Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mahatma Audio Review

Mahatma Audio Review :-

Normally in music reviews of all sites ,I never saw any srikanth movie.but this mahatma is Srikanth’s 100 movie, that too under direction of Krishnavamsi. Its enough to create interest to write review on mahatma music. Krishna Vamsi is known for his best music taste, first time ever krishnavamsi roped tamil music director “ Vijay anthony”. Lets see how the songs are :-

1)Em jaruguthundo :-

Chala manchi duet song idhi, and also its already proved song in tamil. Vijay simply take tune from his old tamil movie and used.Lyrics are cool .if you don’t heard this song in tamil, you will like it in the first time itself.

2)Indiramma :-

Indiramma inti peru kadu ra Gandhi… song starting ee keka… Gandhi word ki meaning ento cheppe song idhi.. Super.. This song touched my heart.For Lyrics , I will give 200 marks for 100 ,if possible. Antha bavunnayi…

3)Jajjanaka :-

“Naku mukka” song which rocked tamil nadu year ago and also If you go disco regularly or people who will hear tamil songs regularly.. will know this song.

I was wondered by hearing this song, and thinking what this mass masala song doing in mahatma.. Song matiki raccha. Mass ki pandugaaaa.

4)Nellapoori :-

Rela le rela type song idhi.. janapada pata.. … foot tapping song.. and the same time plesant ganu vundhi… ekkado munde vunna feeling vacchindhi,.. kani song matiki bavundhi

5)Thala Ethi :-

Inko meaning ful song.. “Thala Enthi jeevinchu tammuda.. telugu nelalo molakithi nannani”.. song starting idhi.. Telugu vadi goppadanam gurinchi cheppe song idhi.. Balu ee song ki pranam posadu..

Compulssary ga ee song poorthiaayaka malla manam repeat kodatham.. excellent work.

6)Dialammo dialommo :-

Same comments as jajanaka.. enduku ante.. idhi super hit song in tamil, that too 3 years back. Telugu kurralu , this song also going to rock you.

Finally ga one word :- with fours fast songs and two meaning ful songs tho mahatma audio is worth hearing. Naku 2 sarlu vinagane songs anni ekkayi…

All the best srikanth and Krishnavamsi, Audio lane movie kuda bavundalani korikuntu……

Sasidhar Anne.