Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winners List of Superhit Nagarjuna Birthday Wish Contest - My Wish got selected

yahoooooooooooo....my wish also got selected.. my name is there in Souvenir Winners List(9th name).

even in this selected list nagfans.com created a record, out of the selected members.. more than 30% are from Nagfans.com. Congrats all..

click here to open the super hit link

Mahesh Babu and Anuskha rocking still from Khaleja / Kaleja

Takita Takita movie hyderabad Releasing Theaters List

already audio adhirindhi.. check the review here. movie september 3rd na release chesthunnaru. Hope this movie will get decent run. All the best to bhoomika.

ps:- nag and anushka perlu chalu intial collections ravataniki.. if the movie is good, surely it will get good profit for bhoomika and co..

Jagapathi babu Gaayam 2 / gayam 2 Hyderabad - Naizam releasing theaters list

Jagapathi babu carrier ni decide chese movie idhi.. already industry lo manchi talk vacchindhi movie meeda.. all the best to jagapathi babu.

Article on ticket rate hikes from 50 rs to 75 rs by mohan CK

Ippudu Komarum puli movie kosam ticket rate ni 75rs ki penchali ani try chesthunnaru.. ala chesthe telugu films ki entha loss ani mohan garu baga rasaru.. to check that article click on read more.

We beg BIG 4 not to Kill our Mother.

Sadly, the cost of reaching out to the audience has become too expensive for small budget film makers.
The lessee’s are BIG block to our ideas and vision.
‘Increase success ratio’ is not the answer as no one starts to make dud, and the success rate is more or less same in all other language films.
 Greed could destroy the TFI.

watching  good cinema is going to become too expensive for the audience
if the ticket rates are increased from Rs 50 to 75/-

Geeta Arts  has requested the govt to increase ticket rates from 50 to 75rs and
Lobbying is at its peak to hike ticket rates to 75/-, especially to save the upcoming highly over budgeted flick
‘Komaram puli’

Case Study: 'Happy Happy Ga' Sudarshan 35mm Hyderabad
  Table 1 :                                                                                                     Table2:
 'Happy Happy Ga' share,                                                                             Ticket Hike Proposal by Geeta Arts                     
Class- Seats [1261]
[Excl rs2/- TMC]
Class- Seats [1261]
[Excl rs2/- TMC]
Rs50-2=48 x 525
Rs75-2=73 x 525
Rs40-2=38 x 317
Rs30-2=28 x 124
Rs40-2=38 x 124
Rs10-2=8 x 250
Rs20-2=18 x 250
Per Show Gross

28 Shows Gross

'HappyHappy Ga' 1st Week Gross
[33% occupancy- avg]
'Happy happy Ga' would have got 25% less collections if they had hiked the Ticket prices.
The producer would have got deficit of 1.85lakhs with additional 1.25 lakhs rental increase
15% E.Tax
Weekly Rental [21% ]
 Share to the Producer/Distributor
-1,10,000 Deficit
Deduct Distributors Commission 10% + P&A cost [Print ,Advertising]  75,000
Happy Happy Ga 1st week returns
-1,85,000 Deficit

Happy happy ga' collected 4 lakhs [1st week revenue], Lessee/Exhibitor got rs 2,75,000 including Rent and Theatre Maintenance Charges[TMC].
where as the Producer/Distributor got just 5,000 after deducting Print &Publicity  from the main theatre of Hyderabad.
Probably around 5 lakhs share from the entire state, even that paltry amount would be adjusted towards second week rental deficit.
On 4cr Investment producer gets 25% returns from satellite rights and he would quit the industry loosing 75% of his hard earned money.
Around 120 producers are making films to make lessee’s richer day by day and very few countable producers get back their investment.
'Happy Happy ga' atleast made the share of 5,000rs with these HIGH RENTAL, it would have got 2lakhs deficit if The Ticket rates were hiked as Geeta arts proposed

small film makers on an average have to shell down one and half lakhs plus on each theatre to release their film if the Ticke prices are hiked and that would be the death of small cinema

so keeping in mind Thousands of families we request Allu Aravind garu and Chiranjeevi garu not to take this extreme step for their selfish gain and cause damage to their mother Industry. The proposed hike will benefit only BIG4 and it will get angry reaction from audiences and telugu film Industry

Please don’t let that happen with your influence.
You can become the face and voice of alternative good quality cinema,that will take Telugu Cinema to the greater heights.
You growww..  and please allow others to survive.
You cant make others as you wish them to be,
Don’t make TFI a feudal industry, and don’t make our lives miserable.

