Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shambo Shiva Shamboo Review from preview show

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1)Allari naresh character highlight.
2)First half with good comedy scenes and with unexpected twist.
3)Folk song and some excellent action scenes follows..
4)Second half over senti and movie was dragging
5)un perfect ending and un convinced climax ani antunnaru..

ee movie tamil lo chala baga adhindhi.. right from first day i have doubted this movie at boxoffice and is this movie going to proove that.verdict i cant say need to know more reviews from my freinds to tell the final verdict.

NamoVenkatesa review from preview show

To get the talk and review of Namo Venkatesa please click on read more.

1)Venky Introduction chala comedy ga vundhi anta..
2)Brahmi son ga master bharath chesadu. Paris prasad ga brahmi keka
4)First Song "Soundarya"...
3)Angelina Song lo Trisha costume baledu babooy
4)UK trip scenes ikkada asusual ga venky tho oka drunken act.. super comedy anta..
5)Third song "Nee kallalo".
6)Second half lo brahmi comedy highlight.
7)Non stop kalalu song...Venky- Brahmi tho vacche paripoyee scenes super anta.
8)"Ding Dong" Song and heavy action scenes are coming now.. appudappudu vache brahmi and venky comedy scenes keka anta.
9)FInal song "Namo Venkatesa".. and after that heeavy action paced climax.

Final ga movie bavundhi.. kakapothey second half lo koncham action ekkuva which was unexpected from venky. Verdict lets wait for some more time to check.

Happy Sankrathi.. and Kavitha on Sankranthi

Happy Sankranthi to all my blog visitors..

In behalf of sankrathi.. iam gonna gift u present..emito telusa.. 

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Kedi Audio released

Chala Silent ga ninna Audio release ayindhi.Yesterday media attention was towards Adhurs so Chala takkuva mandhi ki telusu audio ninna release ayindhi. Already it was released in market.enjoy the songs of KEDI. Manchi postive talk vacchindhi AUDIO meda.

Next Post:- Adhurs Review: Ninna night second show ki velli vaccha review radhamu office lo koncham work ekkuva ga vundhi. try to publish it by evening chala reviews lo editing,ani manchi critics words vaduru kani nenu oka lay man lang lo rayataniki try chestha .. Glue to this place for more updates

ShamboShivaShambo Realease Today

Tamil Chala pedda hit movie.. Akkada chinna movie la release ayyi pedda movie ayyindhi.. But ikkada ee movie total cost of production is around 20 crores ani talk vacchindhi.. Chala takkuva publicity tho release avunthundhi.. even TV lo kuda ekkada programs ravatam ledu. chudam movie ela aduthundho..

ATB to SSS team

Namo Venkatesa Release Today

Srinu Vytla , Venkatesh and Brahmanandam Chalu e combination theater vellataniki. Chudam movie ela vuntundho.. ATB to team

Media lo Adhurs .. Bedhurs /ticket rate Adhurs.

No movie got this much hype in media at the recent times. Yesterday almost in every tv they showed about adhurs,Even today they published in front pages.
Kavitha targeted adhurs movies, as she know that she will get good publicity mileage if she oppose NTR movie and it worked.but ironically TRS people doesnt support her at lot of places.U wont believe check "Andhrajyothy" Vinod comments on Kavitha.
Total Page number 9 motham Adhurs guriinchi.
Still there are lot more dark secrets about Adhurs. they selling tickets for 200rs that even in small towns like narasaraopet. we have to oppose this, they cashing on worship of the hero. Think like how can comman middle class man can spend 200rs for a single movie ticket.Media has to take action on this.