Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baahubali / Bahubali - Premier show - fan show - Updates - Movie review

Finally most waited of the year baahubali / bahubali is going to release in two days ..

Booked the tickets for Thursday 8.40 PM show. I will start giving the updates from then. In the mean time if i get updates from any sources. i will keep updating this post. keep watching this space for more information..

Premier show updates:-
Show about begin in 50 mins ... Huge crowds in atlanta..Show about to start ... Theater motham raccha raccha
Ramyakrishna intro adrindi.
Prabhas intro elevation peaks and followed by sivudi ana song..
Tamannah intro lo butterflies use chesina vidhanam tho krr perfect student anipinchadu ssr.
Dheevara song visuals super.
Tamanna ki fight and she is playing a serious role... Suprise...
Devasena .kattappa and sudeep intro ayyindi.
Mahismathi kingdom visuals by mahismathi song.
Followed by excellent intro of rana with bull fight.
Devasena katappa scene lo anushka performance and makeup peaks.
Tamannah and prabhas love track followed by paccha bottesi song.. As of now love track okkate sarigga register avvaledu.. Bit forced.

Prabhas ni sainikulu baahubali ani pilavatam and he is going to mahismathi kingdom instead of tamannah.
Nippule swasaga song and prabhas entry into kingdom.

Ikkada cg work is very poor.

Interval mundu ballaladeva statue appudu sivudi help and akkada baahubali ani icchina elevation and emotion capture lo ssr kummesadu..

Sivudu saving devasena.. Kattappa sivudu fight then baahubali elevation 15 mins alladinchadu.. Goosebumps.. 25$ gittubatu ayyindi..

Sivudu nenu evarni scene and flashback time.. Mamathala thalli song..
Ramyakrishna kummesindi..
Suprise guest role by famous person.. Wont reveal more.. ;)
Manohari song time.. Item song idhi..
Kalakeya and mahismathi war time.
War scenes one of the best.. Intha kante cheppalenu..
Baahubali announced as king..
Flashback end.. 
Sivudu baahubali ni ela kill cheasaru ani adigina daniki kattapa cheppina answer one of the best twist 
1st part end..

Please keep in mind, this is first time ever two part movie in telugu and you may feel story is incomplete at the end.

Cg work failed in couple of scenes.. Mari childish ga teesaru..

Dont want to reveal more on story here and will update a detailed review on sunday.

Final word.. Dont miss this movie on bigscreen

Baahubali / Bahubali USA schedule updates

Finally Baahubali prints are arrived to USA. All premiers are scheduled to start by Thursday(July 9th) Afternoon. Total runtime of the movie is 2:39:47 secs.

information courtesy :- midwestmoviesus twitter handle.