We request the honorable Minister smt Geeta Reddy garu to reduce ticket rates from 50 to 35/- and issue the G.O making the Theatres run small budget films for 16 weeks on percentage system in the calendar year.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ram gopal varma , Obul reddy - raktha charithra/ raktha charitra - controversy

Monnati daka partitala ravi nunchi, suri nunchi bedirinpulu vacchayi.. ippudu release mundu.. obul reddy gang threatening cheyatam surprising ga vundi.. Obul reddy ante chala bad name vundi.. ammayulu kanipisthey padu chese vadu anna talk kooda vundi.. assalu obul reddy champi "paritala " hero ayyadu ani naa college days lo cheppe varu.. andhra jyothy lo vacchina mattet antha post chesa.. article second part kosam click on read more.

NTR Brindavanam / Brundavanam movie house set Location - gallery

Sets chala lavish ga vunnayi.. total ga 3 more update chesa..to view them click on read more.

Husband day care center - new name for wine shops

Mahesh Babu Khaleja / Kaleja on South Scope magazine cover page

Amazing still of mahesh.. rocking anthey

Funny User Registrations in Software companies

generally , they ask for the father details, what's this heck.. they are asking for new father details. click on the image to view bigger.

click on read more to view one more, i can bet by seeing that u will wonder like anything.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Comedy for you all - T rajendar english speaking

Sunil , Ram gopal varma - Katha Screenplay Appalraju Audio Song - Sattire on Telugu Directors

Varma guts ki oka "OOOOO" vesukondi.. telugu film industry lo ee okka director ni vadala ledu.. TFI lo vunna andhari directors ni sattires tho munchesadu..Movie starting rojune oka song ni release chesi kottha culture ni start chesadu. ee song vindadi.. super ani meere antaru..

NTR jr Tweet about Brindavanam Audio / Movie release date

@tarak9999 - Brindawanam release is on the 1st of october..and audio release is on the 12th of september.double checked it from the producer. 

 ps:- robo and khaleja kooda october lo antunnaru, puli eppudu vasthundo inka clarity raledu.. So box office daggara peddha fight chudabothunnam october lo.. 

Nag / Nagarjuna Still from Veerupotla / Kamakshi arts movie

net lo antha ee movie name "Ragada" ani talk vasthunna.. nag mathram ee sari meeru cheppina title kakunda, memu anukunna title pedatham ani chepparu.

ps:- king title , net lo baga famous kavatam valla, chivariki aa movie ki "King" ani pettesaru.

NBK / balaKrishna - New Still from Parachuri murali and Sree Keerthy Combines movies - too much make up

Simha hit avvataniki karanam , Simha movie lo NBK vesina lite make up, back to form annatu ippudu paravama veera chakra movie lo, and paruchuri movie lo bahri makeup tho NBK malla vasthunnaru..
                                   can some please tell balayya about this.. takkuva make up tho ayana bavuntaru ani, mari intha make up vesthe ebbatu ga vundi. Parama veera chakra shooting location lo vunna NBK ni chudali ante click on read more.

vijay kanth comedy Series - Bullet / Current Shock / Open heart operation using mobile phone

Vijay kanth , enni cheppina takkuve action scenes anni extremes lo vuntayi... alanti vatilo konni comedy scenes mee kosam. See this video , see what happens to the bullet after hitting vijay kanth.

after this i uploaded two more amazing comedy videos to view them click on read more.

for the people , who dont know tamil this video uploaded with english sub titles, see that dialogue, current will get current shock if it touches me.. Lol..

I bet no where in this world use the mobile technology like this, power cut in operation theater and two finish the open heart surgery vijay kanth will use, mobile light's.. its the height of imagination.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Karthee , Kajal - Naan Mahan Alla Movie review - My view

to view the movie review of naan mahan alla click on read more.

Story Plot :-
                            The main concept of the movie is about the drug addicted youth, now a days students in the addiction of drugs , they are doing lot of mistakes. to cover one mistake they keep on doing the mistakes.
Karthee family will get effected by these type of youth, So how karthee took revenge on them that's the story.Its a thin wafer line story and also a old type of story. but the presentation and visuals are stunning.

