Monday, April 5, 2010

Telugu Aawara / Tamil Paiyaa Movie Review - My View

Karthi(hero of yuganiki okkadu) Known for his versatile acting and this time he is acting under direction of Linguswamy,who is famous for action movies. This movie got lot of hype in Tamil media as karthi first time portraying mass character. to check the review of this movie click on read more.

This movie is going to get release in Telugu as "Aawara". I think Telugu title is apt for this movie. As the hero is awaara with no work in this movie. Before mentioning performances and other details, first we have to mention about the yuvan shankar raja. Out of 5 songs 3 are too good and the back ground score he given, elevated the mood and took the scene to the next level. awesome work by yuvan , hope telugu lyricists wont kill the beauty of the songs.

Direction :- linguswamy movies generally wont contain any story, for any thin wafer story line he added the all the mass elements, comedy and excellent songs. The scenes where hero will take care of heroine are too good. I liked the scene with software engineer, watch this scene guys and surely you will laugh like any thing.
Comedy in Mumbai part worked well, and fighting scenes are too good and looked realistic. If you like fights a lot here is the movie for you.

Story :- Hero, is a job less guy, by seeing a girl at busstop he fells in love at first sight, then later he even misses the interview to see her. One day, hero goes to railyway station to pick up his friend, Suddenly he sees the heroine with her uncle they want to go to Chennai as they miss the train.To spend some time with her, hero pretends like cab driver.
                                    On the way, they get down to fill the fuel, by seeing that heroine asks hero to take away from her uncle. Then the chase starts.. Heroine asks him to leave her at Mumbai. On there way to Mumbai we came to know that, one more gang in Mumbai for looking to kill hero.

how they reach Mumbai? How thet get escape from this two gangs? Why a gang in Mumbai looking for hero? Why heroine running away from home? Will hero succeded in love life.. to know all this try to watch in theater.

Karthi :- I liked his way of acting, he has ease in his body and dialogue delivery is good. At certain scenes and dance moments he looks like suriya. I think this guy will go to big league in coming years.

Tammanah :- Good one, and I think one more good movie in her bag. She looks beautiful in this movie.

Milind Soman:- he did really a small role, director should have extend this role.

Sonia :- Happy days Senior and Vinayakudu heroine. I was wondered to see her as hero’s sister in this movie. She put on some weight. Nothing much to mention about her acting in this movie as her role is limited.

Final word about this movie :- There is no scene in this movie which make you to feel bore. Will be average range to hit range in tamil. Telugu verdict mainly depends on the dubbing quality and songs quality. If every thing works fine, this film will run like “pandem kodi” in telugu.

ps:- In this movie, the gang which follows heroine are telugu guys and lot of telugu dialogues in tamil version. I think they will show these telugu rowdies as tamil rowdies in telugu version.

pps:- if this movie got hit in telugu, then our so called producers will fill the complete summer with dubbing movies from tamil industry .

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