled in this song. Lyrics in this song are too good. Pleasant song, if the situation matches in the movie, this song will rock for sure.

2)Yee Teega Puvvuno – Shweta pandit
By seeing the lyrics inlay card, I thought that this song will be remix of the original one. But this is not the remix, its complete new version of Yee Teega Puvvuno. Tune was completely changed, and it was cool as usual as mickey songs.
                               Some where between I felt the song just like “Kotha bangaru Lokam”. Sweetness of Shweta voice took the song to the next level. If u didn’t compare this song with old one, for sure all will like this number.

3)Bale Bale mogadivoy – Shweta pandit
This song looks like Club Number, its more like a song from Smitha Remix album. It’s not that much impressive.
In the old “Maro charithra” this song was a situation one, but in the new version its like a “Item Song”.

4)Ninnu Nannu - Shweta pandit, Sri Madumita
Though the Lyrics are good. I was bit disappointed.. Same types of tunes are getting repeated from mickey. Still he is in the hangover of Happy Days and KBL. Nothing new in the tune wise, But we can give full credit to the lyrics writer.

5)We Don’t Care – Ranjith ,Sunitha,Varun Sandesh
Typical hero introduction song, nothing great about this, tune was bit like “Rock On” from “Kurradu” movie, If the dance is going to be good then it will be fine, else this song will become a cigar one.

6)Ye Teega Puvvno (Male version) – Karthik.
If we stretched bubble gum so long how lengthy u feel, I felt the same with this song. Though karthik voice is good. Song was too slow; it doesn’t mean that to make pathetic song, song should be slow. Some how I felt the song as sleepy one.

Final word on the Album, 3 songs are quite impressive, rest of them are so so. Try to hear this album, This album will attract the students to theater.
All the best to maro charithra Team.

K.Vishwanath - Naresh - Manjari - Movie Gallery at Shooting location

We are lucky to see legend at working!!!. Viswanth garu , Naresh and Manjari tho oka cinema teesthunnaru..that movie working stills specially for my blog visitors.
click on read more to view the remaining working stills

Samantha Inteview about Yee maya Chesave - Sakshi

Em Maya Chesave movie tho okka sari lime light loki vacchina samantha ,Chaitanya gurinchi and Ye maya Chesave movie gurinchi emi cheppindho chudali ante click on the article.

Chukkalanti ammayi Chakkanaina abbayi Hot Stills - tarun and Vimala Raman

Tarun,Vimala Raman pair ga vasthunna movie Chukkalanti ammayi Chakkanaina abbayi. Ee movie lo nunchi oka song lo stills ivi.Asale summer hot lo release avunthunna ee movie inka youth lo entha hot puttisthondho. total ga 10 photos upload check the remaining click on read more.