Story Analysis :-
            First half is all about the love story between the karthee and kajal , its loaded with full comedy, karthee is amazing , his timing in comedy scenes are execellent.
                         Then second half is all about the revenge story, in second half the like the song , which shows the relation and bonding between the father and karthee. during that song, tears came in my eyes automatically..

kudos to suseendran..after making a rural dusky movie "vennela kabbadi kzhulu"(bheemli in telugu), this movie (Naan Mahan Alla) is like a complete U turn to that movie . This movie is  stylish , racy , comedy and entertaining. Direction is awesome and screenplay is very gripping.though the story plot is very small they way he presented is ultimate.

Yuvan shankar raja :- marvelous music, in some scenes its magnifies the emotion. the background score given in the climax part is amazing. already audio is a big hit and BGM is too good

Karthee :- man!!! he is just four films old, but the ease he is showing is like 60 films old. love you karthee as i said in my payya (awara) movie review , this guy is already in the big league now.
they way he deliver the satires are too good.they are many scenes in this movie i liked a lot..

some of them are :-
1)When hero's friend husband invites hero for lunch on Sunday .
2)Hotel scene BTW heroine father, karthee and rowdy
3)when hero goes for collection
4)karthee scenes in heroines house..
5)second half father sentiment song - in this song karthee action reached peaks.
6)climax fight

kajal - story wise her character is not important, but in first half she shared a good place in the entertainment part. As ususal she looks gorgeous.

over all verdict :- there are certain scenes , where family audience feel uncomfortable ( molestation scenes) but they are ignorable. i cant say this movie is going to be super hit , it will become a decent hit.

Telugu remake :- for sure this movie will come in telugu as both karthee and kajal are pretty famous in telugu now. In telugu this movie will run average i think.

overall , a good movie - try to watch this as soon as possible.

Jagapathi babu interview about gayam - 2

ee movie kosam 8 months vere ee movie cheyaledu ante.. aa commitment ki claps kotteyavacchu. 
                   Siva ki sequel ga anukunna cinema ni gayam sequel ga marcharu anta..
                    ilanti interesting points enno interview lo vunnayi.. click on the image to view bigger.

Mahesh - Khaleja / Kaleja Songs Track list

twaralo release kabothunna mahesh khaleja movie lo songs track list kosam click on read more.

Introduction song in the movie
Choreography : Prem Raksith

Singers : Karunya , Ramesh
Choreography : Raju Sundaram

Choreography : Ahamad khan

Choreography : Raju Sundaram

Choreography : Prem Raksith

6.THEME MUSIC (Om Namo Siva Rudraya )

Choreography : Ahamad khan

okka song tappa anni songs, ramjo garu rasaru..
source :- NR anna

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dhee 4 / D4 Ladies Final Winner is ???? - Sai pallavi / Anusha /?????

Miglina Mugguru lo ivvala "Sai Pallavi" Eliminate avuthundhi.. Assalu D4 lo main attaraction ee Sai pallavi ani chala mandi feeling and Dhee4 gelisthey sai pallavi kani, Anusha kani gelusthundhi anukunnaru chala mandi.. kani sai pallavi ivvala eliminate avuthundhi ani talk.
                                         and winner 99% anusha antunnaru.

ps:- anukunnate ayyindhi sai pallavi elimanate ayyindhi.. so max anusha winner ani cofirm chesukovacchu..

Pps:-Taaza varthala prakaram, Bhavya is the final winner anukuntunna..

Miss Universe 2010 - Winner

Nag / Nagarjuna rocking Stills from Takita Takita

OMG!!!.. aaa Glamour enti assalu, raccha anthey.. Takita takita lo nag guest role chesthunnaru vati stills ee evi.. total ga 5 upload chesa.. click on read more to view remaining.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Hero Stamina - one more article by Mohan CK

Producer wud incur 1.5 to 3crs loss if they make a move with
1.Kalyanram 2. Tarun 3.Sumant,
4.Nitin  5.Nani 6.Sharwanand
7.VarunSandesh 8.Sivaji 9.Tanish,
10.Srikant 11.Navdeep 12.Nikhil
13.Udaykiran 14.Nara Rohit 15.Venu 16. Raja
17.Sairamsankar 18.Sushanth 19. Aryan Rajesh 20.Vaibhav.

ela antara.. click on read more to know more detailed explanation

How much are these Hero's worth?


