Friday, March 5, 2010

Yee Maya Chesave / Em Maya Chesave Second (2nd) Week Poster - 1st week record

Cinema kummuthundhi, First week single theater collections lo record create chesindhi in vizag jagadamba theater.
Stick this place for exact records.
Ippude ila vunte, inka exams ayipoyaka ela vuntayo collections.
Congrats YuvaSamrat Naga Chaitnaya for the tremondous success.

Ram Charan's Orange First look - wall papers

ee design mostly fake ani naa strong feeling, kaani ee design create chesina vadi opika ki and creativity ki naa saalam, orginal designs ena annatha feel thecchela design chesaru.
               Speciallly first photo south scope lo vacchina still venekala lamp post veyatam good thought. to check one more wall paper click on read more


Ultimate Star Ajith During Race practise - unseen

Ajith ki racing ante chala istam, now he stopped because of back pain. These photos were taken long back. totally four photos are uploaded to check remaining click on read more.

Trisha and AR Rahman @ South Scope Cover page

to check trisha's click on read more.