Monday, January 25, 2010

Anushka Panchakshari Logo released and movie information

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V.Samudra direction lo, Anushka thana personal makeup artist Producer ga chesthunna panchashari.. movie logo release chesaru.. idhi kuda arundhati laga women centric movie antunnaru..
Samudra thana style lo movie teesthnnadu ani talk..
Logo antha effective ga ledu.. same Arundhati logo ni chusthanna feel ee vasthundhi.. emantaru?

Mouna Ragam Audio release poster - Review

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Tarun replacement ani cheppavachu.. tanish gurinchi..
First two movie tho manchi peru sampadinchadu.. kakapothey posters chustha vunte mari chinna pilla vadila vunnadu heroines pakkana... emantaru???

inka music SA Rajkumar malla patha tunes todakunda kottha tunes isthe vinavacchu..
Final ga okati.. poster chusthunte oka feel good movie anipisthondhi.. and main plus point is "SRI SAI Deva Arts" banner ki audience lo vunna family image.

ATB to Mounaragam team.. Movie ki manchi response ravali ani korukuntu.

Daggubati Rana Childhood Pic - School Photo

Leader ga mana munduki rabothunna "RANA" School .Special for my blogger viewers.Click on the image to view bigger.

Yuganiki Okkadu Telugu Movie releasing on Jan 29th

Raviteja Veera First Look

Raviteja new movie "Veera". inka shooting start kaledu..

Adhurs and Magadheera First week Collection Comparision

Any press statement released by producer is the final offical figure of the movie collection.
But recently allu sirish in his web site he mentioned that "MD Collected 19 crores only and where as adhurs is going to collect the 14 crores".
   This was the statements which raises the mercury levels in the industry and this week adhurs movie collections are declared as 25 + crores.At this time i saw many sites they mentioned this is a stunt.. Then i started searching for MD First week Collection Statement.I found a interesting thing.
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Geetha Arts released a Paper statement that MD Collected 24.5 crores in first week which was wrong figure if we compare with allu sirish..if MD collections are true then ADHURS is also true...who will answer this questions.. iam not an anti for chiru family. but iam anti for wrong statements...
ok..please check the posters below..

if the above true .. then the below is also true..
Check the contoversy of AlluSirish here. click here for Allusirish Contro

Prabhas Darling Movie Updates

Prabhas new movie with karunakaran.. Movie name is "Darling".
Prabhas pairing with kajal in this movie.
->Chatrapathi producer Prasad is producer of this movie
->Presently fight episodes are getting canned in BANGKOK
->Before this they already filmed major part of the movie in a huge set erected at ARAKU.
->This movie is getting to release by this summer.


Simha New/Latest Wall Paper at Super Hit