'Happy Happy Ga' 17 shows gross in Sudarshan-35mm  3,02,731+
11 shows expected gross 90,000 = 3,92,731[1st week 28 shows gross]
Entertainment Tax 15% 58,000+Theatre Maintenance Charges Rs2 per ticket 18,000+
10%distributor’s commission 30,000 + Theatre rent 2,50,000+ Print cost 65,000+
Banners,posters..15,000 = 4,36,000/-
1st week deficit of 40,000+
Producer gets zero theatrical revenue from 5crores[4+crores making cost=1 cr prints nd publicity] investment.
This is the stamina of small hero’s
These small Hero’s cant give back their remuneration to the producers from theatrical collection.
Producer's returns wud be 25%percent from sattelite rights on all films except  few countable successful films so 75% loss to producers 100% profits to BIG4 Lessee’s with huge rentals.

my take
ps: rentals taggisthey kani.. producers ki labam radu.. but big4 debbaki inka peruguthunnayi kani taggatam ledu.. and latest ga puli  movie kosam ticket rates hike chese GO ni release cheyinchataniki try chesthunnaru.. God Save TFI.

Happy Raksha Bandhan - Rakhi Wishes to all my Sisters.

One more year for me without rakhi :( , if iam in native , i should have get atleast three rakshi's from my neighborhoods. but in banglore no one is here. to all my sister s., happy raksha bandan, this is the day for you all to take what ever you want from your brother 's :) enjoy the day. 

          i uploaded a special wall paper on eve on rakhi.. to view that click on read more.

Sunil , Ram gopal varma movie - Katha Screenplay Darsakathvam Appala raju movie Starting from 27th August

SriDevi vacchi clap koduthunnaru anta, and ee movie lo "Swathi" oka heroine ga confirm ayyindhi. Inko heroine ga mumbai nunchi model anta.
                          Swathi and Sunil combo ela vuntundo.. enduko ee movie kooda chala baga aduthundhi anipisthondhi..

After a long time varma garu chesthunna direct telugu movie idhey..
ps:- raktha charithra is multi - lingual film.

Whats happening in TFI ???

Jyothi , Saira bhanu and drugs case chustunte chala badha ga vundi.. Film industries lo ivvani common ani telusu kani. ila eppudu bayata padaledu. ayina peddha vallani vadilesi chinna vallani ila enduku highlight chestharo..
                assalu TFI lo enduku ila avuthundhi, annada dani meeda detailed articles inka vunnayi.. click on read more to view them all.

Harnath Policherla - Amazing action in Chandrahas - Climax

After T Rajendar, one more actor from our own telugu industry who can make us to laugh like hell, he is none other than rising star harnath. Abbass knife tho podichinnappudu aaa face feelings chudandi.. and valla amma ragane.. edusthu chesina action.. no one can beat him...

Monday, August 23, 2010

NBK / balaKrishna - Simha / Simhaa Blu ray - DVD release by Bhavani DVD

27th nunchi market loki vasthundhi, second half lo NBK kumming ee movie lo.. and first half lo stylish fights and collge lo vacche warning scenes highlight.
inka DVD release avvagane.. Nandamuri fans.. hadavide hadividi emo.. :)

Siddhartha 's - Praneetha new movie Bava Shooting updates

Naakenduko ee movie tannesthundhi.. anippisthondhi.. ippati daka release ayina posters lo khass ledu..

Kaveri Jha latest movie with rajendra prasad

Srikanth pakkana chesina Nagaram cinemalo.. entho andham ga kanipinchina.. kaveri jha.. ippudu chudandi ela vundoooo..

Komarum puli heroine nikisha patel - Interview

Papam shooting last rojuna edchesindhi anta... prathi heroine cheppe mata idhi..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

chiranjeevi / chiru 150 th movie details - Suprising news by ram charan tej on Mega Star Birthday

Munduga mega star ki birthday wishes.. chiru birthday sandarbham ga blood bank ki vacchi cake cut chesina ram charan, media ki oka sesation news icchadu.adenti ante, chiru movies loki ravatam confirm anta.. next birthday kalla movie vasthundhi and ee movie ki ram charan ee produce chesthunnadu.. idhi chiru ki ram charan isthunna second birthday gift avuthundhi.
                           3.5 crores petti car ni present chesina cherry, thana nanna gari next movie nee produce chesthanu antam, mega fans ki chala happy news idhi.. eee vishyanni chiru inka confirm cheyyalisi vundi.. 
ps:- ee news ni NTV lo morning chala sepu cheppadu.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

varun sandeesh - happy happy ga movie review - my view

click on read more to view the review

assalu ee movie chusi review rayatam kooda waste anukunna.. kani naa laaa evvaru bali kakudadhu ani rasthunna.. eee year nenu chusina one of the worst movies lo idhi okati.. cinema start ayina 2 mins nunchi entra babu ee torture ani anatam start chestham and heroine enter avvagane.. enduku vaccham ra babu ani tittukuntam..

          saranya kosam ee movie ki veldam anukune vallaki oka chinna info.. papa.. second half nunchi intro isthundhi.. inka movie details and okkakaru.. vallu valla paridhi meraku ee movie ni ela chedagottaro.. cheputha..

varun sandesh :- inka ee babu movies manesi.. USA chekkesthe manchindhi..assalu aa acting endo.. aa babu modulation endo.. veedu hero entra anukunela chesadu.. first scene lo oka 5 ammayilaki propose chesthu.. torture start chesina babu. movie chivarlo.." i Love you , ani mathram cheppavaddhu" anna dialogue tho finish chesadu..

Vega:- assalu heroine ga ee ammayini evado select chesado kani.. varun movies tho roddest heroines intro isthunnaru.. acting radu.. dance radu.. paiga glamour ledu.. ayina ee ammayi heroine ela ayyindho.. [bang][bang]

saranya :- vunna vallalo.koncham vunna antha sepu parledu anipinchindi..

Ali - movie lo appudappudu navvukundi ee character valle..

mani sharma:- thana daggara paniki rani tunes emaina vunte.. vatini varun sandesh movie lo vaduthadu emo.. after "evaru ayina eppudiana" antha worst songs ni mani ee movie lo icchadu..

inka director ki pedda namaskaram.. cinema madhyalone chala mandi.. vellipoyale movie teesi kottha directors ki ela movie teyakoodadho..manchi lesson cheppav..

inka movie story.. assalu story ledu, lite teesukondi.. ee movie tv lo vacchina chudatam dandaga.. idhey ee movie final verdict.

ninna bore kotti edho oka movie ki veldam ani vellina naaku manchi lesson cheppindhi ee movie.. movie theater loki.. "happy happy ga vellina nenu" theater nunchi.. "vegam vegam ga" bayataki vacchesa....

Mahesh Khaleja / Kaleja trailer - Teaser

iragadeesindhi.. cinema meeda day by day hopes increasing ikkada...

Sree ram chandra indian idol 5 - Singing telugu song - Audition Video

In the Audition sreeram sing his own song.. clever move..

Friday, August 20, 2010

naga chaitanya / Chaitu , Ajay Bhugan and Chandan reddy at Chaitu 's new movie.

chandan reddy garu twitter lo post chesaru..

Yamudu 50 days

38 centers anta.. after ghajini surya next hit in telugu.. mass masala movie nee mana telugu varu bane adharincharu...

Hero Srikanth l;and kabza by Kaka - article.

Cinemallo mathrame villains ni chusina srikanth real life lo kooda chuse patiki shock tini vuntadu.. Srikanth thammudi wife ki chendina lands lo congress senoir leader ayina Kaka gang vallu zedalu patharu anta.. dani meeda hero srikanth case file chesaru.. ee article 2nd part kosam click on read more.

Raviteja brothers bharath and Raghu babu got arrested in Drugs Case - Article

Monna madhya accident case lo arrest ayina raghubabu malla drugs case lo pattubadi.. raviteja ni marintha kastallo nettadu.. drugs kontaniki vellu vadini car ravi teja peru tho register ayivundatam gamanarham.. article continuation kosam click on read more.

Mahesh - Khaleja / Kaleja Thumsup trailer - Super

Cinemalo fights kummudu anukunta.. ee trailer chusthe mana expectations peragatam guarantee...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jhummandhi nadam - 50 days - 30 centers

teluguthanam tho (boothulatho???) nindina ee movie hit chesinandhuku thanks cheppamannaru ee movie producer laxmi prasanna and director KRR garu.

                 twist enti ante, manoj kosam teesina ee movie manoj ki emathram help kakunda , tapsee ni overnight star ga marcchindhi..

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna 100 days - poster

50 days ki centers vesaru.. kani 100 days ki enduku veyaledoooo? emundhi ekkada ee movie vundi vundadhu.. kevalam dil raju thanu flops stream nunchi bayataku vaccha ani cheppatam kosam ee ee adv vesaru antara??? naku teliyadu sumi... mee guess mee istam